Success Connection #124: Giving Away Gifts From My Vacation

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168 Responses to “Success Connection #124: Giving Away Gifts From My Vacation”
  1. dave wilkinson says:

    glad you are enjoying your money.. you are a smart guy…dave

  2. Heddy Magrill says:

    I only want the mugs! Ha ha just kidding-have a wonderful journey.
    Best wishes,

  3. Davida Jackson says:

    I enjoy your videos very much. I am growing and using many of your suggestions in all areas of my life. Thank you for sharing your view on life and living it well.

  4. I look forward to it each week, keep it up. Good information.

  5. Barbara says:

    Love the weekly connection to you. The cups are a bonus! Enjoy your travels.

  6. Dee Moynier says:

    Hi Anthony: Since I am a California girl, hope you enjoy our coastline. I am still learning from you, and plan on getting my website today, August 31, 2012. Had to wait until payday, as usual. Looking forward to not having those stresses. I am still excited everytime I learn more. Great program for those of you who are computer dummies, as I am.


  7. bob pennza says:

    Anthony, this is my first to tune into. I attended the tremendous training in Tulsa, Okla this past weekend with Randy Judd. I’m 64 in a few weeks and semi-retired with several real estate investments. THIS is the most exciting new venture I have gone into in a very long time. I’m excited to have my kids working with me again. Look forward to being in sessions with you in the coming months.

  8. elaine kitty clark says:

    Hi Anthony, love your webcasts. I am anxious to get started on making money. Please email me with a cost effective way to do this. Thanks for your inspiration

  9. Chris says:

    Hi Anthony,
    I think the success connection is great. Could you give advice on which program you have is best to begin learning how to make money and build an internet business with. I think your advice about changing the atmosphere we live in to find peace and have fun is great. In your webinars I would like to see a little more visual applications when you explain how to obtain email addresses, or visual applications for using social media. I am someone who is a visual learner along with directions.You have good programs but I am not sure which is best to begin with. I am a newbie to this business. looking for your advice. Being creative is important to me. Thank you

  10. Don Gibson says:

    I Like the the Success Connection a lot. It helps me to stay motivated. I think it would help me to know how to tell for sure if my campaign is working, and then how to manage money once a campaign starts to take off. By this, should I reinvest all the proceeds in ads, etc.

    Thanks, Don

  11. All of your Success Connections streams are valuable and good!

  12. William Coon says:

    Hi Anthony
    I usually go by Bill and I am a new affiliate. I am just getting my feet wet
    and am enjoying and looking forward all of your programs so far they are
    great and very helpful. Mary and I are expecting the best from your system.
    Thank you
    Bill Coon

  13. Donna Gowen says:

    It is cool that you are on vacation, usually getting away from it all gets my mind set so I can get back to the important things when I get home. Like the pictures Anthony.

  14. Charles Moore says:

    Rotate your talks. One for the people who follow you (fans), but can’t commit.
    One for those who are struggling to develop a steady return on their efforts.
    A talk for those who are humming along but need that last push to bring them into full-time marketing. And of course a hint to those who are just out of range of the multimillionaires circle.
    You are a self-starter with energy and focus. A winner no matter what you choose to do. There are far too many of us who never maximize our potential. My friend lost his business, home, everything. He now works a low pay job and adds to his income selling things he picked up at local auctions on Ebay. He has talent but would need a clear set of stair-steps to move him into web marketing. We are easy to inspire but need solid small steps that produce $100 dollars a month every month to push us to that staircase with the taller steps. I believe in you, but I myself have always had trouble seeing myself as more than what I now am.

  15. Walker says:

    Anthony I see too many people quitting/ giving up because of the economy. Not u Anthony u keep on going and going and going like the energizer battery. Congratulations on your success/ fortunes keep up the good work

  16. Linda says:

    I like you keeping in touch with us, but would like to hear more strategies. I am in the desperate mode only have about 4 months to make it and find somewhere to live. So please more income generating info. Thanks for all you do.

  17. Walker says:

    Anthony u are a Genious— amazing worker!

  18. Myria Stapleton says:

    I just joined the success connection, visit one. I also am a new student of the online strategies training course that took place in Tulsa last weekend. Excited about my vision for the future and the training to come.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation, and look forward to hearing from you next week!

