Weekly Blog #100: A New Name & $100 Winner

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637 Responses to “Weekly Blog #100: A New Name & $100 Winner”
  1. Joy C. says:

    So I’ve become a new member today and following each email. This is the first video blog I’ve ever watched here and I am definitely happy with the name Success Connection Video Blog. I want to be part of connecting with your success and that you’re connecting all of us to success as well.

    Just before watching Success Connection #100, I’ve connected with your FB page, liked it and read other people’s comments. Yep, I’m happy and excited and look forward to establishing myself here. Thanks Anthony Morrison.

  2. Carol Kranzman says:

    Have not been on for a while, so trying to catch up(if that is possible).. I do like your new name Success Connections.

  3. Charles DeBaptiste says:

    Hi Anthony,

    way to go on the new weekly blog”s name. “Success Connection”, it’s short and full “POW”…… you know, that stuff that makes you jump out of bed in the morning ready to take the world on. Love it, love it, love it. I’m new to the family, and can’t wait to get started.

  4. Bruce says:

    The new name “Success Connection” Resonates And yes I will be following your blog. Thank You for doing them.

  5. Success Connection! great words!

    I think those two words make a perfect union!

    Success accelerates connections!

    Connections accelerates success!

  6. Vev says:

    Anthony I think the name “success connection” is a winning name. Its encouraging, prestigious, and educational to connect with the information to gain success. Nothing negative about it at all. It keeps me motivated to carry on. I love it! Keep up the great work!

  7. Teeta says:

    Two and a half weeks ago I started to watch the weekly blog from the very first one. I got to #99 two days ago. I got to see this evolve practically before my eyes. I learned so much. Thank you for taking the time to create these videos. I love the new name! It’s very fitting.

  8. Buck Miller says:

    I suggest Success Connect. Leave off the “ion” because the “ion” 1) does not flow as well, and in fact, softens a strong double syllable phrase, and 2) Success Connect connatates action, more like a verb, where Success Connection is more like a place. And Anthony, you are all about ACTION. Success Connection sounds like a place to land, and Success Connect sounds like a place to take off. Hope that helps!

  9. James Crowley says:

    Hi Anthony, Love the new name! But i would watch the blog no matter what you called it. Im wanting to get social media domination from you but i just cant afford it right now. Wish i could have about a two hour one on one with you like 100s of others wish but success connection will work too! Love your work Man and thanks from the bottom of my heart.

  10. Theodore Lindstrom says:

    Just love you and your family Anthony, Ive had a very hard ride over the years from sex abuse, to time in shelters when i was yong, to prison for mistakes i made drinking, thank God i dont drink any more. I have to kids, ages 10 and 11, Teddy, and Emmalea. Love them so much, You inspire me anthony, and not just you, but also your team. You get it Athony, its not about you. It’s not about me. Its about the people we can help. I help alot of people, but you help alot more. Keep rockin with that heart of gold you have, and i will keep rockin mine. I love to play ball too.

  11. Joanne Spence says:

    I’m just getting started and trying to learn everything I can about Affiliate Marketing. I have seen a couple of the past blogs and found them helpful. I look forward to learning more from the Success Connection!

  12. peterg says:

    Hey Anthony congrats on your 100th edition. Really looking forward to many more.

    I feel that the name “success connections” is good. It may seem a little dry or generic tho – just reflecting that it doesnt seem to have that exciting feeling after i say it to myself. So i thought,…, it at least needs to be a verb…

    “Welcome to the nth edtion of .. Connecting Success. The blog where we provide a mosaic of business and general life strategies to keep you connected and help you succeed…” idk, something like that.

    I dont need anything if you decide to use it, just want you to have a flowing, meaningful name that resonates. Enjoy. Really appreciate all your time and effort in providing such an authentic and caring experience.


  13. Rhonda says:

    Hi Anthony:

    We all want success so good choice.

  14. Carl says:


  15. Love the new name! I think it was smart to combine the best aspect from different submissions.

  16. Joyce says:

    The Success Connection is great and sounds so much like a motivational blog. Gets everybody motivated to make money online.

