Weekly Blog #69: You Could Win My Ipad, FREE – Watch Now

How did I earn the money to buy my iPad? WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW – SHOCKING

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666 Responses to “Weekly Blog #69: You Could Win My Ipad, FREE – Watch Now”
  1. Deb Herber says:

    Look forward to our “weekly visits” on the weekly blog, Anthony….you’re absolutely right. We NEED this weekly contact with you…to stay motivated….to maintain momentum….and to stay focused and excited over changing our lives for the better!

    Have a WONDERFUL week!


  2. John Hervan says:

    I do keep myself involved and this years goal is to be making atleast $10it is because I haven’t been persistant and ,000.00 more this year. I have been able to get SOME money but not like I thought I would be achieving. I know it is because I haven’t been persistant. I have procrasinated and it ends tonight.
    BTW Does your IPAD have all your notes init when you give it to whomever gets it?
    John hervan

  3. Ruby says:

    My goal is to make some extra money to help get out of some debt so we dont have so many worries about money and to give more to my two boys!!!

  4. Loyce McVay says:

    I want to become debt free this year and I am working toward that goal.

  5. james linekin says:

    Discipline to learn to earn online 20k,by 1/2012 is the goal believing Anthony Morrison has provided the necessary failproof roadmap.

  6. dee says:


  7. Lisa says:

    My goal is to find something worthwhile that I can do at home to make some money.

  8. harry says:

    want to make this year my final year of working from pay check to pay check

  9. doug says:

    very neat man

  10. doug says:

    the reason i am doing this is for a stream of income, and i am middle aged and really do not see myself getting back in the work force…

  11. Zach Branson says:

    I love what you do Anthony!!! You are an amazing inspiration to me and most people. Your expertise is outstanding. My number one goal this year is to master my marketing strategies to maximize coversions for commissions. I am constantly trying to evolve my strategies. I have begun to write better ad copy for my PPC advertising campaigns to maximize my order conversions. I would love to have your iPad!! Awesome strategy yet again to get people engaged. You rock!!!!

  12. Tonya says:

    My sound went out on computer when I was watching this blog 69 and I tried to lip read but I did not get a whole lot of that done. So this is the only comment I could leave until I go to Library and see if I can get on it there. I still watched video so maybe I have a chance to win IPAD now.

  13. Carol Amato says:

    I’m very much looking forward to the teaching! I watch the videos and read the content blog regardless of the prizes because it helps me push forward!

    My #1 goal is to completely pay for my son’s college education and totally wipe out our debt.

    Thanks so much for your help!

  14. I am using my retirement funds for monthly bill payment but will not be doing this until the funds dry up. MY NUMBER ONE GOAL: I will have my business(s) up and producing my necessary monthly income (and more) before year end.

    I love the daily positive affirmations being sent. Keeping your website, videos, and blog current is a huge help. I’ve worked with other companies in the past that don’t even update the Year, of all things. Really?

    I’m going through a work transition right now. I retired early from a job that was getting too demanding for my mind, body and spirit. In other words, my heart wasn’t into it anymore and I am pursuing my dream of working out of my home.

    Thank you for your help, Anthony! God Bless!

  15. Michelle Leith says:

    To find the what to launch website and make first dollar and beyond

  16. Cathy says:

    My goal for this year is to make enough money working from home so that my husband can retire and begin his own business. We are older and have no retirement. We want to be financially free so that we can do whatever we want whenever we want! Thanks for your encouragement.

  17. Thanks for fixing the video. I WIll win the I-Pad

  18. My number one goal is to become better at internet marketing so that some day I will have a debt free life style.

  19. Beth says:

    I am trying to make money so the lights will not be shut off next month. My goal is to be able to pay my bills each month.

  20. My goal is really to make a 100.00 dollars or more per week. Been at this over 14 years and I would be lucky I made 1500 in 14 years. I am working on these goals now and thank you Anthony for your help.

  21. Brie says:

    My goal is for me to be able to help my husband pay the bills and provide support for him to cut down on his work week. My husband is 70 years of age and works 12 hours a day 5 days a week. I would love for him to either retire or cut down on some days. I have signed up with Anthony Morrison to make the difference.
    Thank you Anthony for your videos, I love the communication and support you are providing your clinets.

  22. Rosa Mendoza says:


    I tried to become a fan on facebook to do the comments, but I don’t know
    it I got in or not, I did like the video on the ipad and my goal is to get my buisness started by providing people with the great deals that you provided
    look forward to a great year God Bless.