  19. Shelagh Drew says:

    I am really learning alot from the Success Connection. The news diet was very helpful and I am thinking about a short break from the world myself. I am just waiting for my laptop to get fixed so I can work while I am gone. have a great trip and take care.

    Remember, do what you will but harm none.
    Shelagh Drew

  20. Anton Sylvester says:

    The success connection is very informative

  21. DeWayne Bridges says:

    Thanks for the update – they are always encouraging.
    I realy like your updates that include information on new areas of focus in internet marketing and new techniques to try.

    DeWayne Bridges

  22. zef says:

    Hi Anthony, I wish you a good time there and as for your gift I do not believe that I can be the winer.

  23. Richard Adams says:

    Enjoy yourself on your travels
    your friend
    Richard Adams

  24. I look forward to your Santa Rosa Visit!

  25. Anthony,
    Your “Success Connection” blog is very informative and educational. Each one has enlightened my wife and me. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to help and entertain all that view them each week.

  26. Yevonne says:

    I am glad you are traveling out there while Isaac was causing problems.

  27. DAN CARTER says:


  28. Ellaine Fields says:

    Hi Anthoony,

    Well, I am new to all of this and I am very curious how everything works. I signed up for the community to receive more information, however, I am still hesitating to and confused which product will be the best for me in internet marketing. I hope I will learn more and be successful.
    Warm regards,

  29. I learned alot to stay focus on the business at hand, and being patience with my self.

  30. Dave Taylor says:

    I enjoy your travels also . Would enjoy more how too do classes .But i got a great gave away to some one let them be your guess at one of those marketing conventions

  31. Maria Yesavage says:

    Hi Anthony,
    I hope you are enjoying your vacation!! It looks beautiful there. I do have a suggestion for the Success Connections, PLEASE go to Sea World and take video so I can see it!!!!! I am going to be with you all in 16 days and I am very excited!!!!! Cannot wait to get started!!!!!

    Thank you for your positive influence each and every week!

    Maria Y

  32. i am so happy to see you every week with me at home teaching and helping.
    I am a new member and today had my first conversion of $13.20.
    Thank you, I am hoping for near future success.

  33. Mary Duff says:

    Hi Anthony
    I enviy you for being able to go to all theses cool places. (but not for long when I start getting some money in I will be doing that to)
    any way as I said in my last message I got rid of cable TV have not watch any TV for al most 2 weeks now I really didn’y watch it that much before but guess what I don’t miss it a bit I have had a better attitude the last few day by not hearing the negitivity from TV Radio and the like, I have been able to work more consistantly and stay focesed on what I need to get done. By being more positive I have found that a lot of the stress is gone also. My thinking is if I learn one new thing a day it makes me a better person, now I am learning more than one new thing a day. like did you know that
    Google is actually the common name for a number with a million zeros ..
    me neither. I think that the Success Conection is a great way for you and us to stay connected on many levels, you are doing a great job with this I know I enjoy it and so do most of the people that come here, so just keep doing what you are, let you heart tell you when you need to make changes and follow that. Hope you have a good time in your travels, looking forward to the next connection.

  34. Mike Nordlee says:

    Anthony, i,m just getting started and have been watching for a few weeks now. I start with pmi tommrrow, I love how you ooozzze with confidence and it is definatly adictive. I’m still very much in the scared as heck mode but I’m sure that is normal. Anyway keep those card and letters comming.

    Mike Nordlee

  35. Luke De Brabandere says:

    Its what we need to help keep us motivated,thanks.I hope we can be on a travel adventure with all of you someday soon.

  36. Looks like you are having a restful time. Just don’t drive south, too close to the edge.

  37. Marcia Brown says:

    Looks like you are having a great time on vacation, Anthony! One of the things I am doing in response to your “go on a news diet” challenge is to go to the library once a week where it is quiet and free of distractions from home to do my weekly planning. It has really helped me become more focused and has helped me get twice as much done during the week as I normally would.

    I have really enjoyed the Success Connections because I come away from them able to use what you have talked about. I am also enjoying the written articles that come to my email. Both of these formats give me great pointers to use in my affiliate marketing business. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  38. Cheri Huckaba says:

    Hi Anthony,
    I have just started trying to implement the things you have been talking about over the years, I have been following you for years but never actually did anything with it, because it seemed so complicated, but I did just recently attend one of your seminars led by your brother Adrian and I am really excited to get this business up and running and make something wonderful happen for me and my family once and for all. Thank you for all that you do for people and I look forward to learning and working with you. Have a great trip!! And be safe.

