Success Connection #131: Affiliate Marketing Notes

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71 Responses to “Success Connection #131: Affiliate Marketing Notes”
  1. Bernice J Adams says:

    thanks for the great info…youtube here I come…. keep the great info coming…have a great weekend

  2. Michael Furth says:


    I see the sincerity in your eyes. I see honesty and a sweet soul. If you need anything, any question to be answered, I will help you.


  3. Lyna Stock says:

    Great Info as always, I would have never really thought to do a youtube video, not sure if I would even know how but, I do have teenage kids that for sure has a clue… Thanks Anthony, keep it coming & have a great weekend!

  4. sam says:

    Hi Anthony,
    Tell me how do i start to build a email list ? Right now I do not have a website, I do not have a responder.. where shoud i start? Thank you for telling…

  5. Gary Hoppe says:

    How about a little more How to get a video on YouTube? Some folks may be scared about getting in front of the camera. Some might be able to do a slide show with audio…again, How to?

  6. Linda Brown says:

    I have a You tube account, and i need to try and do a You tube video..i am piecing the information together and it is alot to take in…i also started a blog at wordpress, but i just started it a few days ago…I will keep trying and get back to you. Thanks for your help..and have a nice day..

  7. RICK RODINO says:

    Always a GREAT JOB, and informative information.

  8. Thank you for the information. As usual is great. The problem I have is that
    is so diffiuclt to implement. I just keep on trying because you give the incentive. Bless you

  9. Great Advice from A Great Person !

  10. Charles Nelson says:

    Great Stuff !!! I will incorporate youtube ! Thanks

  11. Thant you for all of the key information on supporting our quest to increase promotion and production. You are really appreciated! :)


  12. Brian Aldrich says:

    Thanks for your real life success story!

  13. Pamela says:

    Thank you for so much

  14. Lyudmyla says:

    Hi Anthony !!!
    Great Info as always ! Keep the great info coming :) )
    Thank you so much !!!

  15. Bob Vawter says:

    Thanks Anthony keep it up You are appreciated greatly.
    Bob Vawter

  16. As always…… GREAT information to help us along the way !

  17. Kong Sourivong says:

    Anthony for affiliate Marketing.I appreciated for all of the information.

  18. Sylvia says:

    Great info Anthony! Free traffic is always good!

  19. Great idea Anthony! Keep it going.

  20. It’s just what I wanted to know about

  21. levi singer says:

    Thank You Anthony !

    I need to study and practice what you say.
    Need to bog and face book.


  22. Mark says:

    Thanks again for the info. Anthony, it is most valuable.


  23. DAN CARTER says:

    Keep up the good info!

  24. Benzz says:

    You Tube here I come… thanks AM

  25. Greg Lefebvre says:

    Thank you again for the very helpfull advice.

  26. Joyce Knake says:

    Thanks for the info, I’m going to give it a try

  27. Justin says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Great advice on how to build a list with Youtube. I’ve been following your “SUccess With Anthony” program for many months now and finally will be promoting my first landing page through PPC 7Search. I will definitely use youtube and to build a list with my affiliate offers I promote. Thanks!

  28. Love learning from you. Anyone can see you’re genuine, care about sharing information and want people to succeed. Its all coming together.

  29. Dear Anthony:
    You are God Sent!! Thank you for all the hard work that you put in order to give us tips, on how to do business online!! the motivation is also great! for that sweet personality you have God Bless you Sir!!
    I am your fan and I also recommend you to my friends everywhere I go!! If I have seen some honest people teach business online you are the best!! you are the number one!! hard worker and absolutely give yourself to us, to the people that follow you!!
    Keep up the good work, God bless you Anthony Morrison.
    Your Friend Elena Lilia Dominguez.

  30. phillip says:

    suc. con. 131 was probably one of the most simplest ways to generate free traffic and build an e-mail list for me.thanks

  31. hedwig says:

    Dear Anthony, On my website I have a video on youtube.
    But how I get traffic?

    Best Wishes, Hedwig

  32. Frank says:

    Hi Anthony,

    I like your weekly education sessions. They are short and to the point. It helps me stay focused and on task to achieve my goals.

    Thank you for all your help

  33. roger says:

    The YouTube suggestion is a good one. I do have a few blogs and they have videos on them, but I do not have anything directing people to my site with videos. I am going to do that today.

  34. Angelic Bingham says:

    Thanks for the informations, The “Success Connectin” is very helpful. Thx

  35. Linda Brown says:

    Hi Anthony, I wanted to know if you could look at my new blog i just started on wordpress. It is new to me, so but I am trying to try and post a link to the site as soon as possible. And make my blog more interesting to the viewers. Any tips would help if you can, but i have your book i’ve been reading and have notes so I will let you know how thing’s go..Thanks for your input, and kind offers, I will be in touch soon.

  36. Brian says:

    Dear Anthony,
    Keep the great info coming these are great tips and very usefull !
    Thanks a whole lot for work and the time you are putting in on each success conection Brian

  37. anthony says:

    good info i will start implementing these ideas thanks.

