Weekly Blog #87: A FREE Profit Technique

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509 Responses to “Weekly Blog #87: A FREE Profit Technique”
  1. Judy Nagel says:

    I am totally excited about the You Tube idea. I have a cookware site and putting a how to video on using it may be the answer. i have heard of people making lots of money on you tube,so thanks for the hint. i think web.2 design classes would be a good Christmas gift, or i am sure what you have will be a great help for us. i did purchase the fast cash but but i am having a hard time to get on the site again. to see the other videos. Thanks for your weekly videos Anthony,.

  2. David Wilkinson says:

    Thank you for the information about you tube.I was not aware of the opportunity to be able to make money using you tube. I really enjoy watching your weekly Blogs. I always pick up a lot of useful information every week.I will be looking forward to next weeks Blog.

    Thank you again


  3. James Moore says:

    It’s a very good idea, I’ve been thinkig of doing a few videos for youtube since I seen really stupid ones go viral and we know the guys behind them are making alot of profit!!

    Thanks for the tip buddy

  4. Dave says:

    You always have great tips Anthony. Thank you!

  5. Bridgit says:

    Well, that was really cool….I did not know that u-tube shares profits from advertising. Now…if I can only think of something really cool to share :-D

  6. Lois says:

    Very Clever…I like this idea Anthony…the Youtube profit ideal and the challenge if you do this, then a mysterious Christmas gift reward…a win/win situation…I hope during this Christmas season, you find all the fulfillment and joy that you try to give to others…smile…Merry Christmas…

  7. geraldine hardrick says:

    I purchased your book last year. I didn’t open the box until today when I was suspended from my job. I am a hair away from being fired. I took the liberty in visiting your website and immediately was led to various places that contains a wealth of information. At this point, other than a person being sadden by her suspension, by the amount of anxiety I feel and by my growing depression, I am overwhelmed, but joyed by the endless amount of information that you are willing to share with me. Therefore Mr. Morrison, I shall start at the begining and view your “Stop Watch Me First” DVD and read the book Advertising Profits From Home. I am definitely ready to learn how to fish.

  8. Anthony Baillie says:

    Great Tip Anthony! I did not know a viral video on youtube would generate an income like that. Will start doing that right away.

  9. Tom Priddy says:

    Need more information on how to use facebook to advertise product.

  10. Sue Olsen says:

    I am so exited about this blog!

  11. Dana says:

    Hi Anthony,

    I love this strategy, and so easy to do. Most people have some way to shoot video these days, whether from camera, or mobile phone.

    Thank you for all you do, and continue to do!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  12. Lee Morgan says:

    Anthony, what a killer idea. I feel stupid now that you shared this great tip. That just makes too much sense. Wow…….Great stuff.

    Thanks for a great tip!


  13. Nancy Surace says:


    Love the You Tube technique. It is simple and won’t take up much time to do. The best part is the revenue sharing, Anything that is going to earn me money, is something I am willing to try. Thanks for the information!

  14. I totally concur with Anthony’s philosophy of teaching someone to fish for himself- it is the greatest gift to enable someone to take care of himself, his loved ones, and all those who have been left by the wayside, for whatever reason. Many thanks, Anthony, for the longterm inspiration. I have yet to get started, due to multiple and serious problems, but the light at the tunnel is just starting to come into view. Heartfelt appreciation from me for the continued e mails and weekly blogs!!! Janet

  15. lamont secretario says:

    wow, i truly believe Anthony you and your brother are the real deal you have shown me the the real truth form start to finish with plenty more to go and i appreciate every bit of time that you put into this please keep up the great work and never let nobody try to corrupt what you have built for yourself and what you are sharing with us…THANK YOU!

  16. Lori Dean says:

    Love the tip on earning revenue from YouTube. Thanks, Anthony.

  17. Brian Counihan says:

    Very kool! Making $ without spending $ on YouTube. That works for me!
    Thanks AM & Happy Holidays!

  18. Tara Sarvas says:

    I do not currently have a website. I need a lot of help, if I’m going to make money on the internet. I will continue to watch the videos and hopefully I will become successful.

  19. I like your blogs, they are so informative…It’s like you are right here sharing and encourging me to be successful … Thank you Anthony and your Team!