  23. Naomi says:

    My goal is to have multiple streams of income and be financially free. I want to bless others too!! These are interchangeable….both are important.!

  24. I would like to see if this program could potentially make extra money that I surely could use to help my mother & siblings. I just can’t afford to pay out $200.00 a month right now!

  25. Ron says:

    My number one goal is to become debt free, Your book helped me make my first dollar online and I hope 2011 is a great year for everyone.

  26. Audrey Funteh says:

    what i want to do is earn my first dollar online

  27. Robert says:

    This comment was pretty good just like to say my goal this year would be just to truly make a descent income from nline marketing

  28. Matt Morrison says:

    Hey Anthony…

    My goal for one year from today is to get out of the business debt. I am enjoying your training program it is very extensive and a lot of fun as well for a new entrepreneur.

  29. Mary says:

    I want to be financially free, being a single Mom is stressfull in life money is always a worry want to eliminate that feeling.

  30. That’s Anthony for helping me right the canoe.
    My Number 1 Goal for the rest of this year is to
    Earn the 1st dollar and close out by raising that to
    $300 per day before year end.

  31. bernadette basile says:

    I just want to figure this out and bring it all together

  32. Denise says:

    I would like to make enough money to completely pay for my cats vet bills which averages $300 a month and to cover some up-comming dental/oral surgery that his is going to need about $2000.

  33. Akim says:

    My number one goal is to pick your brain for as much knowledge as I can get,so I can make some money online and teach others.

  34. Zia Vera says:

    My goal is the understand how to get the business up and running so that I can buy a house for my family in the next few months!


  35. My number one goal is to use Youtube effectively as a way to gain trust, popularity, and to gage my audience. Being a musician ..I have found that Youtube is where I can get the attention of my customers…. But how do I get them to actually buy products from me ?? I’m still learning…. but also working towards being debt FREE !!

    Thanks Anthony for all that you do !

  36. Brian Schorzman says:

    #1 goal- to be in a place where money is no longer an issue for me. So I can focus on what I’ve always wanted to do but was not able to because the lack of money was holding me back.

  37. Michelle Reynolds says:

    Hey Anthony,
    Thanks so much for your whole system. After trying internet marketing for over 4 years with not much success, I know that I will succeed.
    My number one goal for this year is to actually start making a monthly income.
    Even if it’s only $100 per month that will grow consistently I will be happy.
    Really done with the zero monthly income from this business.
    Thanks so much.

  38. Gilberto Garcia says:

    Hey Anthony,
    My goal for this year is to start an online business and make some money while still being in school and trying to bring my GPA up. I am only a sophomore in college but I believe I can do this while keeping up with my studies and hopefully even bring up my GPA which took a hit last semester.
    Thank You

  39. I want to make my first $ marketing on the internet. I am an affiliate of several businesses and they are listed on the marketing page of my website. Since studying with you I have sole more books than usual, but still less than $25 royalties a quarter. You make it look easy, but it has not been easy for me to get started. I am going to stay connected these next 4 weeks.

  40. Kristen says:

    Here is the deal, I am committed that my travel blog creates me getting paid to travel and write about the traveling that I have a great time doing and allowing me to take my mom on the vacations that she hasn’t had in years. She is 83 and still works six days per week. Just a side note mom has a fb fanpage,Twitter accounts and blogs! How cool is that!
    Ps thank you for all your sharing with us! Kristen
    Pps love mom to get her blogs to create passive income for her as well! It’s her time to enjoy! I love her like you love your dad and want to see her not struggle to get by!

  41. Madeline says:

    This is very exciting. My number one goal this year is to earn enough money to get out of debt!!!! I am enjoying working on this, and hope to start accomplishing my goal.

  42. Donna R Hurlbut Ost says:

    I really need to get going on making my first dollar online..Somehow I seem to find reasons why I could never be successful….I have failed at so many multi-level marketing deals and have lost so much money. I’m in freeze mode…please help! I know I could do an amazing job but just need to go the next step…..thanks for your awesome videos…you are amazing!!!

  43. i want to make my first $ in online marketing.

  44. I haven’t had a chance to finish reading your book, so I haven’t actually started yet.
    I would like to be finiancial secure and not have to worry about where the next dollar is coming from for those unexpected repairs, accidents, medical,etc.

  45. John Gabel says:

    Hello Anthony,

    You asked what my number 1 goal is this year and I thik that is to start to grow as a person, make money online. I think these goals go hand in hand. You grow when you learn and when you learn you make money.

