Weekly Blog #95: Anthony Shows You The Marina

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143 Responses to “Weekly Blog #95: Anthony Shows You The Marina”
  1. Ruby says:

    We need more help with the current trends that are happening on the internet; I think the view is beautiful.

  2. great view! i love the ocean!

  3. hector mariano says:

    Hi Anthony, I have been following you and your site every time but I still am confused and would like to make money ASAP with your on line business.

  4. Mary W. says:

    Hi Anthony, its Mary – you have a wonderful view there – be sure to enjoy it. I am working on my new programs but wow – I am not sure what I am doing and it is going too slow for me. I want to be up and running. I switch from one to the other and don’t know for sure which one to concentrate on and get completed so I can make some money. Which one would you do first – Fast Cash Commissions or Build Send Profit – I am confused right now. Anyway, back to work. Thanks for everything and the blogs.

  5. Debra Elliott says:

    Looking forward to the webinar next month!!

  6. RD Linder says:

    Thanks Anthony, your one of a kind. A man with a good heart.

  7. queen says:

    Hi Anthony nice place it reminds me of the caribbean. Looking forward to the webinar.

  8. Can’t wait for the next blog….I left a comment as per your request at the last blog but did not receive the 70 page report that you promised.

  9. Hi Anthony,
    Beautiful site Thank you for working so hard for us.I am going to ne moving in February and not sure when my Internet service will be up then for the Webinar
    I will also be moving my wireless service Cox is getting out the wireless service.So if you send an email it is returned that is what is going on.

  10. Christine says:

    You are in my neighborhood. Have a good time and looking forward to you new program

  11. Lew Jenkins says:

    Hi Anthony, Hope you are relaxed and rested. I’ve been to Marina Del Rey, and it’s very nice. Unfortunately I put it in the same catagory as NYC, great place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there. Looking foreward to your next blog.
    Take care, Lew

  12. Anthony –
    Among the myriad of techniques you’re using, I have not heard anything further on mobile marketing. I purchased this course from you a while back, and I was under the impression you were incorporating that technique, but haven’t seen or heard any further content. This of course was focusing on marketing to mobile devices, and using the “text to ….at 90210″. Will you be introducing this anytime soon, or do we go elsewhere for support/questions?

    Thank you…
    Richard Fleeman

  13. Leitha Frye says:

    Anthony, love the view, looking forward to new webinar.

  14. Perry Dalton says:

    Thanks, I’ll see you next week!

  15. Kelly Sheridan says:

    Hi..Just signed up for the emails today. There is so much information here! Where do I start ?

  16. Beautiful view. Nice place to work. Looking forward to attend the webinar.
    Best wishes

  17. hi anthony like all the blogs i have got,like webinars too and phone calls that i get on hope to get new system soon still not doing good on the site the firts one,going to refer to book,thank you glenn in Michigan.

  18. JAMES says:


  19. Tom says:

    I was just there this weekend! My sis lives in Playa & her law office is in Santa Monica at the pier… Too funny your in town too!

  20. Gerry Garcia says:

    Hi Anthony: What is the one thing that would help my website generate more conversions. My conversion rate is low. i would appreciate your intelligent comments. thanks again.

  21. david mulready says:

    nice to see you finally in my backyard, now as ferris bueller says, come over here and pick me up, cameron!!

  22. Joyce Knake says:

    It looks lika a nice place. We’ve had a flood on our lake in Iowa in 2010. Now we have a little stream that we can hardly see from the house.
    The flood took out part of our dam. But things are looking up. We hope to start rebuilding in the spring and maybe we’ll have water in 2013.
    I have put Fash cash commissions on the back burner for now because I don’t understand it at all. I’m focusing on affiliate marketing right now and I hope to get back to Fast Cash Commissions after I get things going on Affiliate marketing.

  23. Jess says:

    Anthony, Forgive me if this is not the proper forum. I owe you an apology. I signed up with your program after seeing a TV infomercial a year ago. I used to be an entrepreneur my self and took the biggest loss of my life back in 2006. it took the wind of my sails and that’s when I just took a miserable Corporate job to pay the bills. It barely covered my family and felt like like a prison and daily personal defeat. I knew what you had to say was my “big answer”. Unfortunately, I dragged my feet and did not get started of an entire year. I just didn’t believe in me any more I guess, and i was afraid of taking such a huge hit again with a family to feed. For a whole year it niggled in my brain and chewed at my gut. I know this is what I need to do to change my life and get back on my feet. Every week I would read your emails and the battle would start in side again. Well…I’ve finally been laid off and life has pushed me off my rear end. I am reading your book “Internet Profits from Home” that came with my original order, and I have registered a web domain. It has been so long that I feel like I an starting completely from scratch. My biggest hang up has always been (and continues to be) what to make my web site about. I’m afraid of getting it wrong. For the last year you have been diligent and completely supportive, and I know that I should know where to go and what to do by now. But if there’s still room for a procrastinating prodigal like me in your program, I need to be pointed in the right direction and I’m ready to listen, act and not look back. Sometimes life throws some nasty curves that put you in desperate places, but I guess, that is what moves some of us. Can you help me know where to start and how to decide where to go with my site? I don’t have any money to invest right now, but I know that affiliate marketing is my answer to turning things around. How do I go about “diving in”?