  38. James Ivy says:

    Great blog Anthony I like the ideal with u-tube , the Blog, e-mail list, then the affiliate link excellent cycle to use. I will try it thank you look forward to the next blog always an pleasure!

  39. Very good Anthony. But I have no experience doing YouTube video

  40. Donald says:

    Great job; brief and to the point; A video blog…is the way to go.

  41. Cassandra says:

    When I listen here at The Success Connection, it all makes lots of since. I am however still having a hard time getting started. Some of us need step by step instructions. I don’t know a lot about these social networks.

  42. Don Hall says:

    Everyone says write a bllog , but where do you post the blog after you write it?

  43. Michael Herline says:

    Thanks again Anthony for your insite and guidance. Being a purchaser of your products has encouraged me to pursue the internet marketing business and your weekly Success Conection is so valuable to my internet business education. Thank you for beign a fantastic teacher.

  44. stanley escolano says:

    Need to know how to link you tube to blog and landing pages.

  45. Luis A. Deleza says:

    Hello Professor Anthony, yes you are a great teacher of this bussiness. Always positive in all your information. GOD has truely BLESSED you! Thanks for everything you do for us students. GOD BLESS YOU!– Luis,TX.

  46. Raeanne says:

    Thanks, Anthony. I’m heading to YouTube next because you gave me an idea! Thanks again.

  47. Chris White says:

    Interesting, Still in the “paralysis of analysis” stage here but…

  48. Thank you. Always something new

  49. Mark Roth says:

    Thanks for doing the success connections, it always helps with either information or just keeping me focused. This week it was great because I didn’t understand the reasoning to get into YouTube with the PMI training I”m going through. This video totally made it all make sense to me, and again, it gave me drive to continue. Thanks again.

  50. pauraspa says:

    Good info. I want more traffic to our mobile spa site. How do we go it.

  51. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos says:

    This is really great information. I will try the you tube video. I am not sure how to do it either but I will try.
    You are fantastic. You rock Anthony. I love your tips and every week you give great information on the success connection.

  52. Debra Hall says:

    Hey Anthony, Love your videoes and all the info your giving me, I`m learning your program and am super excited to totally get up and running ,keep the info coming ,your awesome ,thank you

  53. I enjoy the teaching!! Would like to know more about building my list.

  54. Anthhony I can do this! However, I do need your expertise in getting better exposure for my public charity. I am also seeking numbers to get me going with Real Estate Investment (Deed sales/foreclosures). Can we talk about getting my numbers up? Doc ^-^

  55. Glen Jones says:

    I have been contemplating a youtube video. I am more motivated to actually complete one since your success connection blog.

    Take care and Thanks!

    Glen Jones

  56. frank senner says:

    thank you anthony! for this information.i think it will be very helpful.

  57. Ipe Pereira Da Silva says:

    Very Good Anthony! Thank you one more time.

  58. Kong Sourivong says:

    Thank you Anthony, teaching us about youtube video.

  59. luke says:

    thanks for the success connection. allways helpfull information

  60. Thank you, I am starting to use twitter and facebook. Dan

  61. Laura Baker says:

    Great info. I would like to learn more about free traffic and where I can get it.

  62. Thank you for sharing a way to free traffic.

  63. NicolegDaniel says:

    Thank you so much for this particular lesson and for mentioning your girlfriends struggle to get money and the answer to try. I need simple free traffic and desperately need to get set up in a way that lets me provide for my family and my parents…. I believe I can do this. Please pray for my parents: Mom just had a double mastectomy for cancer– she isnt going to have any chemo or Rad. Pop’s trying desperately to keep his dental practice growing since the downturn after 9-11. We may have to sell everything. If so, I need a place to live and work at this. Your always inspiring and keep up the good work ! You make the world a better place.

  64. William says:

    Thanks for the great tip on you tube, Question? If you feel you may not be good doing a video, were can you go to get someone without a huge cost, do a video for you?

  65. Don Warren says:

    Thanks for the tip. I’m looking forward to use this technique to direct people to my (soon to be) blog, then capture email addresses to build my list & promote affiliate products. I just need to get motivated to get the time to get busy doing it.

  66. Rita says:

    Thanks for the information. Don’t know how to do you tube, twitter, Facebook or any of that yet but will be doing my research to see how to do it all.

  67. Cecilia says:

    Hey Anthony,
    Thank you for the steps with the video via the you tube, blog, email and affiliate marketing of product. I have the pieces, I just need to put them together.

  68. Marcia Brown says:

    Hi, Anthony!

    I’d love to start doing some YouTube videos in my niche of scrapbooking. I am still going through some courses right now, so I need to stay focused on that right now. This is definitely something I want to try in the future, though.

    Thanks for all the great ideas.

  69. Liliana says:

    Yes, keep teaching about marketing.
    Thank you.

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