  46. darian says:

    My Number 1 Goal is to be financially free,and to be a better farther
    financially so i can get thinks together for my kids college funds
    and make sure that there taking care of the right way.thats my #1
    goal for this year. thank you darian

  47. Cheryl Hopton says:

    Great way to head viral, Anthony!
    My number one goal for this year is to become financially able to get off SSDI, I just want so much to be able to contribute to the country rather than take from it. In light of that, I have an affiliate marketing program opportunity I’d love some insight from you on (it’s a little different). I’ll be watching, commenting and liking on Facebook because even if I don’t win YOUR iPad, I’ll learn lots of great techniques and ideas. Thanks for all you do, all you give, and just being you!

  48. Kim Paget says:

    I would have to say my number one goal is to pretty much figure out how and where to start. I have no income coming in right now and so having your staff build it all for me isn’t something i can do right now. I just need this to generate an income for me to pay off hospital bills and more if at all possible. Thanks im excited to figure it out.

  49. Delsa Trammell says:

    My goal for this year is to be more focused to make money online. To begin to bring in money to help make ends meets and start to clear out bills one by one.

  50. Geraldine LaCour says:

    My goal is to make money on the internet, that is easy and fun and it will keep me interested so I can make money. I have to get out of my comfort zone and not exactly sure how to do that. I know I can work a job and make money but I need to do it from home and I like working on my computer. Playing online games at the same time. Is there hope for me Anthony? :)

  51. Ryan Parks says:

    My number one goal would have to be the ability to take care of myself and my family and build a better future for us. Right now I work 60 hours a week on the road and would like to start out by replacing my current income with the money I generate using your system and methods. Then I can get off the road and continue to grow my business to build my future. Thanks for all the help and motivation along the way Anthony!


  52. Nancy says:

    My number one goal is to build my business to a level that I can start getting out of dept.

    Thanks for all the help.

  53. Keiko says:

    I am just starting this internet marketing. It is all new to me. First of all, I need to decided which field I like to choose, and then make my own website. I think these two things are hardest part of all. I will do my best. Thanks for all the advice, Anthony.

  54. My goal is to make the first” Dollar Bill” and many more after that with your concepts.

  55. Antonio Stronza says:

    My number one goal is to be able ride on the road to financial independent.

  56. I want to be successful in what i do.I am a slow learner so what is the best way for me to make money.

  57. Kelly EG says:

    My goal this week is to actually show income for CT and to take the STEPS Anthony suggest and put them to use! No more pay check to pay check!

  58. Johnny says:

    I need to get focused and stay involved. I want to find a nitche in the internet world and get out of debt. Simple, yet it seems so hard with nothing to start with.

  59. Dennis Wilhelm says:

    My goal… to start break free from my J.O.B. (just over broke) by making money on the internet and move to our dream home in Maui.

  60. Diana Lemons says:

    I am still trying to make my first dollar. I am struggling with finding a company to sell to me so I can start building my web site.
    My number one goal this year is to make an income to replace the J.O.B. so I can be my own boss and be a better mama to my wonderful girls who are 5 and 3. I am excited and I know I can make this happen!

  61. mike d vance says:

    I want to fully understand this website and learn to use it to generate lots of income, i want it to be my main source, as soon as i do thatnthen I;d like to join your accadamy so i can learn at an accelrated rate to really get up and going, im willing to put in 15 hrs a day

  62. David says:

    My number one goal is to see if you are for real. I have hear this stuff before. But are you for real? I will do as you say. I like your style so far. Let’s see what happens.

  63. Kathleen Magill says:

    Anthony I like your weekly blogs and do watch them so I can learn more about getting my business started. I had to be off the computer this week because it went down, now that was hard because I’m real close to getting my website up.and going. I want this year to b the yr I get my business going and my family gets out of debt.

  64. Emma Maull says:

    I hoping to be making a monthly income soon so I can move out on my own & I really do not want to go back to work for someone else you see i ws laid off from my current job about 4 months ago.also need to figure out how to generate income to invest in my business.

  65. mike d vance says:

    I want to learn to make online income my main source of income, i want to learn to use your site then hopeto generate enough money to join the accadamy to really get this thing off the ground, I”m willing to put in 15 hrs a day to this if thats what it takes to be where i need to be.

  66. Theresa says:

    You have great weekly blogs.My deal is going deeper into debt,No traffic no Sales.Maybe I’ll sale your notebook.
    I want to first make a Sale,more sales .2 months now .Could be 3rd month is the begining of getting out of debt?