  39. Bernice J Adams says:

    enjoy your time off…I love the success connection video’s…I would love to win the mugs, but I know whom ever does will enjoy them even if they have never been to CA…I would like to see more and more info on everything we all can not learn to much

  40. Troy E. Page says:

    Success Connection gives one a sense of connectedness. It also lends a degree of sincerity and committment to your (1)interest in your audience, and (2) determination to continue inducing (motivating) us to hang in there and keep pressing forward.

  41. lucy cantu says:


  42. Carmen Directo says:

    Have an awesome time.–I am glad to see you

  43. Carmen Directo says:

    I am happy that you are seeing the USA—a lot of people miss this part.
    I have seen a lot of USA but not as much as I want to. Teach me how to make money so I can do what you are doing.

  44. Norm says:

    What I like about the Success Connection is the personal, informal way in which it is done. Best way I can describe it is that it is “friendly”. Now, if I can only maintain my focus in order to keep moving forward….

  45. Hi Anthony Tom Hummel writing and telling you it’s a nice day here in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, as you stated in your video your having a good time and I can believe that because I have vacationed through that section of California , you probably feel fortunate not to be in Mississippi with the flooding there ,I hope you’re did not get flooded too bad at your Homestead and your parents place, so hope you fared well, and can continue with your vacation as planned, by for now Tom.

  46. Tom Stowe says:

    Have a great vacation away from the hurricane.

  47. Tommy pumphrey says:

    I have enjoyed the whole thing. I am on a weekend new diet but trying to publish my website so will not be dieting long.
    Enjoy your travels, hope one day to do the same.

  48. Don Warren says:

    Anthony, I am still learning stuff. Keep supplying me with all your videos and blogs.

  49. Awesome Anthony comes through again with some great gifts for those that watch his webinars, buys his books and reads his blogs. ALL great sources to inspire your inter self and grow as a entrepreneur.

    What I personally would like to see more of. How to be a suuccess story promoting Anthony’s affiliate products and services, attract the traffic visibility needed, where to place Anthony’s affiliate products for true sales results…”What, Where, When and HOW ” to start seeing daily sales that an affiliate can be extactic about and make a nice weekly income from.

    Anthony makes things happen. No need for any other claims to fame affiliate marketing.

  50. Rosalie Bullington says:

    Love to see the success you are enjoying. I get inspired to learn so I can also be a part of traveling and enjoying going to different places. Keep up the great work.

  51. Bob Vawter says:

    You are doing GREAT Anthony. Thanks so much for all you do for others.

  52. KANDY says:

    Love the motivation to keep positive and moving forward

  53. Della Hicks says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Rexation is important to creativity. I greatly appreciate the insights and information that you shared on the Success Connection.

    Thank you.

  54. hi anthony,1st of all your at our favorite place dana point,orange county..we love it down there.success connection is a great way to keep in touch,to hear what you have to say,teach,etc..thanks for taking the time to share..ernie t.

  55. Rob Zalesiak says:

    I enjoy watching the “Success Connection” the information you usually deliver when you are not traveling the countryside invaluable.

  56. Being unemployed for some time, my brain becomes mellowed. Truly I appreciate hearing from you and to treat this as a business. Therefore, thank you for sharing! It is sincerely appreciated.

  57. Mike Meltz says:

    Tony, I have much to say. First I love the idea of your opportunity of entrepreneurship. Who can be on first? But guess what we all can be. I think that is why you are my teacher. LOVE it Anthony. I hope I did not upset you by calling you Tony. Now I got you against me. But I speak the truth. Mike

  58. I look fowaed to this keep it up very resourseful and thank you enjoy vaca.

  59. carriewesley says:

    Nice scenery Anthony! Hope to win those beautiful mugs, will talk to you soon.