  20. I like your blogs, they are so informative…It’s like you are right here sharing and encourging me to be successful … Thank you Anthony and your Team

  21. Sandra Jordan says:

    This is some cool stuff, love it, you could still teach me how to fish. Silver and gold will vanish away but a good fishing would be her for a long, long stay. Give us another idea sure will be accepted for a christmas gift.

  22. i think its a great ideal but i dont have a camcorder some times its great just to hear your voice it keeps hope alive for me i hadnt made any money yet but i keep thing im going to terry

  23. Fred Haney says:

    Hey Anthony

    You have been very helpful. I hope you keep the blogs going.

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    God Bless


  24. joe dalessio says:

    great tip , I had no idea you tube had revenue sharing, Thanks for the info.

  25. Tim says:

    The only problem I have with recording a video is I don’t own a digital video camera. Although I guess I could use my wife’s laptop with it’s webcam and microphone.

  26. Mark Anderson says:

    Very helpful. I wasn’t aware of the facebook revenue generating possibility. Thanks

  27. I think this will be a great start and fun and also a way to make money. Their is a chance that the u tube film might be funny enough for people to watch. I going to try this one! I did not know that people made money if they got a lot of hits on u tube .
    Thanks Anthony
    This should be fun!

  28. HI Anthony! great idea with YouTube for Christmas! Im new to online marketing and have been using You Tube for my Staged sites as a platform for advertising CB products and other aff. programs, but knew nothing about this revenue sharing possibility… have to wait a while before my vids go viral though.. havent had much luck with that part yet.. but looking forward to learning how to do this from you.. Thanks for all the great free info and I wish you and yours a great prosperous and holy holiday season.

  29. Great idea! And it was out there all the time, I just never thought of it! Thanks, Anthony.

  30. luke lukanen says:

    Hey! what a great idea. for the next week or two i’ll be carrying my camcorder with me. i hope i come up with some worthy vid’s. thanks. i need to get out of the house more, and this a great reason………….luke

  31. Edward Duckworth says:

    Thanks for the advise that you gave.You seem to be the only one that really wan’ts to educate your students on ways to really make money on the internet, and not trying to rob them or scamm them of there money.

  32. Renee Kratz says:

    Great tip…did not know about You Tube Revenue Sharing.

  33. Cynthia Becker says:

    nice tip – You Tube. I don’t have a video camera – I think I can record video with my cell phone, though. I have to think about it. It’s worth a try! ☺

  34. Joseph Fedor says:

    I enjoy learning from you,you tell it like it is.

  35. Tom Chuhay says:

    Thanks for another great piece of advice! I’m so thankful for your friendship and persistant follow up on information and updates.God Bless you and your business

  36. Dave Ingram says:

    Verrrry Interesting!!!!
    I am excied about checking this out. I have a few ideas about short film clips…


  37. Chris says:

    I didn’t know that youtube paid. I will be more diligent in my video production. who knows what will go viral next.

  38. Lloyd Dobson says:

    Hey Anthony,

    Great information concerning YouTube. Since Google made the purchase of Google the traffic seems to have increased dramatically on YouTube; therefore your strategy is certainly timely.

    Thanks always for sharing your knowledge.

    Go out and make today incredible!
    Lloyd Dobson :)

  39. RJ says:

    Great idea.

  40. You come up with all these great ways to make money on the internet. Just when i think you have touched all bases you come up with something else. Your a genius. The blog on utube video ads is great cuz u can put anything on there, like u said, Things that don’t even pertain 2 ur business. Great thinking! Have a great Holiday, u work hard and deserve it!

  41. Aaron Thomas says:

    I really like this. TY for the great tip. You are what you say you are, ” a teacher”. Jeep it up

  42. Thank you Anthony! I loved the You Tube advice..now I’m trying to think of ideas to get out there.This could be really fun! Thanks gain for all of your tutorials!

  43. Carolyn says:

    Hello Anthony,

    I re-tweeted as you requested.
    Where can we find the videos on youtube to advertise?

    I want my Killer Gift? Hahahahah!