  17. Christy Baldwin says:

    I like the new name because it embroiders both sucess & connecting with the team.. Connections bring out the togetherness in people and allows an individual to feel that comradre with others.

  18. Love the new name, short and to the point!

  19. Mark Gleason says:

    It’s smart and simple…and it works great. Straight and to the point, I like it; I think it works perfect. Great job!

  20. Rob says:

    Hi Anthony …. Success Connection makes alot of sense! Continued success to you and I have enjoyed our weekly connection through your weekly blog.
    Have a great weekend!

  21. Terrell Bird says:


    I think that your new name sounds much more professional and inspires a desire to tune in regularly because it seems to be less about you and more about us and how we can achieve success.

  22. Susan Cu Tikalsky says:

    I think it is very !catchy name! Easy to reminder

  23. Mark Gleason says:

    …and there ya go; “liked” and posted to my profile! Thanks for the opportunities, Anthony! And good luck to all!

  24. Really like the name “Success Connection” and have really enjoyed the teaching sessions that I have seen. It is really appropiate name since you are bringing people together and connecting with all of us, so that we can learn how to be successful :)

  25. Susan Cu Tikalsky says:

    I think it is a catchy name and is easy to remember!

  26. Karen LaFournier says:

    Like the name..Success Connection…think it truly “tells the story”!

  27. Carol Amato says:

    Hey Anthony!

    I LOVE the new name for your blog – so fitting!!

    Congrats Melinda and Scott – great ideas!

    WOO HOO!!!!

    Have a great weekend. :)

    Take Care,

  28. Greg Prudhom says:

    I like “Success Academy” but would like to offer comment to further expand this name. Since: Success= Work + Attitude + Goals………………..

    How about WAG Connection?

  29. First Blog Video…do you have them on a recording – past blogs??

  30. Rosanne Becker says:

    I love the new name: Success Connection! It describes so well what we have in our connection with you, Anthony! It is terrific that it’s not just about you but about what you make possible (the connection).

    Thanks for all you do in connecting us all to success.

  31. Richard Barschdorf says:

    I like the new name.I’m living at the Salvation Army in Wisconsin. I have read your books and am ready to get started.My biggest obstacle is I dont have the money for the computers necessary to launch me into the world of affiliate marketing. I could really use that tablet. Please help me be your next success story.
    Richard Barschdorf

  32. Tony Shanahan says:

    this is the best name ive ever herd for a blog i like it iam looking foward to tunning in every week to wach the sucess connection it makes me want to put on my suite every day so i can get that promotion.

  33. Sima says:

    Hi Anthony,

    This is my first time seeing your video blog. I like the name “Success Connection”. Sounds very practical and relevant to what you do in your weekly blog.

    Sima Bahman

  34. Rosanne Becker says:

    I love the new name: Success Connection! It describes so well what we have in our connection with you, Anthony! It is terrific that it’s not just about you but about what you make possible (the connection).

  35. Andrea Alexander says:

    Love the the name, It certainly got my attention. have been lazy about getting involved, but thisname turned on a light for me.
    Thank you

  36. john bennett says:

    good job AM, way to involve everybody!

  37. Andy. wapp says:

    Anthony I’m having a hard time getting information other people I don’t understand it As for the name of the blog it’s not bad And I understand that learning that is success

  38. wanda gailyard says:

    i love the new name

  39. Neal Graham says:

    Thank you for connecting me up with success!!!!!!!!!

    Neal Graham

  40. Wendy Fritz says:

    I do like the new name. I hope you will have a session soon called, “How to stay focused and stop jumping from one opportunity/training course to another to another without ever realizing success because you are suffering from information overload!”
    Ok, that’s a little long for a blog title but you know what I’m talking about;-) This is the disease that I am suffering from. I signed up with your service a couple of months ago and have yet to do anything with it, along with several others…..I need to stop jumping all over the place!

    Good luck Anthony and to all of your loyal followers!

