Weekly Blog #84: Giving Away Something Today

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  1. Martha says:

    The top three things on my bucket list.

    To help our son pay off his college debt.
    To come up with an idea to help thousands of people make additional money and give them hope for the future
    To have front row seats to a Bob Segar concert and hear him sing “In Your Time.” (OK, OK I’m dating myself- but that’s OK).

  2. My Top Three things are

    to pay off my debts

    buy a home without having a mortgage

    and help my family as much as I can

  3. to leave a legacy for my son and grandson with the money I earn from marketing, and leaving them my paintings. next; to get myself off hud and pay my own rent. last; to be able to go out to dine and not think about the tab. that’s all. GC

  4. Dave says:

    Pay for my grandchildren’s education.
    Give my family and friends a leg up.
    Own a winter home in the south.

  5. Sergio Figueiredo says:

    My bucket list’s top dreams to come true are:
    1 – teach my little kids (I have two kids … an eight year old daughter and a five year old boy) that, despite all difficulty life might impose them (I am at the moment unemployed, being supported by my wife – I became a full-time stay home dad, taking care of my family, doing backstage house work), if you eventually have all door closed for you, you may still find an open window of opportunity such as this I am working on, learning from you, Anthony.
    2 – be able to save money for their college education so they can build their own dreams while living an simple yet honest life, despite the money limitations.
    3 – be able to share with others whom are standing in a difficult momentum the hope that I am feeling this very moment when I am just beginning to learn from you.

  6. Peggy says:

    My top 3 things are:

    Have a stable home for my son.
    Being Debt free.
    Travel to Spain.

  7. Norma says:

    At the top of my “Bucket List”

    1. Set up a charity to aid Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Cancer research
    2. Put my great-grandchildren into private school.
    3. Return to Berlin Germany now that the wall is gone.

  8. Lisa says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Top three things I want to do are:
    1. Start a Foundation that empowers people in Africa to help themselves.
    2. Be able to help my children accomplish their dreams.
    3. To start other businesses that will help people realize their dreams.


  9. Rob Sheridan says:

    Top Three Things on my list.

    1) To provide a life for my 4 yr old son that I never had.
    2) To attain the freedom to enjoy his growth through the years and not be stuck in the “JOB” world and miss it all.
    3) To get to a point I can GIVE BACK and help others gain freedom in their lives as well


  11. my top 3 for my bucket list are:
    1. Help support daughter through graduate school.
    2. Move to Oregon to help her with baby age 2 yrs old
    3. help elderly parents with medical bills

    I would like to know more about your book, I am very interested. I am retired and living on a limited budget.
    Thank you,

  12. #1,help my kids they all 3 have been out of work in the last 3 years.
    #2, help my wife to retire,she’s 67.
    #3buy a lake house to really retire.

  13. robert s galatz says:

    to not worry about ANY bills to have my bike bisness to have my two sons be a part of it and to pass on to them

  14. To become adept at internet marketing
    To help my daughter who is a single mom of 4 with a dead beat dad for an ex
    To purchase a place to live when my dad (I am his caregiver) passes away

  15. Lillian Poe says:

    My major Goal is to always have a natural income coming in a way that I enjoy and can do easily. I have always worked hard being a care giver, either with children or the elderly. My husband is a letter carryier. They are the ones that work the hardest to do more, I don’t think he will be able to continue in the snow and the sleet we have. He’s 56 now.

  16. Cheryl Semprini says:

    Top Three things on my bucket list:

    1. To be able to slow down all of the hours that I put into my corporate job and enjoy life more.

    2. To be able to show my children a great income opportunity that they can do from home and have them help others do the same thing.

    3. To be able to help so many others achieve some goals that they may not have been able to achieve otherwise.My Mission: No more homeless, hungry people !

  17. Cynthia Becker says:

    1. to enjoy a better quality of life
    2. to be able to be self-sufficient
    3. finally, to be able to pay my bills and not owe anything at all.

    Those are my 3 things. At my age (69 going on 70) these things are important to me. I don’t have any family to speak of. I am the lone blossom on the branch!


  18. my response to the three things at 73 years old i would
    pay off my house
    give my family a life to relax

  19. My bucket list:
    1} To Get a home of my own
    2} to help my grandson get his business started
    3}to pay off my bills so I can be debit free

  20. Lee says:

    Top three things on my bucket list.

