Success Connection #132: Do This Exercise With Me

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196 Responses to “Success Connection #132: Do This Exercise With Me”
  1. Yevonne says:

    Great, great. I have never thought or seen that before! That really does help narrow down where I should be, instead of where I am! Thank you, thank you.

  2. Good exercise…. one thought Anthony,,,” Motivational Attention ” is a key that will bind this.. The thoughts of what keeps us away from the Focus, has alot to do with the motivational attention we need to focus on what it takes. Don’t allow the mind wander but keep it Entertained. When our mind realizes we have achieved a result it gives us a feeling of satisfaction to do more…The ahhh haa moment… to do it again. to experiment more..We all need that to do better.. at least I do. Thanks for the exercise,., good input

  3. Joyce Knake says:

    I had in my circle internet marketing, but as I saw you make the circles and had the word money at the bottom, I thought of drawing a line to a point to make a heart. Around Money. Because isn’t that where our heart is?? to make money?? And isn’t that our goal? And if we hang in there long enough maybe something good will happen!

  4. Joanna says:

    I liked this excercise alot. I think time management is difficult for many of us.
    there is a lot of pressure to spend time in the way that other people and society demand – external priorities – instead of the way your heart and mind want to spend time – internal priorities.
    When you decide you need or want to start an online business, all of the other “obligations” you already have can get in the way of finding or making the time.
    I am currently on disability due to illness and needing to find a way to work from home to make income. I am just starting, and am struggling with this issue. This excercise helps me prioritize starting a business, and look at things from a fresh perspective.
    My middle circle included listening to teleseminars on affiliate marketing, learning how to do a wordpress website/blog, and making time for your success connection and other free education, talking with other people who are doing this kind of business, going to local meetups for online business people, building a website, increase the number of companies I’m an affiliate with, and wanting to make $50-$200 a month to start, and eventually making enough to afford the treatment I need, a decent place to live, and not having to live on just my disability check.
    I appreciate what you offer, and how down to earth and honest you are,

  5. Janet Johnson says:

    In the center of my circle is what I am doing, split testing ads, and learning how better to do affiliate marketing, just getting into pinterest. Thanks for all the help.

  6. James Howard says:

    Hi Anthony, I like the #132 Exercise! I have been mentally pictured ALL areas of my life. The things that are most important to my Can all co-exist and be very prosperous. I have been researching the many different online entrepreneurs since I had purchased a product from you some time ago. Shortly after I had purchased the product, I had to face some pretty incredible health concerns. I had finally answered my phone after having ignored its continual ringing for days and then, night. I was sooo overwhelmed–I immediately demanded a refund. Things are very much better at this time. My To-Do List is the most important part of my time management strategy. I have a friend looking into free web hosting for me and along with the free traffic ideas, I would like to know if that could at least get my foot in the door in order to start supplementing my income….????
    Thank you

  7. Hello Anthony

    Thanks for sharing information on time. When I take the time to write something down, the vision become clear of where you really are. We can tell ourself one thing, but it shows up when you take the time to review what you are doing. Getting distracted with projects in the home, washing, cleaning, running errands when you should be working. Thanks for making it visiable.

  8. Michael Herline says:

    Once again you provided valuable information for running an internet business. I know that I need to FOCUS, and your circle diagram helped me put things into perspective. I now believe I know what I need to FOCUS on in order to succeed with my internet marketing business.

    Thanks again Anthony.

  9. Dottie Seavy says:

    What I found in the center of my circle:
    more education, follow-up with prospects and down-line and receive more money from my home based business.

  10. Noel Hunt says:

    Great reminder. I tend to become distracted in use of time. Have had a SLOW
    start in my program. Took 1st course 5 months ago. Now need to FOCUS. Thanks for taking this time to help us slow starters. !!! So very much appreciate this. Love yur work and efforts,. Now I need to start!!!!

  11. Jared Gaffney says:

    In the center of my circle I have listed
    -set up my wholesale product listing with my website
    -set up my search engines and keywords with my website
    -set up my clickbank account
    -get my business protective coverage
    -run split tests
    -work on my ads on my webpage
    -collect my sales checks
    -collect my income checks

  12. Really good tool to actually see what is important to you and how to focus on your time. Unfortunately i have never made any money online, but in drawing my circles I found this to be in the middle:

    1. My blog/articles
    2. writing my books

    Thanks for the exercise!