  41. First of all Congratulations to the winners. Success Connection is simple yet strong words as a new name of the weekly blog. The new title explains it all, what the blog is all about and the purpose of the blog. The sole purpose of the blog is to help us succeed. It helps us reach “Success” and Anthony having a “Connection” with us is the most effective way of doing it. And every week we will he will be connecting with us to our success. This title deserved it.

  42. Cheryl Parker says:

    Congrats to Malinda and Scott. It is a good name.

  43. BTW if I was a winner I’d choose the gadget. :)

  44. Shirley Carter says:

    Success Blog was what I submitted, so I am right there with you on the connection addition. Great name. I am looking forward to it.

  45. Audrey Gibbs says:

    Love the new name for the weekly bog. I like to hear the word success when listening to Anthony’s blgs. Connection is perfect due to connecting all of us to each other and to Anthony.. Perfect. Audrey Gibbs

  46. Gary Perdue says:

    I appreciate the way you keep us all
    all plugged in with your tips to
    success and helping us stay
    beyond the curve!

  47. M. Bednarek says:


    “Success Connections” sounds a little bland however I do not have a better suggestion.

  48. Leesa Carberry says:

    Great name, Everyone whats to be connected and sucessful.

  49. Dorothy Jennings says:

    Anthony-I just love the name of your blog page and yes I’ll be watching every Friday. I am learning so much from you. Like I told you before I will be 84 years old on March 23rd and I really don’t know that much about the internet. In fact I don’t know that much about computors but I’m in debt and need to make money to get them paid before the Lord calls me home. At 84 yrs. you can see I probably don’t have as much time left as most of your students but I’m giving your program MY ALL.I just watched your webinar on cpv. It was awsome. Need to make some money first. My website is not completed. I’m waiting for Blue Gorilla to send me my e-mail. Your office said they were doing repairs. Keep up the good work. Thanks

  50. Randy Savoy says:

    I like the “Success Connection” your “Connection for Success”.

  51. Anthony,
    The Weekly Blog Name you choose is really appropriate for the purpose it is intended for.
    It is such a good idea to keep us in touch with your weekly treat of tips and encouragement for success in the business.

  52. Cookie Webb says:

    I am Soo impressed with your Blog name choice! Success Connection is an excellent way to describe the purpose of your weekly teachings. How encouraging to meet with a mentor. My goal is to develop alternative methods of income support to a village of like-minded people. Your insights are greatly valued! Thanks!

  53. “Success Connection” seems a little trite, perhaps even overused. It is not in keeping with your usual action statements. “Sharing Success” might have been a better choice. Your blog is the meeting place where you are sharing your wisdom with us. That is the message that your 100th blog sends to me.

    Sincerly, William

  54. Ralph Davis says:

    Hey Anthony

    Hoping all is well with you, I think the new Blog name is quite appropriate, I truly believe that Success is definitely and directly connected to the type of connection we develop throughout lives, it takes only one right connection to change a person life forever.


  55. Alisa says:

    I don’t have a web site yet I just bought into it.. I have been haveing trouble with my computer.. But I can’t wait to get started. I can’t work anymore I have no income coming in .. and I have seen you on TV and on the internet. So I’m putting my Heart into this …

  56. Nathan York says:

    Great new blog “Branding”

  57. Yes, Thank you Anthony !! it the first time I see one of your blogs and I love it. Success Connection it definitely the way to go.

  58. charlene nash says:

    I really like the new name “Success Connection” . It reflects motivation.

  59. Anthony, I like the new name. Has some distinction. Been busy with Matt Wengreen at PMI rebuilding my gotkitchen website and have missed a few blogs. Trying to catch up and keep current. David L. Vidakovich

  60. Mark Gleason says:

    …and a “tweet” for good measure! ;)

  61. Mary says:

    I LOVE YOUR NEW NAME! WOW!!!! Thank you for this great blog! Mary

  62. Rosalie Bullington says:

    An excellent choice for the blog name. I will be getting
    my own intenet soon and am anxious to try out your

  63. Yes I like the name and it say’s it all , the connection to acheive success . What I thought you were looking for was the weekly blab or the weekly view or something like that . This isn’t my motivator for tuning in , I tune in for the content and training . I beleive people will be inspired to tune in when they hear the name .
    Your friend ,

  64. Jason A. Lopez says:

    Hi Anthony. I love the new name! And congratulations to the new winners!