    Play golf at Pebble Beach
    Travel to Australia
    Jet fighter ride

  21. Three things I would like to accomplish:
    1) Help put my grandkids thru college, I have 11 of them.
    2) Help hungry kids thru out the world.
    3) Help battered women become self reliance and belief in
    themself thru a good organization.

  22. Rosa Scaf says:

    Bucket List

    1. Making enough money to buy a better scribing program that not only types what I say, but will also read things to me so that I don’t have to rely on carer’s so much.

    2. A guide dog that will work with me and my wheelchair so that I’m able to go out into the community without a constant carer.

    3. And most of all a regular income so that I am not so dependent on the government pension.

  23. My top three things are:
    1, Get a new furnace for my house (this one is 30 yrs old)
    2. Sent my daughter to a good school to finish her college education in her field (Graphic design/computers/website design)
    3 Take my Mom on a Cruise (she is 80 and has always wanted to take one.)
    I would love to be able to take her.

    I would love to have your book!
    Thank you for all you do.
    Debbie S

  24. Deborah WALTEMEYER says:

    The top three things on my bucket list, To earn enough to be able to help those less fortunate people in my town,especially the elderly who cant afford to buy the right foods and pay the utilities.It is so sad to go into a store and watch them try to decide what they can afford to eat after working all those years.Also to make it possible so my husband can retire and still live comfortably and have enough saved to do the things you always dreamed of for when your family was finally raised.I also want to be able to be to enjoy life to its fullest in our older years without any debts.

  25. Aiesha Graves says:

    Get married to my life partner on Necker Island and spend 1 week there with my family
    Take my children to Disney World for a week
    Take a family vacation to the Bahamas for a week
    Take a family vacation to Disney World for a week
    Take a family vacation to Hawaii for a week
    Take a family vacation to London
    Build a successful Commercial Real Estate Investment and Property Management Company
    Start and build a very successful online business that empower other people to start their own business and become successful
    Start a Not for profit business that donate $1.5 Million per year to help children that are orphaned, disabled, hospitalized, live in poverty, or have parents that are incarcerated get a good education, adequate housing, clothing, nutritional meals (not just breakfast) and S.O.A.L (Summer of a Lifetime) programs.
    Get my law degree
    Pay off my college debt
    Pay off my current mortgage
    Pay off all of my outstanding debt
    Pay for my children college education to graduation
    Start a family foundation that gives college scholarship money to disadvantaged children

  26. Maureen Germsheid says:

    To get my own house, in the country, so I can raise dogs.

  27. JOAO says:

    The top three things on my bucket list.

    To get all creditors off my back, by paying all my debt.

    To pay off my mortgage, and my car loan.

    To be able to send my daughter to college debt free.

    To earn enough money to get off of disability, put food on the table, buy my meds, and pay my utilities.

  28. Michael Myers says:

    Hi Anthony:

    Top three things on my bucket list.
    1. To become financial secure / debt free.
    2. To build my own dream home.
    3. To learn to help others build their dreams, and be able to give back to the community.
    Anthony, for all you do for the thousands of live’s you have touched including my own.

  29. Loretta says:

    My top three things are
    To secure a great retirement.
    To pay off all my debts.
    To help other people in need.
    By helping others I will continue to be blessed.

  30. Dale Woelfle says:

    Top 3 on my bucket list: 1 Find medical help for my wife’s medical needs. 2 Have some needed house repairs accomplished. 3 Get our car repairs done

  31. RJ says:

    My bucket list:
    Would like to be able to help or fully fund my three granddaughters four year college.
    Be able to help others realize their dreams.

    Be able to take all of my children and grand children on a once in a lifetime 10 day cruise

    Thanks for all of your help.

    Ron B

  32. Jack says:

    1–Have money to buy a scooter to save on gas $ 2- Buy a better car 3- Pay off my mortgage–

  33. The top three things on my bucket list.

    Generate enough income to send my 4 kids to the college of their choice!
    To enjoy financial freedom!
    To be able to give back to others as a way of giving thanks for all the blessing that have been bestowed onto me.