  13. dave wilkinson says:

    my center is ==playing music, song writing, investing, practicing guitar, thinking, painting, creating, reading , learning how to obtain the right view, revealing the self..

  14. James Ivy says:

    Excellent blog Anthony I really liked this ideal it help you to get laser focus on your time, activity, and money about your success goals. What I found in the center of my circle is I have to put in more time with making Ads, Blogging, doing things that producing results for me in my business. Also keep in mind where most of my money is being made for me. Thanks always great stuff look forward to your next blog!

  15. Wendy Yandow says:

    Good exercise! I need to focus my time on 1. writing article and blog posts, 2. updating websites and 3. reading and commenting on other blogs.

    My biggest problems are procratinating, surfing the web and computer games.

    Any suggestions?


  16. Joe Burke says:

    This is a great exercise because it is so easy to lose focus. You want to make money but an email can take you away from making money. You can be working on a project and get off it because it triggers a thought that you may remember from a training video and you have to refocus but you have already lost time. Sometimes it helps what your doing but most of the time it ends up being a distraction.

  17. Monica Hawkins says:

    My best, productive, constructive time and money in my inner circle are starting my day earlier with prayer for my family and myself to get thru these days with a balance life and being focus with a clear direction. Of being thankful for what we have presently and for the greater things coming in our future. It is getting on my laptop and accomplishing my classes in my success connection thru PMI and getting these websites started. To build my clickbank and affiliates websites. Also exercise is very important is what gives me energy throughout the day and keeps me healthy to get these very important tasks accomplished. We have a large family of Ten children and a grandchild, plus one on its way. Boy! Do you want to know how time can fly by you and don’t even know it passing by you. When you have set out your calendar for the month and all your things to do and budgets and other crazy expenses decide to pop up. Within these tasks are a list of all high, very high priority of making sure that no matter what, “I will spend some time in my success connection developing my online websites thru Anthony Morrison Program”, for a greater purpose of being able to create greater income to be able to enjoy my huge family of ten. The hope and desire and anguish to know that when I finally go to sleep, I have accomplished something great in my life and in the life of others. My family and those around me. And to see that I struggle to get this accomplish. Living paychech to paycheck with some negatives in the way to next paychecks. Some times I will sit and shake my head and wonder where did the day go. WERE DID THE MONEY GO! Thank you for this video Anthony. This helps me look at my priority in a better way. It’s time to leave the dishes for the older kids to wash and focus on what is truly important. No one will die if the dishes aren’t done or the house isn’t cleaned or I have to bring better pants to my middle schooler, cause the teacher doesn’t like her yoga pants for phys ed. I don’t think my 12yr old and my 14 and 16yr old won’t mind, when dad and mom accomplished this one most important task and was capable of going on vacation someday, which we have never had in our 23yrs of marriage. Or trying to purchase a vehicle, instead of borrowing one or even being able to have your own house, instead of living with your parents, still. We don’t mind helping them and would also love to bless them, for being there for us. Thanks again and God Bless you. Monica Hawkins and Family.

  18. Studying from success connection and prosper elective classes
    studying from facebook and google
    studying from utube and how to
    implementing what I have learned
    re-evaluating what I have done and how it is or isnt working

  19. Debra Beisswenger says:

    I loved your video- success connection #132 on “To Increase Productivity”. My inner circles/ goals of how to spend my time turned out to be internet marketing by placing links and split testing my campaigns.
    It’s hard to find good teaching tht isnt totally bias for profit and it is very obvious you are doing this to help others. I feel honored to be a part of your success connection. I met you once in person at one of your information seminars where you were introducing all of this to us and you were sincere then, and it’s a relief to see you still care about others and their success . Thank you for the same genuineness. It’s the first time I feel like I can trust someone in this arena of internet marketing. Thank you for such great follow up and keeping me informed.


  20. david j says:

    Hi Anthony, please don’t ever stop doing your success connection videos, they are extremely helpful, THANK YOU ! Here is my list after watching todays video… Yes I am a bit of a newbie, and just getting started, you are teaching me what I need to really FOCUS in on, so I don’t waste time on things that won’t get me to my most important goals!