  44. Editha Knuth says:

    Dear Anthony,
    I appreciate all your dedication never ending patient to educate me how to learn internet marketing. Thank you, I think you are special man you have a heart to care people success in life specially their happenies. You know its a good idea to make video and share to the world. I never know that actually you cauld earn money by doing so my friend conferm me that its true. I,m bless to know you as my mentor may the Lord bless us all.
    Have a good day until next time.

  45. Ken Lordi says:

    Great information, I will check out youtube revenus sharing to see how to use.

  46. Bernoose97 says:

    Thank you, Anthony, for your education in this arena of Free Profits that you know so well. I look forward to the Blogs and the information that you provide to us. I am really a newbie to this world and am trying to learn all that I can as smartly and as efficiently as I can.

    Your Blogs and Videos are very helpful to me and I am sure to the others that also look forward to them.

  47. Dottie Seavy says:

    We are in the “season to be jolly,” yet we can benefit from a little more wattage to brighten our “life-bulb.” I’m glad you are giving gifts of time to meaningful causes and extending your energy that will magnify your holiday.
    We are open open to embrace community and open to teachings in every moment, and let it shine!

  48. Sandro says:

    Thank You for sharing the information. I think this is a great tool to generate extra money.This is Awesone! make some money while having fun loading videos!

  49. Cheryl says:

    Great tip. I am so not up to date with YouTube, Twitter, nor Facebook. This learning curve is scary and discouraging. I vow to stay with it until I get a hand on it. Pray for me.

  50. George Martinez says:

    Hey Anthony this is a great tip for the extra cash we need during this Christmas season. I will come up with something to put on YouTube, keeping my fingers crossed!
    Again, thanks a bunch!

  51. Don says:

    That Youtube tip is outstanding. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy these weekly blogs with all the tips and training. Enjoy your holiday season and Be well

  52. Mady Buddington says:

    This blog about the downloading the video to (you-tube?) sounds very interesting . Are these videos usually from phone cameras? You can tell how uninformed I am. But the idea of creating an interesting video that pays on the basis of viewings has great appeal. Thank you.

  53. Sylvia says:

    Hey Anthony, thanks for the great tip gor using YouTube. Sounds like a very easy way to make money without having to spend money if we don’t have it. I will definitely try out this method!

  54. Nicole says:

    That is so assume. I’m going to watch and see if I can’t find something funny the only thing I ever video is my sisters son playing ice hockey and all them all over the floor. But nothing funny unless you calling them trying to score and fall or hit someone else.

  55. i would like to first thank you. i would like to have a video on you tube .
    do you do all your video training through you tube?

  56. Robert Walker says:

    I LOVE this idea. It’s so simple but yet profitable. What a wonderful idea.

  57. Lisa says:

    Great idea about making money from YouTube! And so easy! I really DO believe in teaching people to fish….

  58. Brian Bolte says:

    really enjoyed your blog, it’s very informative, and it’s short…Keep up the great work…

  59. RickyP says:

    Always enjoy insights from the Morrison.

  60. Glen Jones says:


    I think it’s a great idea to post a video or more to you tube and get paid by them. I will certainly get the camera rolling.

    Take care!

  61. Chancy says:

    I appreciate the YouTube video advertising information. I just recently learn that YouTube was accepting ads but didn’t think about the idea of posting my own videos for other peoples advertising. Thanks,

  62. Hamid Bakhsheshe says:

    I like to know how safe is utube if I put a funny family video that would make people laugh. Do you think that would be ok?

  63. Tim Slazyk says:

    I signed up for the YouTube revenue share program a while ago but haven’t put it to use yet. I have some ideas and this video has inspired me to actually do it Today! I think I have too much on my plate right now and I get very distracted. I have made $17.00 within two weeks of launching http://smartshopper.wnycomputerrepair.com. I just need to bring traffic to the site. I also have http://top10pc.wnycomputerrepair.com among some others I am working on that are targeted more precisely for a specific product. Thanks for the inspiration. Retweeted the video.

  64. Michael says:

    Thanks Anthony for a great gem on revenue sharing with YouTube. I’m out of here to implement it now…

  65. Dale V. Franz says:


  66. nateasby says:

    i like u tube great idea

  67. Jo Preston says:

    Hi Anthony – Thanks for the great suggestion (and fun one). I just need to come up w/the grand idea and the means to film it. Thx for all your help – have a great Holiday Season!!