  67. Steven Surace says:

    My Goal for my 1st year is to build this business up enough to where it’s bringing in a small full time pay salary. (20,000-30,000) a year! That said, I will do whatever it takes to double those numbers each year. I’m in it for the long haul and the big checks. With all your help and education, I know it can be done. Thanks for being real!

    Steven Surace

  68. I always watch your weekly blogs Anthony. They have giving me much insight on the internet business, thanks. My goal this year is to become financially stable once and for all, so I can help others in their time of need just like you have. I love to give back and see others thrive……

  69. cesar fierro says:

    number onereason to do this is to become financially free its getting a little to old the pay check to pay check style

  70. Rhonda Heumiller says:

    I am looking forward to working at making enough money to get out of debt and helping my daughter who lost her job and is having twins so she can’t go looking for another one. I have had your program for quite awhile now and haven’t gotten into working with it. I have been managing a bar for a non-profit organization free of charge I might add. I will be out of that July 1st. Then I plan on working with you to get me out of debt. I am really tired of the bill collectors calling.

  71. David Wood says:

    Anthony, from looking at these previous posts it appears you are asking about one’s #1 goal at this time. Well, I have one goal and several problems. The #1 goal is to get this thing started, up and running. The problems I have (just to name a few) are:
    1) Poor study habits. I haven’t had to do any serious studying since my days as an air traffic controller, way back when (pre-Aug. 3, 1981).
    2) Not all that familiar with today’s social networks; i.e. FB, Twitter, etc. I just tried signing up for FB and I’m not even sure I did that right.
    3) I still have so many questions, I don’t know where to start. I’m still reading your book, “Advertising Profits from Home,” so maybe I’ll find them in there.
    4) Extreme laziness. For 10 of last year’s 12 mos. I was doing battle with cancer (treatments, surgery, etc.) and spent most of the time in bed watching TV. I know you can’t help me out with that, but it is a problem right now. I am hoping that the more I get involved with your program, the more active I will become. Thanks, and bye for now.

  72. Anthony, I love your blogs.My goal this year is to make my first dollar on the internet. Am a complete newbie. Have signed up to learn directly from you and Adrian. Went to Utah in October to my first workshop.

  73. Linda says:

    My goal is to follow the program one step at a time and not to try and rush ahead and expect instant success. My financial goal is to replace my income and I’m willing to do the work to make it happen. I haven’t put a time frame on my financial goal yet as I’m still learning the fundamentals and have not implemented the program fully so I have nothing to base my forecasts on. My goal for this week is to finish the Marketing training videos and make comprehensive notes.

  74. Rebecca says:

    First of all let me say I look foward to your emails and blogs. I am so very new to all this that my goal this year is just to figure it all out and make my first $1 on the internet…..to find my ah ha moment….. to turn to my husband and finally say “I got it!!!’.

  75. Brenda Kincer says:

    My goal this week is to investigate domain names to purchase.

  76. Dan P. says:

    Hey Anthony, no bribes needed but I welcome your advice. I look forward to being a future success story.

  77. FacoifeE says:

    Love the idea Anthony!
    My goal is to make a website and put it to work.

  78. Rich Kotter says:

    My goal is to increase my income by using internet marketing.

  79. John says:

    Hi Anthony;

    My first goal is to be cofortable with what I am doing with this business, my second goal is to find my nitche, after I found these two goals then the rest is easy and I can follow up the rest of my goals.

    Thank you Anthony.


  80. Scott Van Giesen says:

    I’m a 56 year old unemployed Union Ship Fitter ,haven’t worked for two years.Never thought I’d be in this situation in life ! My want is to learn to earn so I can bless others & have enough to live also. I’m so pleased that I found your system & that you bless others in need ,I want see more of that & I yearn to be able to help & to tithe better at my church.This Face book will be new to me ,I”m sure it will move me forward in my search for my wants & needs.I’m a student with Applyki also ,just at the moment to join the 365 day plan you are doing,actually would of done it as yours is cheaper & 365 days & Applyki 6 mos .I’m concerned as I’m an old dog I won’t get it done in 6 mos.I always say – I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed. God Bless

  81. Serena says:

    My website has been plugging along. My goal is to get it to the next level. I see that as a “steady” stream. Some weeks I will have 4 or 5 orders then I can go several weeks without one. When I am running ads I get as many as 60-100 people viewing my site but my conversion rate is very low. Last month I had to spend my time working at the library because our electricity got shut off. If I can get the site producing a steady stream of income that won’t happen again. Thanks for everything Anthony, I would’t be as far as I am without all your help.