    These are the points I need to Seriously focus in on (the following items that ended up in the center of my 3 circles)

    —>> Continue to learn how to drive laser targeted Quality traffic ( buyers,not tire kickers) to my offers and sites ! (Traffic is the most important key to success)
    —>>Continue to learn & practice methods on how to tweak & retweak & test, test, test, ads for my online marketing efforts, making them get higher % of conversions and opt ins (I can learn more of these finer points from watching Anthony’s success connection!)
    —>>By really Focussing in on achieving higher % of conversions, my income will increase dramatically when done correctly and I can learn from Anthony’s books and esp from the success connection exactly how to accomplish & earn the Income I am working for !

    Anthony, I just attended one of your workshops and I am trying to earn enough so I can attend one of your live training sessions in the very near future! I am completely convinced that your system is the best solution for me ! as soon as I have earned the cash online (I’m in !) I think you are a great teacher, you have a great positive attitude which comes across strong, and I believe you do really want to help people learn how to do business online (thats no BS !) I have followed you for a few months and I truly believe everything that I have said above, really no BS!
    Thanks for your time, david j

  21. This is my first day getting started with your program! In my inner circle was getting started and completing my homework, education, internet marketing,becoming productive.

  22. Ben Benson says:

    Hi Anthony,
    Spending most of my time learning new ways to generate more income on line. Make my time more productive by setting daily and weekly goals, that are reachable, and follow and be accountable for them. Write each daily and weekly goal down on paper and check frequently to ensure you are on target. Stay focused never give up. Thanks Anthony.

  23. Yes, it is good. I am finally teaching myself Excel. I found that my lack of computer knowledge hinders me greatly, and now I am trying to rectify that.

  24. Charles Nelson says:

    Thanks Anthony ! This was great success connection ! What I found in the center on my cirlcle

    1. Education is the key to my growth in this business. I’m concentration on the social media areas, success connection, The Academy,

    2. Building my first landing page, placing affilate adertisements,

    3. Searching utube video’s to place on my landing page.

    4. Internet Marketing is where I want the bulk of my income to come from

    5. Selecting the products that either require the purchasers to buy every month ie health supplement, diet product, or concentrate on the latest trend. ie smart phones, and other electronics.

    Thanks again for your help ! your videos are informative and are delivered with lite humor !!!!!

  25. Sylvia says:

    1-Continuing Education-split testing my ad (I wrote another ad w/exact wording but I changed the picture; I used same picture w/different wording)
    2-I need to create a squeeze page/landing page for my website
    3-I need to spend more time promoting my websites if I want to be able to quit my full time job (it’s all about time management). Thank you for your time and education.

  26. Angelic Bingham says:

    Anthony in my circle I came up with my Email,Success Connection,And Learning. My constructive time was Buliding My Marketing business and last was internet marketing, Facebook,and getting my blog together so i can promote to make money. Thanks You this Helped a lot

  27. robert diaz says:

    I have Had your program never did anything with it since then. I can strongly say i am the weakest link I am lost on how to apply my self with your program i have lost all info on how to even get myself back in this game and I have no more coin and screwed.

  28. Hi Anthony, Great work by the way. My overlap from the three circle of Money, Activity, and Time, are:
    1, Self Education through Online Research.
    2, Working on my website (directly and Indirectly)

    Keep Up the good work. I have learn a lot from you, eventhough we don’t know each other. You are my mentor and I am you student that you are not even aware of. :-)

  29. Yvonne Strahle says:

    What I found in the middle where my circles met was success with a capital “S”! However. I am proding along trying to get to that point. Thank you for the insight.

  30. Sharon N says:

    Great exercise! However, I have not finished my own exercise. I need to think on it awhile to get the most out of it. Thank you for continually giving us new food for thought.

  31. Lauren Howe says:

    Hi Anthony,
    This was great thank you! In my first circle is Learning, teaching and marketing. In my second circle is research, networking and planning. And in my third circle is, Speaking, Corporate events, golf schools and internet marketing. Thanx again for this clarifying info!
    Best Wishes,
    Lauren Howe

  32. My Circle has…working on website, Promoting websites, making video’s, finish squeeze page, setting up auto responder, and day job.