  65. paula doan says:

    great name hope it helps me!!

  66. Andre Roberson says:

    i think the name is perfect in that it focuses on the two things mean a lot to people

  67. Tom says:


    I like the name. It defines our “community!” Keep up the good work. I told a few friends and we kinda have a “Success Connection” brain storming session ourselves.


  68. Rafe A. Ellis says:

    Love the new name and your rationale behind it.

  69. Dorlyn Burgin says:

    SUCCESS CONNECTION !!!!! Wow what a name. It fits the blog really well and gives inspiration to attend every Friday. Looking forward to next week.

  70. I think the name for the new Blog is the exact thing people like me who have been very slow in getting started, (even though I have the web site)
    My daily job is holding me back (45 hrs not enough money except to just pay basic bills) and when the week is over just too tired to turn the Cpu on.
    I think the blog is great, And intend to start tring harder to pull myself out ot the same old same old pattern that has not worked. The Lord willing maybe this is the year of change for me.

  71. Wanda Fleming says:

    Hi Anthony, I went to your seminar in Jacksonville Florida yesterday. It was very interesting. I learned a lot. I think that Success Connection is a good name and will attract more people.


  72. John Hervan says:

    Helflo Anthny,
    I like the Name “the Success Connection” as it was was just fine as well but I believe it will inspire more people to “be a part of” and I will be here next wee for your first “Success Connection”! I am looking forward to it.
    John Hervan

  73. Scott Rayl says:

    Anthony, I like the new name. Everybody has a ” blog “. Success Connection sets you apart. Even those who don’t know what it is will be inclined to follow it. We all want to be Successful, but we all don’t want to follow a blog.

  74. brittaney sanders says:

    I really like the name for your blog it sound so unique and the keyword here is success and that is something I’m looking forward to do and become very successful for me and my family. I’m really looking forward to success

  75. Robert Aide says:

    have the right counections ,you will be a sucsess!!!

  76. I really like it! As you said, it gives us something to think about as we have our own SUCCESS stories for EACH of us, theCONNECTION, as we promote our websites. Thanks Anthony for your insight into our futures.

  77. terri nemetz says:

    Anthony, New to your program and still educating myself on the nuts and bolts of this system. Thanks for the great information and support system…I think Success Connection is a wonderful description of what you are striving to achieve…Terri

  78. Helga Armfield says:

    Hi Anthony, I think you picked the right name for your blog. This indeed the place where we connect to look for ways to be more succesful in our inter marketing endeavors.

  79. Jeannie C says:

    “Success connection” is a well thougth and intelligence choice for Blog #100 name.

  80. Dawn MacDonald says:

    Hello Anthony,

    My name is Dawn MacDonald and I am very new to your program. I have been havng problems with my computer down loading the programs involved with completing my website. I am working hard on getting it fix and hope to be up and running pretty soon. I am telling you this so that you know why I did not tell you my website name.

    I am excited about the new name that you have decided on. I am glad that you decide on this name, because I believe also that it should not be named after any one person. Like you said this program is about all of us, and you are here to help all of us be SUCCESSFUL.

    I can not wait to continue with the blogs, and be successful too. Thank you for helping us out, not many people continue on after they have got a person to buy there success bussiness. Any way I just wanted to tell you Thank You and God Bless.

    Dawn MacDonald

  81. Hi Anthony,

    Love the name. Glad you didn’t focus on the “millionaire” part. Says a lot about you. I am a total beginner and have a lot to learn. I look forward to learning from you. Would love to win the tablet.

  82. Pierre Mocombe says:

    I am glad you were able to select your winners. I certainly was hoping to be one of them. The name chosen fits the description of the weekly blog because for one thing, you do promote success and two, you invite your followers to connect using Facebook and Tweeter thus enabling you to grow and at the same time they will be growing as well once they have a running start.