  60. Steve Stover says:

    The success connection has inspired me to move forward in my life and realize that I can fulfill my dreams without having to live broke all the time.
    I am a single father and have struggled over the past 10 years just to make ends meet. I have an M.S. degree in Rehab Counseling and my dream has been to start a camp for individuals with different types of disabilities, both physical and mental. The camp would be a special place where these individuals can spark their dreams and have others provide inspiration and education. I have worked in the non-profit sector for almost 20 years now, and am excited to be able to get started with your Success Connection in which profits would be used to support my dream….as well as the dream of thousands of other individuals. Thanks for all your words of encouragement.
    Steve Stover

  61. FRANCI says:

    Hi Anthony, I think I need those for my coffee cup collection…LOL!!!…I don’t have any negative comments. I am excited to learn and stay connected and I am grateful for this opportunity that was literally in front of my face. You POPPED UP on my computer one day and now somehow I am on my way to do something I always wanted to do. I am incorporating all of my past and present skills into one project that so far, seems to make me HAPPY!…wow…what a concept. LOL…*_*…while I agree there is a lot of training and for me, that’s just fine. I want to learn and leave no stone unturned. I am at it everyday and it’s starting to stick, with all of the awesome training and most excellent team members, I really feel like I finally belong somewhere. GRAZIE Anthony. I truly believe you are a Guardian Angel, helping people reach their goals in life. Many more Blessings my friend. p.s. I remember the PCH. The beaches …yum! Surf, sand and seagulls… *_*

  62. Looking forward to winning an iPad in the future. ;-) I like the Success Connection videos because you often say a lot in a short span of time.

  63. Thank you Anthony, it’s a great opportunity, Gad bless you!!!!

  64. jesse kenyon says:

    i like to listen to the successe connection it has helped me to listen to anthonys
    morrison vedeo i have tryied to tweet but it wont let me click on and leave a blog

  65. Dale Neff says:

    My friend I happen to love Success Connection and please don’t
    change anything.
    God Bless!
    Dale Neff

  66. John Conway says:

    The Success Connection is an excellent way for us to gain an insight into you and your personality. It helps to build creditability in your programs and services. It shows that your a not just some “guru”. I like your straight forward manner and how you share your thoughts and motivation, in developing your products. Success Connection is a great medium for communication. Keep it up.

  67. Deppie Tinny Kekatos says:

    Hi Anthony,

    The success connection is amazing. I really love tuning in every week because you have really inspired and motivated me. I can look at things in my life differently now and I can put your good advice to use and one day will be successful as long as I hard at it.
    See you next week
    Enjoy California (my favorite state) and have a great weekend and holiday.

  68. Thank you for the training.It helps me a lot i am new at this business.And ill be not missjng one . Renee

  69. Ken says:

    You’re doing a fantastic job. Don’t take change a thing.

  70. Patrick Miller says:

    Your Success Connection videos have been great – lots of good advice and insights. As soon as summer winds down, I will really get going on some ideas I have gotten from your discussions!


    Enjoy your vacation and also come to Canada to visit me.

  72. Enjoy your vacation, glad you missed Isaac. Our rain in Birmingham was minimal. I am enjoying your info updates as I proceed with my campaign. Take care.

  73. Sharon says:

    It is good to know, Anthony, what makes you tick. I appreciate that you do share so much of your knowledge with us. Thank you for your generosity.

  74. Mark Miser says:

    Hi Anthony, i think the success connection is great, it provides me with great advice and the motivation to be a better person towards others and myself!

    Thanks for everything!

    Mark Miser
    MEM Enterprises

  75. JoAnne Flores says:

    Thanks Anthony you are really awesome I can’t wait to make this big change in my life..

  76. darlene mckean says:

    Thank you for your caring.
    Have a great time.
    I love your idea’s for personal growth.
    Best regards,

  77. Cheri says:

    I love the fact that you share with us where you are and what is going on with you, I would love to hear about how to get started if you don’t have any money to start, is it possible to just get started with no money to spend on advertising or PPC’s. I did attend one of your seminars led by your brother Adrian, and got a lot of info but now am stumped as to how to actually start making money without any money. lol, sorry for the long explanation, just thought I would let you know where I am at in my life since you are so gracious to let us know where you are in yours. :-)

  78. It’s great to have something each week, just as a contact, to remind us all that we are not alone in what we seek to achieve and that there is someone willing to encourage, help and advise. Enjoy your travels Anthony.

