Success Connection #123: What You Need…

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388 Responses to “Success Connection #123: What You Need…”
  1. Angela Townsend says:

    I’m definitely going on a “news diet”, I think it’s an awesome idea. Without hearing all the negative stuff on the news I believe I’ll be more positive which will lead to more productivity. Great idea Anthony!!

  2. Hazel Small says:

    Anthony not watch the news is a great idea there is to much bad things going on they never report the good things people do. That is why I want to share my knowledge with others that’s after I learn it.

  3. abaz says:

    Great training lessons man!

  4. Macon Ray Garrick says:

    YES, to the NEWS DIET.
    Great Idea. We should do this ONCE a month.

    Hope you & your are doping OK…

  5. kitty clark says:

    I am going to take your advice Anthony. It sounds like I will have a peaceful weekend.

  6. Positive – Upbeat – Optimism is the heart of Success!
    Absolutely a news diet is on my list! Sounds like a great idea! Staying Positivity and away from negativity is the Key to Success in your health and well-being. Success in Business is a given when Optimism is your Ruler.

  7. Aidan says:

    I agree that negativity hinders productivity. I have found that it is way better to be surrounded by positive influences rather than the negative. It’s healthier too.

  8. Stacey says:

    I am always on a news diet! Can’t stand all the negativity and brainwashing that goes on in the news whether on TV or in print. I have no time for it in my life. People think I am crazy and always say, “You really need to be in touch with what is going on in the world.” I am in touch just through a higher power. I am part of this world, but not of this world. There is so much crap out there and the news keeps people looking at what they want you to focus on and they get you to believe what they want you to believe while what is really going on goes right past you because you are focused on the news and not on living.

  9. Trudy White says:

    This is true about finding your peace, in spite of what is going on in the world and everyday personal life too. With so many distractions it can be difficult to focus on what needs to be done. Hopefully, things will calm down soon. Thanks for your thoughts and emails, much appreciated.

  10. Rudy Arcega says:

    Thanks for the reminder.

  11. Cynthia Pinks-Futrell says:

    I like that idea. This way I can really focus on what’s important in this business of ours. Thank you!! Thank you very much!!!

  12. Kathey says:

    Hi Anthony,
    I think your News Diet is great because we then do not dwell on the negatives and focus on the positives of our goals and business. We do not waste any more time. I need to go back on this News Diet again, as I have not done it for a while. Thanks.

  13. william says:

    Yes i will go on a news diate to be in a possatve fram of mine . stay poss.

  14. Michael Gunn says:

    I think it’s a good idea because no news is always good news.

  15. I so agree with you. I find if I have peace and quiet I can accomplish more then if I have to listen to boom, boom, boom from some kids car speakers to my neighbors playing hispanic music too loud, to my other neighbors yelling at their children. To sirens and cop cars and all that comes from living in the city.

  16. william says:

    Awesome idea i need it ive been stuck behind my computer trying to get a buisness going.
    Thanks Anthony
    William messenger

  17. jeff says:

    thanks for this enjoy your stay.

  18. Flavia Barbosa says:

    could not agree more, I have always been on news diet, it does not help at all nor makes us grow in any way.
    if i have time to sit in front of a tv or computer it better be for either fun or education :)

  19. Basilio says:

    what a great idea. news diet …love the sound of that. “I’m in!”

  20. Helga says:

    Hello Anthony, I always like to listen to you. But it seems to be very cloudy there.Helga

  21. Bobby Carmon says:

    Anthony, great information.

  22. John says:

    I think going on a news diet is a great idea!! I have been doing that. I really got tired of hearing all the bad news and was really getting me down.

    So, I started focusing on more important stuff. I am a lot better person for doing, so.

  23. Madonna says:

    Having been a Social Worker/ Counselor for 42 years; I want to firmly applaud and echo your intentions. However that only came after listening to your words, when it became obvious you meant “fast” not “diet”. A “news diet” means you are devouring news. A “news fast” means you are eliminating news from your diet. It begs the question, “What do you want to devour/ take in?” You spoke of the peaceful view and beauty. I agree – a visual response, but I’m sure your beautiful home satisfies all of your senses. Thank you for sharing!

  24. Dan Weaver says:

    Always looking up, not down finds success!

  25. Ron Musselman says:

    Thanks, again, Anthony. Your idea of taking a news break is a very good one. When one is on their computer each and everyday it is a bit hard to keep from the news. I will give it try, anyway.

    Much appreciation.


  26. Andrew Wapp JR says:

    i watched and listened to your blog and i am going to go on a news diet i think thas a great idea and will help me get more postive energy and help me get my business going i cant thank you enough for this opportunity it means alot i was always workin 24/7 and got hurt at work and now am disablled and you have inspirsed me by givin me a way to work a make money for my family and to save my house and your weekly success blogs have helped me to become so inspired and happy to have the chance to beable to work again.also i was offered schooling through a member of your team but money is an issue i am a man of my word and want to be a success so i can give to my family and others is ther anyhing you can do or any advice you can give me thank you for taking the time to read this best wishes to you!!

  27. mark says:

    thanks, great advise, I need that, there are too much negative in the news.

  28. Claudia says:

    I think .. You need to know what it’s surrounding you outside and inside your world. Everything touch you keep you on shape.

    ThanKs Anthony !!!

  29. Tommy pumphrey says:

    Thank you, We all need a break from the terrible things in the News. Somehow I guess that stuff makes the media money. But it stops us from working at our job. Then we slow down. So yes let us shut off the TV and News and focus on our Goals. Cannot wait as my website is being built right now. Man have I wanted this and want to work at this and move to Affiliate Marketing. I just want to go steady and grow large.