  83. Donna Oliver says:

    Hi Anthony! Just wanted to let you know that I think Success Connection is a great name for the Weekly Blog. The name tells others that you are happy to connect for their success. BTW…Congrats on your New Studio! It looks nice :) I am a single mom from the south and new to the program. I am so excited about this program and truly hoping that I can become successful with it. I have been soaking in all your tutorials, advice, and blogs. I’m enjoying this journey and hoping that my son and I can have a better future. Thank you for all your time spent to help others succeed. PS: My Son and I would love to have an ePad!! ;) Best wishes,……Donna :)

  84. Great Two choises rolled into one even greater name. So sorry didn’t win but maybe next year.

  85. Rhett Newton says:

    I like Success Connection because it gives the motivation to work even smarter.

  86. Thomas Kelly says:

    Success Empowering Techniques (SET)
    Empower Your Success Connection: Remember as a child you climbed everything and every time you fell you got back up; and ascended even higher. Now as an adult you get to CLIMB the ladder of the SUCCESS CONNECTION!
    Thomas Kelly
    Inspiring more Kindness for the month of March

  87. I think its a good name. This first time I seen your video been very busy trying to get some where in life. I do body work and lm 44 years old getting old tire of working so hard maybe you can help make my life a little easer.

  88. Walda Dyke says:

    Suces Connection is the perfect name for your blog. Looking forward to more. Thanks, Walda

  89. Jimmy Kidwell says:

    Ive already hit the like button on fb. You sent me this link via my email.

    Like the “Success Connection” title. Good choice!! That will make me want to tune in everyweek. Im a newbie at all this and am glad I found you. FYI I found you while sreaching entreprenue. Thanks! Youve helpful with my learning curve.


  90. All right, you grabbed my attention. I have started catching your weekly email notices for your BLOG and have started tuning in.

    I want to learn everything I can about Helping, Coaching and Training people for business.

    I like the new name and good luck!


  91. Roselyn de Jesus says:

    I love the new name! It makes me want to find out more.

  92. Bill Dean says:

    To be honest, it sounds like sooooo many other catchy names. i wish I had another suggestion. i do think it is better if your name is in it.

  93. Hi Anthony I am new to your program and look forward to stepping up.. I like the name, it has rhythm and motivation. I have about three addresses on Facebook and none seem to work. I followed your suggestion yesterday and put an ad on, but I can’t find it. I know this is step #1 but it is hard to get through that step.

    Can you connect with me for success.


  94. Ella Lehman says:

    I like the new name. Success is what we are all striving towards.

  95. Anthony -

    I LOVE the name, I believe it does exactly what you want it to do and is a great name. Wish mine would have won because I’d love to have the personal e-book and I always click the FB and Retweet every week after watching the Blog. Keep up the great work. Since I’ll be winning the e-book this week for my comments, LOL, please tell me how they work. All this technology is mind-blowing and I have been wanting to get something but don’t know capabilities of each of the new technologies. Doris Gessner

  96. Robert Davis says:

    Hey Anthony I gotta say I don’t really like the new name… I love it. Your already an inspiration to me and am happy to be working with your CPV Domination program. Success Connection I believe is the perfect name cause after watching all your videos it not only has brought me success but it has connected me with your thoughts and opinions. Its not gonna make me tune in every Friday cause I already tune in every Friday to watch Success Connection. But Thanks man for taking your time to make these videos and help not only me but everyone else that watches these blogs. I really means a lot.

  97. James Burns says:

    Success Connection is a good name. As you said, it fits what you’re trying to do.

  98. Allyson Griffin says:

    Love the name and your helpful blogs! I look forward to Fridays! Thanks for the help and I liked it and retweeted it!

  99. Anthony,
    I was pleased to hear that you took the feedback of two of your proteges and used their idea. That tells me that you listen to us and you value our opinions. I didn’t win the naming contest; but because I am a winner, I have nothing but kudos to Malinda a Mr. Duddles.

    I sure would like to win an e-pad! And, I look forward to your weekly “Success Connection.”

    Phillis Alexander

  100. Marie Gertz says:

    I think it is a great name. I can’t wait to meet you at your seminar in Annapolis MD. on the 16th. Looking forward to it.

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