    Most of all, thanks for not giving up on me and for the continual out reach and support. I have seen that your not like many of the others. Please accept my apology for not trusting that up front and for clinging to my baggage…. So you know, this feels like putting all the chips on the table for me. Its scary and represents facing all my stuff. I just want you to know the level of trust that I have in you, your advice and your program.


  24. Gloria Ramirez says:

    Looking forward to the webinar.
    My concerns are always with traffic.
    Thank you.

  25. I just happen to live in California and have been to Marina del Rey a few times it’s a great place to spend the day with family in my case my twins and wife. I have been trying a few of the techniques on promoting some products and services but to this date have not made a dollar I know that nothing comes easy and I don’t expect to make any profit untill I invest more $$$ money that unfortunately I can’t afford it at this time. I tried creating my own website and really never got it off the ground from lack of knowledge my cpu skills are not what i would like them to be…any way I think you are a stand up guy and mean what you say I just wish you could have a one on one with select people that are not too knowledgable with PC’s.
    thank you

  26. John Haynes says:

    Thank you for all that you are doing to help us be successful, Anthony.
    Sincere regards, John

  27. Editha Knuth says:

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you for sharing the chenic view of california I enjoy very much seeing the beautifull place. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

  28. David Geter says:

    I’m just starting, I need all the webinaring I can get!

  29. Edmund Clay says:

    Hi, Anthony!

    I’m looking forward to join in your upcoming webinar.


  30. Kimberly Gore says:

    @ KAISER M. + you said: “I AM A BLACK-BELT, KNEW BRUCE LEE AND WAS A FULL CONTACT KICK-BOXER.I INSTRUCT A LOT NOW. HOPE SOME DAY I SHALL SEE YOU IN PERSON AND SHARE SOME OF MY MARTIAL ARTS TIPS AND TRICKS WITH YOU. KAISER M. PS. MOST COMMERCIAL KARATE SCHOOL ARE NOT THAT GOOD.” ~ Kaiser, my husband trained [in the late'70's - early 80's] under a TaeKwonDo instructor in Anchorage, AK that was a TWO time World Kicking-Boxing Champion, Seoul, Korea. His name is Master Instructor Sung Yin Yang. My husband would like to reconnect with Master Yang. He also has trained under “The Art of Fighting Without Fighting” ~ as having known Bruce Lee you will understand that meaning. [gore.kimberly@ymail.com]

    @Anthony ~ hope you sort out what you are trying to sort our right now. Getting away from everyone, thing and “hunkering-down” can help. Make sure that you take some time, GET OUT of the HOTEL ROOM . . . and take a walk along the coast. Nature, fresh air, and wide-open spaces can give you even more inspiration. And while you are out, just pray. Asking your Holy Father for the inspiration that you seek. Blessings. Kimberly

  31. josejservin says:

    hi anthony i look forward to the new webinar in february thank you

  32. stanley escolano says:

    I have set my goals for studying 365 days lesson. Your E-mails and weekly blogs is keeping me on track. I am a beginner at this and your videos is very inspiring.

  33. Tom Garza says:

    I’m a 73 yr. old man who has tried different avenues of work and am seeking an opportunity to learn more about network marketing/multi-level marketing. I have recently signed up for one of your seminars in Feb. here in town, so I am exited for the chance to learn something new. TG

  34. Cathy Griffin says:

    I just started getting into watching the Fast Cash Commissions program, and I am feeling very overwhelmed and am not sure where I need to start. Can someone give me what my first step should actually be. I hope to learn all of this stuff very soon and look forward to making some money.

  35. Bart Drury says:

    Have the best of fun in Californiw. Looking forward to your next Webinar and my future commissions.

  36. Luis A. Deleza says:

    Hello Anthony,
    I saw your ad on the facebook page, that you will be comming to my home town. I hope I get to meet you Anthony! GOD be with you. Your student Luis,

  37. James says:

    Hi Anthony
    Looking forward to your webinar in February. Wanted to ask you what your new training you mentioned in December is going to be about were you asked us what we would like for you to talk to us about. Facebook training, back to basics training etc. Take care.

  38. Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for sharing. I am sharing it with a friend, Evelyn. I hope she contacts you personally. She is curious about onlne opportunities.

    I am mulling over some of the latest your have shared with me.


  39. Hello Anthony

  40. Hi Anthony,
    Yep, MDR is a great location! Used to be my old stomping grounds many years ago. It’s a really great place to just lay back and collect your thoughts, eat some great food (make sure to do that!) and see some beautiful scenery. I know how hard you work to bring more and more info each time you share your time with us. Thank you so much for making
    the business so interesting and challenging. I need lots of help but I know that I will get there. Just may take a little longer than I anticipated. Thanks again!

  41. Bennie Baucham says:

    Will be buying your videos soon.

  42. Cecilia says:

    Hi Anthony,
    Looking forward to the webinar. Very nice view of the marina. I thank you for all you do.

  43. Lu Zhang says:

    great view Anthony!!! wish one day i could travel around like you do

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