  33. Grant Bishop says:

    In that circle that is positive : Listening to success connection and education center videos.
    Creating site and getting it published.
    Money comes from disability at the moment.
    I’m so close to making some money on the internet.
    Sometimes I wonder if I’ll make it but I’ve come too far to give up now.

    Thanks for your inspiration. Regards, Grant

  34. Maria Hernandez says:

    This was great. Gives me a whole new outlook on why I am where I am financially.
    I’m new at internet marketing, so I don’t have very much in my inner circle, but here’s what I have:
    Spend more time learning affiliate marketing.
    Getting my e-mail list together.
    Implement the thing I’ve seen on Success Connection.
    Make money actually doing CPV, and e-mail marketing.
    Spend at least 2 hrs every day on inernet marketing.

    Thanks again, Anthony.

    Maria Hernandez

  35. JDMandell says:

    Great ideas!! It should help students use their time productively!!

  36. Thank you One more way to find something to focus for internet marketing

  37. Anthony Iam watching your vedioes and trying to learn what you are sayingI am watching every thing you send me I am rearly tryinghard

  38. Bill Jones says:

    Just listened to your advice on listing time spent, activities and money ladder. My wife will be at the Level 3 training Oct 29-31. I will have her listen to the video and we will work the circles. Appreciate the tips.

  39. NicolegDaniel says:

    This really is good ! ‘I’m going to Lazer in On : Listening to Success Connection, Building my websites and split- testing my ads (that I’m going to write), Right! Thus increasing my focus on IM. ‘I’m also going to start a blog website and connect it to a Utube video connected to links and offers like you told me last week… then I want to start doing webinars with JV partners… 1 step leads to the next and creating motion creates momentum. I really appreciate the solid content you are handing me to put to use… Sincerly, Nic
    Ur Texas connection.

  40. Don Dowey says:

    I have found that by wasting less, I succeed more. I have cut out a lot of t.v. and texting negative friends I try to win over, and focus more on what is important: making money and my family. As far as TIME, I spend more on training videos from Success With Anthony, rewatching DVDs from Adrian’s seminar; basically educating myself. As far as ACTIVITIES, I work more on landing pages, my website, using the tools Anthony/Adrian provide like DirectCPV courses, etc. so that I can be more successful with affiliate marketing… which in turn takes me back to what is most important to me and that is making more money so I can spend more time with my family!

  41. I found success connection
    & Constructive.

  42. Barb Dransfield says:

    I am just getting started.
    My circles are still a little weak!
    In my circle…

  43. Hank De Polo says:

    Very good idea. Helps to put a focus on goal setting. I’m new to this industry, but I am excited about the potential. In the center of the circle are three things. For time it’s studying/learning, for activities it’s applying what I learned through the day, and for money it’s internet marketing (in the hopefully near future).


  44. Hillari Hunter says:

    I found that the middle of my circle was: boxing, writing a boxing blog, updating my Pinterest boards (about boxing), editing my boxing web site, the web site itself and the blog (in the Money circle). All of these things are connected together, so I need to concentrate my focus there,

  45. Hi my name is John so how can
    I do this

  46. karla says:

    i love this video and i listen to every one of them

  47. nicole says:

    In the center of my cycle there is success,productivity,and i spend my time wisely so i can start making more money.This video is very helpful looking forward to seeing more of you keep up the good work.

  48. Edwyna Hawk says:

    Center of my circle-Create money to Launch an Ad, split test, create a landing page, Internet market, Drive traffic to my blog,

  49. Great video ! Focus is the solution to our problems ! I created 1 website for the whole planet with the great help of your tremendous book Advertising Profits from Home ! Recommended reading for the computer community ! Tom D. DeVisscher !

  50. Michael Delgado says:

    Just beginning and looking to purchase your product. More time I can see as productive would be learning the techniques you teach and learn from your mistakes so I don’t make them.



  51. Mark says:

    Hey, Anthony, I tried to put my internet business in the center of my circle but can’t. I have to put my college studies first right now. But i do put some time in the internet business. I had to put my PMI classes on hold but hope to get back on it in a couple of weeks.

    Thanks, man. Appreciate all that you do.