  34. Well Happy Veterans Day to you Mr. A. Morrison, glad to be here to share some of your valuable time. I do have your other books and would love to have a copy of this latest one, I have learned so much from your trainings. Great job, please don’t stop.
    1 ) I would like to gather the knowledge to share with others who might want to learn how to market on the Internet and help guide them down the right paths. Be that guide that would take them to a place of financial freedom where they could “live their dreams”
    2 ) Want to travel the world visiting my 20 oldest friends and watch a sunrise or sunset with them while sharing the memories of our friendship.
    3 ) OK, you got me with the motor yacht! I have always loved being on the water and have been blessed to do that from Alaska to the Bahamas, the Gulf of Mexico to Hawaii, and too many places to mention that I haven’t been…yet!
    I am diving into using the Fast Cash Commissions system, can’t afford to take the addtional FCC coaching program but intend to when I can pay for it. My meager budget just doesn’t allow right now for the FCC coaching or 365 day to Success but I have that on my “short-term growth list” of the things I will do as soon as I start making some additional monies.
    Thanks again for eveything YOU do for us, sharing of your time and experience to help anyone achieve the success we all deserve! Talk to you soon, take care, have FUN, and be safe in all you do!

  35. Linda Guarino says:

    My 3 thing bucket list is buy my own home, Get a decent car But mainly make enough money to do lots of Volunteer work and help others. That has been a dream all my adult life. I feel the best when I am helping others with my time as well as money when possible and I can afford to. I always feel bad that I can’t give more $ to help so I volunteer to make up that difference. I know I can be of help to others and it is just such a good feeling to be able to help any way I can.

  36. Paulose kuriakose says:

    1. Children college fund
    2. Small affordable home
    3. mission work in Haity

  37. The three things on my bucket list are
    to help myself and my family members get out of debt
    to see Hawaii
    to become a successful affiliate marketer on the internet so i can maintain more than a liveable income and have a decent lifestyle

    I want to thank you Anthony for coming into my life . I believe it was an answer to my prayers and pray that it will help me get out of debt. I was in a near fatal car accident 5 years ago and since then my life has fallen apart and I am unable to work so I am hoping I can create a career doing internet marketing with your help. I love your videos -you seem so honest and sincere about helping others -I hope my impression is correct. I follow you faithfully and with full confidence in your knowledge and skills.
    Sincerely, Kelli Goodsir

  38. Shawn says:

    1. To not have to tell my kids I CAN’T afford something they want or want to do.
    2. Make money online and quit my job.

    3. Go Sky diving, yes I want to jump out of a perfectly good plane…

  39. The top three things on my bucket list:

    1. Get off of disability and be self sufficient again.
    2. Go scuba diving in the Caribbeans. :)
    3. Build a log cabin somewhere beautiful by a lake! :D

    Of course, I want a sweetie to do all of this with me!

  40. My bucket list consist of the following three desires There are the following: 1) Earn money to take care of my family’s financial needs
    2) To help others learn the same so that they can become financially independent as well
    3)Most of all to create wealth to share special times with my family and friends instead of working a “billion hours a week” to try to make “ends meat”
    Thank you for this opportunity to establish a better lifestyle for my family
    James Griffin

  41. Dennis says:

    My top three things:

    1 – To have a happy family; to help my family & other people.
    2 – To have my own house.
    3 – To have a car.

    Thank you =)

  42. Bonnie Lackey says:

    Top Three Items on my “Bucket List”:

    1. Earn enough to get myself and my brother well. Specialists are
    expensive even with insurance. We both ingested toxins and have been struggling to survive domino-effect health issues.

    2. Build a Triplex for myself, my brother, and my son. I would like to have it build of all in non-toxic, environmentally protective, and a human-healthy materials and products.

    3. Make enough money so that two handicapped (my brother and I) and one healthier individual (my son) can go on a trip to Europe.

    Time is of the essence for all three “Bucket List” items and I am finally well enough to focus on doing something to make some money. With constantly battling various health and financial issues, I think that this new book will allow me, despite my physical restrictions, to move forward in an honest, money-making venture! Thank you.

    Bonnie Lackey

  43. Rodney Paul says:

    Hi anthony i am so desperate for money they going to come serve paper for house anyday.i have laid off for 6maonths and trying to make quick to save house but do thank everyone support.but am sinking fast.your friend RODNEY


  45. Anthony R. says:

    To build a home that is self sustaining. water,electricity,heat,food and privacy.
    To be able to contribute to a feed the children charity to help eliminate the condition that is apalling. This is the greatest Country in the world and it should be that no child should go to bed hungry.
    To help other less fortunate people to acheive a better standard of living.