  82. Joyce Reist says:

    I am working very hard at your program. All your information is helping me a lot. My goal is to replace the income I lost when I lost my job. Hopefully This can work for me.

  83. Trace Ardrey says:

    Hi Anthony Just started reading my book Advertising Profits From Home and I am really getting excited. My goal for the week is to overcome procrastination and to take a certain amount of time to set aside so I can read and really get into your program.

  84. Cathy says:

    Hi Anthony,
    My primary goal for this year is to actually get something online and working. I have started many differant projects this year to date, but have been jumping from one to the next and have not actually been able to get any one of them working for me.
    I really want your ipad and am hoping your weekly blogs will help to keep me focused.
    Thankyou for the chance to win.

  85. Rich Roug says:

    Thank you for what you do. Goal is to moving forward with the programs.

  86. I would like to start making money on the internet. I haven’t made any yet and been at this for a month now

  87. Lamont says:

    My number 1 goal is to able to work from home and enjoy my family. I work in retail as a GM working 10 – 12 hour days and would like to give ore time to them. I was up late one night and channel surfing when I cam across your ad,with living from check to check I made a choice to jump in and give it a try…… so here I am! Just need more time to work on understanding how it works, not in position to have your staff build my web for me yet. So I will have to old school it for now…….. stay blessed.

  88. Jeff Aschenbach says:

    My goal is to get out of about 50k in debt in the next year. Cant wait to get the content in the blog to help me do that. I am new to this and have no clue how to get started. i hope you are a truthful person and can really help,I have tried other programs that just took my money and left me to fend for myself so if you could send me a note to get the starting point strep 1 then i can get started i am quit confused at this point and dont quit know where to go so please help.

  89. Dick Belair says:

    Hey Anthony, Sure, I’ll look forward to your comments and blogs. It will help me realize that there are profits to be made and that little thing of your personal notebook…well, that might be the edge for someone too.
    I have been a stone worker all of my life. I loved the beauty and the texture of the material ever since the third day I started. I’d slam away all day and had to be told that the day was over. Now, over 40 yrs. later, I have had back surgery and need to move into a far less strenuous day job. My goal is to find the internet co. that can help me get there without charging me an arm and a leg in doing so. Tell me that is possible with you folks, cause,honestly I haven’t seen it yet. You have asked me to spend over five thousand dollars before I can be promised anything. I need to see something more effective for less money. But, you are a great leader with wonderful principles, and the family you and your brother personally helped I’m sure can attest to that. Thank you.

  90. Wendy says:

    I want to replace my income.

  91. Mark says:

    #1. I want / need to get $1.00 in my pocket via the internet. If I can do it once then I can repeat the process an unlimited number of times. Then with that experience and accomplishment I can expand my horizons to other ventures.

  92. Jenn says:

    My goal is to make $5000 per month by the end of the year and to give my husband the freedom to leave his job if he wants to.

  93. Tony Guthrie says:

    Hi I too am looking forward to the weekly blog. Your information is a true blessing and is much appreciated. It comes at a time right now that we really need it. I have been out of work for over a year and really looking for the light at the end of the tunnel that is not an oncoming train. :-)

  94. Jo MacDonald says:

    Hello Anthony,
    I made a dollar with ur books and that just got me motivated to do more. I enrolled in ur PMI learning and am really set my goals to continue with that and find my niche to become amongst those that don’t fear when they receive a letter from Social Security. I’m on disability and have been for the last 25 yrs. Maybe by the time I get a handle on something, it will almost be time for me to retire. lol
    Thank u so much for ur time and help

  95. I just received my “Special Delivery” package this week! I have been reading and studying all the materials so that I can create my goals and plan of action! My first goal is to supplement my income with $2000 per month so that my family can be debt free in 12 months. I am proud to be a part of your network and look forward to gaining the knowledge necessary to become successful.



  97. Pat Archey says:

    I read and listen to all your videos, and I am ready to may money, my goals are to be debt free this year, let’s MAKE MONEY

  98. Kat says:

    My goal is to make my first $20.00 or $50.00 dollars have not yet to make anything at all. I have read your book and I guess I just do not know where to start or I guess I need more help. I learn from watching someone do it a couple of times. I just do not know what I need to get started. Looking forward to watching your next weekly video .

    Take care God bless.

  99. Joseph Allen says:

    I’m interested in making my first dollar on the internet also, I would like to make my facebook home page look like yours. :-)

  100. nate asby says:

    i think you are great i would like to make a sale this year

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