  52. This weeks success connection was informative

  53. Dan McCormick says:

    Great exercise

    Center of my circle:
    Time – learning about marketing, advertising
    Activity – studying, writing
    Money – on-line business

  54. Lew Bowling says:

    Super motivational, look in the mirror, should be taught in high school, education that anyone can do in less than 15 minutes. I’m saving this video for my seven month super bright granddaughter, Layla.

  55. You pretty much laid it out in a nutshell. Following your circles I see that I am spending more positive time with my website in improving the ad selections & creating new articles. My day job is of course the main money source for now but some day…: )

  56. that real good anthony because you beacker down everything thank you

  57. Ipe Pereira Da Silva says:

    That’s a great idea to make my business grow up.! Thanks Anthony

  58. phillip combs says:

    there is definately not enough money in my circle to do the things I know I need to do.Thanks for the motivation.

  59. Melody says:

    Hi Anthony, This is very helpful. I do appreciate your help. I should be getting as much education as I can & watching the success connection. Whatever I can do to help my business grow & make money for my business would be best. Also getting the best knowledge from watching the success connection. Success always leaves clues. Also not to waste time as time is money that you can be making. Waiting is not a form of advertisement. The more commitment you have to your business the more successful you will be. Consistence is also important. Keep positive & push forward to reach your goals. Invest in yourself by using your time wisely & invest in your business as knowledgs is power & keep a positive mindset. You create your success.

  60. Rod says:

    Hi Anthony,
    I know I’m spending to muck time trying to learn from you and your brother,that I sort of scared to write my first ad this will surely help. Thanks!
    As you probably guessed in the center of my circle looking at the videos and reading the books. I’ll be ttesting a ad now to get started.

    For center of TIME:
    Learning all related to website & marketing
    AM Success Connection, emails
    Teleseminars, News & LinkedIn %social media
    CPA offers, Ads, website updates, CPV
    For center of ACTIVITIES:
    Learning CPV, PPC, Internet Marketing
    Social Media, How to connect things to website
    Applying, interviewing new job to have $to advertise
    My Website, Mobile email marketing, Pay Per Call
    Blog, Internet Consultant, maybe 2nd site

    I would use the prize$ to advertise on CPV program bought from you and start my dreams come to life!!! For my son and I.

  62. l would like to be able to learn how to make money online,please teach me or send me informational material .

  63. Deniece Poston says:

    Building my internet business is in the center of my circle and spending
    all the time possible to educating my self to do it.

  64. I do not munch money to in ‘veist
    Thank John

  65. Gary Monahan says:

    Great presentation, Anthony! I would call it the opportunity cost diagram of the resources for personal success.

  66. Cindy says:

    Inside my circle is my husband’s job, learning split testing, trying to get my lead gens into sites that are outside the box just to get my first conversion. I am a baby just trying to learn to crawl. I get up on my knees and think I am going forward and boom I’m flat on the floor again. I will not let this discourage me, each time I fall I have learned a bit of information. With your help I will get where I am striving to go!
    Thank You,

  67. DAN CARTER says:


  68. William says:

    Great session. Time management is very important in your day, weather it be at your day job or internet marketing. I work full time in a lead position where I work. I plan on retireing at the first of the year. Right now I am just starting to study internet marketing. So I do not have anything in the inner circle to share at this time. But I do understand and agree with what you are saying. Thanks again for the great session.

  69. JORGE says:

    Good excersise, it helps keep your vision of our time. Thanks Anthony !

  70. anthony says:

    this was great information it does show you where you lose time in what you want to do. thanks.

  71. Hey Anthony:

    Fabulous video. I am so visual it really helped me hone in on the
    80/20 rule-where is the best 20% of my efforts going to produce the most
    income. Right now at the center of my circle is education. I have made 3 hours per day devoted to my business.

    Great stuff!