  47. Jean says:

    Top three things on my list.

    1.Get my business rolling in affilate marketing.

    2.Show other they can make money with anthony morrison program but they have to work at it.

    3.Be successful in it and help other to be.

  48. Lora Chatman says:

    Top the Goals I want to accomplish

    1. To travel around the world with my family. We never had time/money to take a real family vacation growing up so I’d like to treat them all to some quality family time.

    2. To have my book published (close to having it done) and a company built from it that spawns tv shows, movies, and video games.

    3. Become a well known actress, and star in an action movie. (still trying to audition in CA, but need the funds).

    As you mentioned, they all cost money to achieve, but I believe that nothing is impossible.

  49. Dottie Seavy says:

    My three are:
    1. Increase our compassion for life.
    2. Put our focus on goals and intentions that are centered in giving, sharing and connecting with others.
    3. Our mission is to help people make the changes necessary to
    recover their radiant health.

  50. Lee says:

    My Bucket List:

    1. FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE – the freedom to stop having to trade hours for dollars, live a great lifestyle, and help others.
    2. Become DEBT FREE – Pay off my Car, loans
    3. Own a nice Townhome 100%(Pay in Cash)

  51. corrie b says:

    to make money.
    to understand your program.
    to help my mom with her hospital bill.
    to move back to west virginia.

  52. Frank says:

    My list:

    #1 I need to tear down my house and rebuild it.
    #2 I would like to retire before I expire
    #3 I need to make more money and start living

  53. Dianne says:

    - To change the way people look at finances, life, fraud and for them to start asking questions. I believe that not asking questions is the root of the their problems (my quote)!
    - Start a charity with youths, adults and anyone who wants a change. The program will run itself with the members and so to have a ripple effect.
    -Can write a cheque by simply taking out my cheque book and not thinking about my bank account to make a difference whether it be in my life or someone elses.

  54. My top three things on my bucket list would be

    1) Pay off my house and other bills

    2) Go to Israel to visit the where my Lord and Savior lived

    3) Get a bigger house so I can take in more foster children

  55. Char-Lette says:

    My 3 reasons:
    1. To get out of debt
    2. To be able to retire from full-time job
    3. To help my family

  56. butch jensen says:

    three most wanted things in life is to choose to be happy everyday,to love and hug my family every morning,and acheive goals that I set in a timely manner

  57. Entering new, uncharted territory–like LOST in space!!

    My bucket list:
    To independently pay all my expenses.
    To squirrel money for my grandkids education.
    To visit Israel to see where Christ walked.

  58. Mohammed says:

    You’re God’s sent and phenominal, keep on helping us. The #1 thing I want to accomplish in life is to make a better life for my family, Secondly, to help make someone’s life better, and thirdly to give back to my community.

  59. Lopez Hill says:

    1. Help pay for the therapy for my grandson’s autism.
    2. A new house.
    3. Take my wife to Paris.

  60. chuck berry says:

    my 3 wishes
    1 I need a way to keep from going into home forecloser which is only months away.
    2. I am 74 and my wife is 14 years younger and I need to find her a good income for the rest of her life after I am gone.
    3. If I could have a way to make sure No. 1 and No.2 are accompliced, then I could help other people do the same.

    Thank You

    GIVE UP 9-5 JOB

  62. 1. Pay off all debt

    2. Show my kids to be financially secure/independent

    3. Teach other kids how to be financially secure/independent

  63. Dawn says:

    My Top Three Bucket List Items:
    1. To pay my parents back – since I was laid off three years ago, they have been helping me out financially, and now that my father has been laid off, I would really like to pay them back (with some interest)
    2. To build an enterprise revolving around dogs (my passion) – information for dog lovers by dog lovers (my dream idea involves 15 entities to help dog lovers, families, associations, the works be more informed and more involved in the health and well-being of their four-legged family members)
    3. To be happy doing what I am passionate about, and having my parents retire without debt or financial worries (and to have a retirement plan for myself too)

  64. 1. Get credit cards paid off.
    2. Pay off husbands car
    3.Help husband to be able to retire in 2012.