  79. Stacey says:

    Hi Anthony,
    I like the success connection especially when you are traveling because it’s like I am on vacation , too! I like the information you give. I would like it if you got more technical and how-to do it step-by-step as far as internet marketing goes. Maybe choose one platform, like POF, and give a detailed training on it over the course of a few weeks. I know that you have trainings on this already, but it would be nice to have a focused, guided training from you on it.

  80. Good Morning
    While on vacationing in New Port and Dana Point I think you should have invited me over for a chat. Heck, I only an hour a way from this beautiful vacation spot. Anthony, I would have bought you 6 of those mugs for the honor of spending a few minutes with you.
    Now I realize you are on vacation so we would not have needed to just talk about business.
    Love your video’s and your information.
    Tom Seider

  81. judy bame says:

    I have enjoyed your weekly blog. Although I am a newbie,and an oldster suffering from information overload, these weekly sessions are invaluable. You are quick, succinct,pertinent, and always upbeat. Your attitude and ability to share your expertise are invaluable. Thank you again.

  82. stanley escolano says:

    Hi Anthony.

    Yes the west coast is beautiful. I know I live in monterey county.


  83. Janice says:

    Hi Anthony !
    How are you? Looks like you’re having a blast on your vacation ! I love your training, and really want to take your affiliate marketing course next year – I’m saving up my money for the 3 day training !

  84. dennis lambert says:

    nice views. I could use another coffee cup to relax in my yard.

  85. Kirsten Bradley says:

    Enjoy that beautiful State, lived there for 16 years but it has too many liberals now. Be sure to stop in Mill Valley we lived there for 14 of the 16 years, it is just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. God Bless.

  86. mark ortman says:

    Hey Anthony,
    I think your weekly succrss connection is really a good way to get people connected and hopeful for thier own success.

    I really enjoy them and thank you.

  87. M.e. says:


    Enjoy your vacation! Love San Diego, one of my favorite places to visit! Always look forward to the success connection cause I learn something new every week. Thanks for your input/insight.

  88. I like the success connection because it is a connection to you. I think it would be more helpful to us if in your talk you would start addressing some of the most frequently asked questions especially now from Edu. If not from there only address some that have been asked about any of the many programs I have and others have purchased. It would feel like you are personally connected to our immediate program concerns and answering our most current questions.
    God bless

  89. About the images and testimonies those I read and see then Success Connection is the one of the companies that any serious person can choo
    se to be successful in the current life.Thank you,God Bless.

  90. Starmist says:

    This weekend is a time for rest from laboring…thank you for taking time to share your ideas. You are greatly appreciated. It seems Mobile Marketing is the next big thing in affiliate marketing so maybe you can cover the best way to profit through Mobile Marketing.

  91. James Coesens says:

    This is my first exposure to your success-connection. I like the relaxed feel to it. I am a bit overwhelmed now with the homework, but as I continue to study the material more pieces are falling into place.
    I am looking forward to learning and earning.

  92. levi singer says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Your on my coast and I feel connected even more so.
    The Connection tools and advice are pearls of wisdom that I know I need
    every inch of the way towards becoming an independent person and a part of your success in teaching.

    Keep it coming,

  93. richard says:

    I look forword to seeing the succes conection every week

  94. pam says:

    I have not watched any success connection, I have been busy with my daily job.
    I think I need more time in the day.

    I have not been able to watch anything you have sent me since I signed up.

    would like some more help one on one emails with your or Aaron.


  95. richer morin says:

    i think it’s a good website to become a good marketer on the browser

  96. Helene White says:

    I absolutely love to hear live information especially when it is about something I’m doing, i.e., internet marketing. It makes it more enjoyable to learn. I have learned a lot from the past live videos. The live video also shows that the person teaching is real, not a fake. Keep doing these live videos, they are awesome! Thank you for all of your informative videos!

  97. carl says:

    love success :)

  98. Debbie McIntosh says:

    For me Anthony, I have learned for me to be able to continue with your wonderful lessons I need to upgrade my computer. I know that somewhere there is a tower with my name on it, probably sitting in someone’s basement or something, gathering dust that I need to connect with. With Laptops the big thing the old towers should be more available. Wish me luck. Please still send me the information and I will work on the hardware. Mine is so old it does not even get Flash Player. We are only as good as the tools we work with. Have a Great Vacation and Keep Safe.

  99. Virginia Lachica says:

    Everything you are doing is very helpful.Just continue.

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