  72. FRANCI says:

    …Circles….going in Circles…lol…OK, so this reminds me of when I was in the banking industry and we had many chats*n*charts about relevant products and services. My experience with time control (after working in a call center) taught me the Value of a minute, therefore, as in anything, since it was an imposed structure, I learned how to use time effectively. Now, with health issues plaguing me, I find my time is spent just trying to get through my day with some sense of normalcy, depending on so many factors. Never mind all that, Because I still have a functioning brain…I think…lol…soooo for someone like me learning about Internet Marketing, I am seeing what goes on and some of it is very cool, some of it is not. While I pride myself on being a top producer in anything I do, the bottom line is, what is relevant to what I WANT to do. Because a person really needs to zone in on this stuff, it’s a good idea to spend some time thinking about the goal, before spending a lot of time working mindlessly towards Anything and Everything. There really is a lot to this and I really think a person has to do what their heart desires to be happy in any industry. Yesterday I received an e-mail with the header reading “YOU have 3 years to live”….blahblahblah….um….Really? It was a sales pitch, but I was so turned off by it, that I turned off the computer and went out for the day. My point on this is, when you market to people, it should be Happy, and when you present an offer, remember, to appeal to peoples emotions in a positive way. Although this person who sent the e-mail probably meant well,but,for someone like me,with health issues,and a sister who just had cancer surgery,it’s not pleasant to see that at all. I think anyone interested in this business should Read, Educate yourself on as many aspects of the business as possible, follow the advice of seasoned players, and most importantly, lay out your game plan once you know what YOU really want to do.Things change constantly, it’s a BIG world, with a Zillion people in it.So, when you decide the avenue you want to take in marketing, whether it be a website, blog, e-mail marketing, pinning income, u-tube ,mobile*marketing, ads…ETC….you get the drift….I truly believe your time will be spent more efficiently. I will continue to learn and my advice is to touch on everything to get an idea what it’s all about,especially here with Anthony, because there is so much information and support, you really can’t go wrong and just stay on track, a little each day. Many Blessings…Ciao 4 now…*_*…

  73. anthony says:

    i found that i have to work more on my pmi and leadgen practices and learn the methods for success. thanks Anthony.

  74. Judith Downs says:

    I am going to Mississippi next week for the advance seminar..and this exercise is so vital for me to really focus on what is important…and that is to make money. My focus right now is to build this business and learn everything I can on how to split test, creating landing page and watching all the videos i have to armed me with the knowledge that you put together to make us successful..Thank you so much

  75. corraine says:

    Hey Anthony so far i understand your success connection, when i view my inner circle most of it was good except my day job income, but with your success connection program seems well revised it should be the icing on the cake for me ..thanks Anthony..

  76. Shannon says:

    Thank you for this visual exercise. I really needed it.
    My inner circle consists of (in a nutshell):
    practicing and fine-tuning my internet marketing
    studying for school
    What I was doing is none of those.

  77. Justin says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for showing this exercise on how to manage time. I’ve actually been spending most of my time on CPC keyword advertising and it’s indeed a tough business for me. Having the right keywords, testing the right days to market and hoping customers will convert. I feel it’s similar to running a grocery store where your product brand niche needs to stand out from the competition as you wait for a customer to choose yours and hopefully purchase it. I feel that since most people work during the weekdays, they don’t have much time to search online until after work or on the weekends. So I’m currently testing my niche on Saturdays and Sundays to see.

    However it can be difficult at times to manage time with other obstacles in the way like house chores, personal, health, etc but I’ve found a way to balance everything one day at a time. I just set a schedule, map out everything with a daily timed reminder on my cell phone with what to take care of so I don’t forget. I feel it makes life a whole lot easier, thanks!

  78. Great topic! I am sure most of us will find that being in a position to prioritize time & effort towards our respective internet endeavors is where we like to be.
    My day job is still where I get most of my income but ideally I would like this position to move further from the center :-)

  79. I am just getting started, a raw beginner of only a week or so. I had great things to put in for time wasters and good use of time. I also had a clear list of what activity I did that was treadmill and what was a ladder move. I hope to have a list to start on where most of the money comes from real soon…. as soon as some comes in. It is very nice to see some of the positive responses from others who are farther along into the program. It gives me motivation to work my time and activity better to get that money list growing!!