  65. Lamatha says:

    My buck list

    1. To help my husband get our family out of debt.
    2. To take 1 vacations a year
    3. To build a college fund for our daughter

  66. Berney Hann says:

    Of course I could use anything to help me get ahead in this business. At 74 my bucket list is as follows. 1. I have arthritis in both knees & need to pay for the surgery to get them replaced. 2. I need to move back to Calif. to live & be close to my children & grand children. 3. To get out of debt. Thank you…Berney

  67. Teresa says:

    My 3 top things on my bucket list are:
    1. Luxury travel and support for wherever my 90 year old mother wants to go
    2. To Establish a perpetual income stream to fund educational, food and water programs in 3rd world areas
    3. To enable and lead others to financial security and independence so they can direct more energy into positive projects for their families, communities and the planet

  68. michelle grieve says:

    i wish i could but i dont know if im comming or going im in the same spot that your parents were in im going to luse my house and my marriage my credit card is max out could you please help im desperate i know now how your family felt i feel my life is over thank you

  69. Top three things on my bucket list.

    1) Help our three kids with college funds. One in college now, one will start college next year and one will start college in a couple of years.
    2) Be able to donate money to benefit individuals or organizations in need.
    3) Be debt free so I can help tell others how I made money from this business.

  70. Julie Steger says:

    I’m just getting started and have signed up for Level 3. I’m pumped to work on my bucket list.
    1. To fund work on house rennovations.
    2. To have enough to live comfortably for the rest of our lives and leave a little for the kids.
    3. To have enough to give to our small church to help them grow and reach other Christians at home and throughout the world.

  71. scott hutts says:

    1 ] finianal freedom 2]make sure my kids are taken care of 3] give back to the community and chairities

  72. Joel Evangelist says:

    The top 3 things on my bucket list.

    Make sure my son has the skills to succeed in life
    Buy a pair of snowmobiles
    Pay off the house.

  73. Top 3 things on my bucket list: 1. Financial security for my wife
    2. Ability to support favorite charities
    3. Leave secure financial legacy for my grand-children

  74. Good teaching
    One I would like to get out of the rat race
    Travel on mission to help others
    I would like to live a debt free life

  75. Salomon Perez says:

    1. Preach around the world
    2.Help my family
    3.Help my friends

  76. Leitha Frye says:

    thanks, love tohave new book- bucketlist changes from time to time but at this time: I’d like to have $ for 14 year old grandson college Was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 5 years ago I don’t know how much longer my body will hold up on a public job. Really need this program to support myself, and finally to really know that I can be a productive person no matter what physical condition I have or shape I’m in. Thanks so much for making my feel someone out there cares about my aspirstions!

  77. Things I’d do when I have the money:
    1. Get good Insurances for my Mom and Dad, Also my Mother-In-Law, so the don’t have to worry about seeing a good Doctor or getting all the prescriptions they need.

    2. To buy a big boat so my son and/or family and friends and I can spend days at sea fishing.

    3. To buy two Harleys and my son and I can ride across the United States seeing family and friends I met while in the U.S. Navy, also to fish every chance we get.

  78. Jessica Butterfield says:

    #1 buy a house for my kids to grow up in
    #2 see as mutch of the work I can with my family
    #3 run a successful business that will make my family proud

  79. Jeremiah K Afong says:

    Thank you for your weekly blogs, it inspires me to keep working at my business and to keep learning your system.

    The 3 top things on my bucket list.

    1. I am doing this business to help supplement my social security income.

    2. To give more tithe to my church.

    3. To help my son pay for his college education.

  80. Fred Haney says:

    Thanks Anthony

    I want to be debt free.

    I want to help my daughter with her school loans.

    I would like to buy a new van.

  81. catherine wilson says:

    The three things on my bucket list are buy a house, but a brand new car, get my mother hearing aids, and help all my friends in any way I can.

  82. Ben McCoy says:

    My three reasons for doing affilliate marketing
    1. Retirement Income
    2.. Home paid off
    3. Vacation home
    4. Teach this to my kids as my legacy for them.