  68. Hi Anthony,
    Great Blog, Here’s wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year,too.

  69. Bess says:

    I really liked this advise and I am going to put it right to work I have a great idea on getting followers and keeping a video going for a long time getting paid for it the whole time thank you soooo muh

  70. Akeem. says:


  71. Ed says:

    Very cool Anthony, wasn’t aware Youtube could be such a simple way to generate a few bucks. Thx for the info!

  72. Claude Richards says:

    What a great idea, thanks.


  73. Greg says:

    I really liked this tip. I didn’t realize there are so many ways to generate income on the internet. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge.

  74. Michael S says:

    I am inspired by Anthony to produce some kind of video, promoting my website, a video about camping on Main St. ( ala occupy Main St.)problem is I do not own a video camra, anyway I’ll figure out a way to get it out there

  75. amber says:

    Very interesting video I’m gonna get right on that

  76. Nelson Camacho says:

    Thanks for the little tidbit on this technique for making money thru Youtube!!! awesome dude!!!… Keep up with the great stuff your doing ….The same stuff I wish to emulate!!!… Trying to catch up is another job in-itself…LOL

  77. ray smith says:


  78. I really like the idea on youtube but it’s hard to get a good video to go viral . I’ve tried this and nothing happened , mainly cause my video wasn’t interesting enough . However you have inspired me to keep trying . I’m like that little ant that couldn’t move that rubber tree plant . I got high hopes !

  79. David says:

    excellent for those of us without a clue

  80. Lillian Poe says:

    I am making a viedo now to advertise my web site but it is not Holliday related. I will ad Holiday flair. Lillian

  81. I think the video was great and very informative. I really appreciate any help.

  82. Hey ANTHONY great blog this week. I have been trying to make money online for a while with no success. I seem to run out of money and get frustrated. These are desperate times for my family and i.I am specially interested in learning how to fish so to speak. i look forward to your next blog.I also own a website.i put the adress in the info up top. wasn’t sure if i could put it in my reply. Please tell me what you think. Your opinion is very valuable to me.THANKS

  83. Helen says:

    Thanks Anthony,
    That’s something I didn’t know but am looking into immediately. Thanks again for all the great info you share at absolutely NO COST. I love your weekly blogs.

  84. Thank you Anthony for sharing your wisdom :) it’s great!

    The videos – is it possible to share someone elses video for profits?

    Thank you so much,


  85. Karl Huber says:

    This is really great news. Hope this works. I always look forward to your weekly Blog. Keep doing this Anthony. Keep us motivated.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  86. kat says:

    Thanks for the info about youtube Anthony! Will try it….

  87. Serena says:

    I think this is a great way to generate income. Life is full of great events and laughter really is the best medicine. Although there will be no presents under the tree this year, we will be together and I can’t think of a better present then to have all my girls with us on Christmas!

  88. Ravi says:

    I always wondered about You Tube. Thanks Anthony for this information.

  89. Very good idea. I have a few video ideas unlike yours but they should draw some attention


  90. Sounds like a great way to generate some extra money. I did not even know it could be done. Thanks for the tip.

  91. Anthony I like this idea!

  92. Terrell Bird says:

    Great idea on you tube. I am going to seriously look into doing that. Thanks Anthony!

  93. benny doko says:

    As a retiree with a small SSretirement just enough to live, Anthony gives me HOPE.

  94. This is a fantastic idea and am on it. I would also like encourage all the people that have washed this blog to do the same thing.

  95. Tom Chambers says:

    That was a great tip!!! Thanks so much!!!

  96. Sue says:


    I had no idea this was possible! Willing to give it a try!

    Thanks for another great tip!

  97. Gerald says:

    Just got started with your training Anthony. My wife and I have learned more in a week than we learned from all the rest of the “fluff” programs we paid too much for. Thanks

    Gerry & Sue Drewes

  98. Miranda says:

    I think your uTube idea sounds great….I appreciate all the tips you provide your students, it gives me (a newbie) some inspiration and motivation to continue in what appears to be a vast new area of business I never knew existed.

    Thank you!

  99. Priyakant says:

    It was excellent technique that help you to make some money without lengthy processs

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