  80. Judy Wright says:

    Anthony, as much as I would like to join you, I am not able to at this time.
    I have been out of work for four years and get only a very small amount of social security each month. I do not have the money to buy your products, books, and CD’s I am sorry and wish I was able to get involved, but it is impossible. Thank you for your time. You can discontinue sending me any more information. Judy Wright

  81. Justin says:

    Hi again,

    Also I decided to test my campaign only on specific dates (Saturday/Sunday) as I mentioned due to my very tight budget. I feel it’s the best choice which a few coaches from PMI also agreed. Thanks

  82. Diana says:

    I love your enthusiasm to teach everyone willing to learn. Thank you.
    I’m somewhat green about all the internet and all that it involves,
    but because I’m off the beaten path, I’m trying to set up an website for my brick and mortar antiques store. Its difficult to find extra time.

    Center of my circle:
    Time – learning about website set up, marketing, advertising on the web
    Activity – working full time at my store, part time in sales elsewhere
    having to do the bookkeeping for my husband’s business.
    and still find time for my family life and church family
    Money – in-store sales, money from part time job

    I’m going to your workshop next week, and hope to learn more from you there and will still watch your blog videos when I can Thanks, Diana.

  83. Belinda McKinnley says:

    That was a great exercise!! i did not know where you were going at first but when I made the circle God was using you to confirm what I need to be doing and where I need to focus my time
    Thank you

  84. Evelyn Murdock says:

    Success connection #132 really helps to focus on what I need to be doing
    with my time. Watching T V would be a good one to list as least important.
    You success connections are very educational.

  85. kyro says:

    Thank you for this video Anthony. This helps me look at my priority in a better all your videos

  86. Awesome!
    My inner circle consist of: Time for AM training w/action from it-education(self constructive criticism-Shaklee(my primary business w/ social marketing)
    God bless

  87. malick sidibe says:

    I spend more time on Education (Research about Affiliate Marketing), building my LPG, and twitter.
    Thank you Anthony for all you are doing.

  88. julio C De Rojas says:

    Thanks Anthony, great insight

  89. Marc Montaniel says:


    I’ve seen these tri-circle diagram before but instead of Activity, it has Energy so we have Time Energy and Money. As a person goes through the different stages in life, he or she possesses two out of the three intersecting circles…so as you progess through your teenage years, you have time and energy on your side but not the money and as you grow older, you have time and money on your side but not the energy to do things that you like. For me at the very center where the three circles intersect is my real goal in life right now – financial independence where you have all the three elements on your side. For me I can achieve financial independence by focusing heavily on my internet marketing business!

  90. Don Warren says:

    Sweet Spot circle for focusing my time:
    Best use of Time – Affiliate Builder training
    Best Activity – Practice building Landing Pages
    Want Money to come from – Affiliate marketing activities

  91. Time management is difficult to do at times. with me it’s family matters.
    sometimes it’s writing Emails, My imagination is very limited.


  92. Very good exercise Anthony
    My Circle one – Reading and deleting junk emails & Surfing the net
    Circle two – Trying to do free or low cost email marketing-no result yet
    ” Center – Only source of income: Social Security benefit

    I like to win $500 to augment my Social Security. Big help

  93. Mark Roth says:

    Another great helpful Success Connection. I have been spending too much time doing busy work and not getting anywhere and feeling bad about it. Now I will be able to focus better and divide my time up better. Thanks again Anthony.

  94. Robin Edwards says:

    Hi Anthony,
    Great exercise for it has help me realize what I need to do in order to achieve the most success. My circles said I needed to be on the computer more working and creating new ways to address the public. Putting things on paper or on the board just opens one’s eyes to possibilities.

  95. Tina says:


    In my circles, I have:

    Time – Success Connection, Education, Research
    Activity – Building Website, Working Smarter not Harder
    Money – Internet Marketing, Internet Sales, and To make this my regular source of income.

    Thanks as always for your lessons!

  96. Anthony, This is a very wise concept, Keep up the good work. Thank you

  97. Vadim says:

    Hey Bro, the video u put it makes since…. Where to spend more time to become more seccesfull!!! Thank you!!!

  98. WOW!! That was neat. I found I needed to spend more time working on my email list. I was spending to much time building my pages. Going to start working with autoresponder a little more than I have been.
    Thanks Anthony, now that helps.

  99. Jack Scharf says:

    I must start applying these techniques that your teaching.

  100. Sam Babol says:

    Very good Anthoney
    Education is the key to success. Thanks
    For the video.

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