  83. Kevin says:

    I want to setup a dynamic business which I can monitor and operate from my RV while touring the USA. How exciting this would be for me, visiting museums and places I’ ve never been to. Then after my system (Anthony Morrison’s System) really escalates into a large money maker, I can do world travel and operate my system anywhere in the free world, this would be my dream of all dreams come true. Then I would like to show and help a less privileged person or persons how to succeed in this business, and help them improve their lives.

  84. My reason for wanting to earn money online with the internet is to:

    1) Send my grandchildrean to college. I have three. One is starting college this year, he’s 17 and just got out of High School.The really smart one is 11 and he’s in 6th grade. and I also have a granddaughter she 7 so I still have time to earn some money to get them educated.

    2) I’d also like to earn money from home because I have a nephew with cancer and he’s only 22 years old. He really needs a chance to live and get the best out of life. He’s in college now but sometimes he has to leave because of his illness. I’d like to get the cancer in total remission so he can someday get married and have family.

    3) I’d like to someday have a home on the beach so they can all come and visit me. I truly love them all and I want them to really and truly have the best out of life. As far as my grandchildren are concerned I’d like to take them on vacations with me to broaden their view on life.

  85. Joani Ward says:

    Top 3 things on my bucket list:

    1. Retire from my 9-6 job so I can devote more time to implementing all the excellent information I’ve gained from your Professional Marketing International Program.
    2. Be in my new position as Director of the MBA Program at a major university in DC.
    3. Make a phenomenal difference in other people’s lives by helping them bring their business dreams and aspirations to fruition.

  86. Sylvia Kalua says:

    The top three things on my bucket list–
    Become debt free–including what this program cost me.
    Help my grandson pay for college
    Help my granddaughter go to HMA–a private church school in Hawaii
    Help my daughter launch her new business.

  87. Jon says:

    1. get the insanity out of my life that is caused by always having to “chase the buck” to pay the bills.
    2.take my newly found time and really get my business off the ground
    3. go see my folks whom I haven’t seen a a very long time.

  88. Libby Sosa says:

    Get myself out of debt/suplement my Social Security
    Visit my friend In Hawaii
    Visiit my home town New Orleans

  89. bucket list:

    2. Peace of mind

    3.Financial Security

  90. Deb says:

    Bucket List:
    1. Have a comfortable retirement
    2. Take vacations
    3. Support my church.

  91. Judy says:

    1. To be able to help my grandchildren get a college education. Help with the bills my grandson is having now in studying to be a doctor.

    2. To build a business the will be completely automated and can be duplicated.

    3. Would like to travel to my parents home in Germany

  92. Libby Sosa says:

    Dog gone this computer things are now spelled correctly
    Get myself out of debt/supplement my Social Security
    Visit my friend In Hawaii
    Visit my home town New Orleans

  93. Michael says:

    My bucket list consists of:
    Get out of debt from credit cards and student loans and help 89 year old Mother-in-law in nursing home.

  94. My bucket list.

    1. Buy my house for my wife.
    2. Give to the local AWANA Ministry.
    3. Pay off my debt.
    4. Help my church.

  95. GEORGE BROWN JR says:



  96. Pay off all my debt
    quit my job and run my on business
    have time with my family that is the most important thing in life.

  97. Top 3 on bucket list.

    1. Get out of debt.
    2. Be able to help my kids financially.
    3. Have funds to invest for retirement.

  98. The three things on my bucket list are:

    1) To be sucessful in growing my internet business.

    2) To be able to help other people reach some of there dreams.

    3) And finally to be able to travel around the world. That would be nice!

    I already have your book Anthony, so you can give out to someone else who might need it!

  99. Joyce Knake says:

    To narrow it down to 3 things is hard to do.
    I , myself want Desperately to get out of debt.
    I also want to help my one son to get back on his feet. He is a contractor on Maui and has had some deals fall through where people refused to pay for the work rendered.
    It would really be nice to help other people,there are so many people that need help.
    I haven’t been able to help with money but I help people when ever I can with the skills that I have. I like sharing what I know.
    And as I said before, and was in one of your videos, Zig Ziglar says”If you want to get what you want,you have to help everyone else get what they want.” For wonderful reading, read his book, “I’ll see you at the Top”

  100. Del Doss says:

    Hi, Del Doss here: 1. be able to have the time to lead the lost to Christ.
    2. Get my finances taken care of.
    3. Financially help/support those that need help – Special the homeless.

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