  30. Evelyn Greene says:

    It is a good idea to go on a news break because you can relax and rewind on the positive side of life. I will do it because I can get a lot more done and I need this type of release in my life, sometimes we all get wound up around all that is going on around us that we don’t have time to take our mind off of life’s problems and put it towards life’s success.

    Thank you for allowing me to write this to you.

  31. Thank you, I stoped watching the news years ago, my husband watches it all the time and worries all the time about things he can not do anything about. I have the serenty rayer by my bed and I read the Bible and that prayer at night and sleep like a baby while the rest of the world has really gone Mad. I am working all week 2nd shift to get bills paid and then I will be spending more time online. I dont worry besause I know God has a plan and
    he will provide for me. I am so greatful for my job, when there are so many who don’t have one. and I can hardly walk and I have one.

  32. On my way to success! Thank you!

  33. Linda says:

    Anthony how are you doing relaxing some I hope. The advice about the news diet is very true. When I get stressed out due to all the mayhem the world has bestowed on us I stop watching the news. There’s so much negativity it really gets overwhelming. I hope everyone goes on this diet for at least this week.

    To Our Success

  34. martha shammo says:

    To succeed in life you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone.

  35. Rem Chandra says:

    My TravelHealthnHygiene business is doing great just by following your system. Awesome advise. I will be plugged in.
    Thanks for all the help

  36. Harold Cook says:

    Good ideal. there is no good news out there. I have a four leg daughter. she like to go for walk,and head to the ribs carrie out there, where we live, it call toms ribs she like the bones that her,happy meal.

  37. zef says:

    Hi Anthony,

    I am in Canada and I enjoy hour teaching.

  38. Karl Breidenbach says:

    Yes! Great idea about a news diet. I still have to watch the early mourning comercials for ideas. If people where more positive about everyday events we would be so much better off. Thanks for everything.

  39. Kathy Yasko says:

    Your video was inspiring.

  40. Rick Besaw says:

    I actually started the news diet about a month ago. I took the TV out of my office so I can focus on my work. It has helped as I am getting more done in half the time.

  41. Linda says:

    That is my goal in life Anthony. I am not a negative person and will not put up with negative people. Life is hard enough and I am trying everything I can to be positive. I do not buy everything I get sent because I don’t have the money and I know a lot is JUNK or old stuff. I listen to good things and we all need to help each other do that in life.

  42. Rosalie Bullington says:

    I like the idea of “no week of news”. We don’t have TV so don’t
    miss not hearing all the negativity out there.

    Will be following you on next weeks blog!

  43. Sally and Bill Miksch says:

    Anthony ,

    Taking a news break is such a good idea ! Sometimes hearing whats going on everywhere gets intimidating and promotes stress. Taking a vacation to get away from it all doesn’t always mean going someplace else; but doing something else. You always seem to have terrific advice. Thanks for your intuitive knowledge.

    Sally and Bill Miksch

  44. Hi Anthony, I just listened to your video and I like what I’ve heard. I feel privileged to spend a few days with your brother on September 17 I’m scheduled to be in class with him in your hometown , I am anxiously looking forward to this time when I will be able to learn more about Internet marketing , and EPAD may be a handy thing to have in the classroom. At that time, hope you’re having a good day and I’ll say goodbye for now.
    p.s. I had a pleasant time dealing with your mom scheduling things she is a very pleasant woman to deal with.

    Tom Hummel 8/24/12

  45. Willa Washington says:

    I just signed up for your training last week. I am filled with anticipation and is reviewing the tapes and materials you provided to get ready for my mentoring training in October. I sure could use that ePad!! See you soon.

  46. Ron says:

    Always like your positive outlook and inspiration you give to us, so helpful on our journey to success, thanks for all you do for us out here in web-land!!


  48. Absolutely, I have been trying to not watch the news. The hardest part is trying to keep it off facebook.
    The irony is that I just sent an email to Adrian and asked him to share with you(I do not have a ‘safe’ address for you. It is a beautiful little video on staying Positive and I wanted you both to know HOW much that is what I have been given by both of you.
    As always I will share on facebook, Tweet and Pinterest.

  49. I have so little time. My question would be what I can do. I am already on a news diet.

  50. Paul says:

    Anthony, great Idea giving away products but, myself I’m looking for a plan
    to start my business and the steps to get it up and running making money
    on your lesson you maped out build a list send out traffic
    and make money! i’m working on building my list

  51. Linda Griggs says:

    Wonderful advice. Remain positive and turn the negativity off. I was waiting for a chest x-ray yesterday and was speaking with a woman who was being radiology testing for a possible re diagnosis of coming out of remission for Hodgkins disease. This would have, if positive, her last and final chance. She was positive ( showed no negativity even if death was the prognosis). I told her that although I’m disabled with spinal neurothopy, that I give her all the energy that I had to spare. As well as tell her I wished the best for negative results. Give energy and positive feelings to everyone you meet

  52. colleen says:

    Whenever I am working on the business I must have it so I am not thinking of anything negative. I will try not watching the news plus not reading the papers as your 100% right there is so much going on that you rarely read or hear about anything good. I like how you come up with these ideas. Another thing I think might help others we all did this at least onces a week. This way we could give more to our business with postive thoughts. i myself do this as much as I can as I had both of my sons pass away so I need to put alot of postive things out there for me. Today is my youngest son birthday and Wednesday was my oldest sons birthday so I try to keep at my business with lots of postive thoughts. If I do this onces a week it helps me get through the rest of the week. Life is hard enough. I know we all know this! Thank-You!

  53. Nan Cardin says:

    I stumbled onto this on my way out of town for the weekend. I thought I would just check my email quick as I was getting ready to leave. It was perfect timing and so true. We are taking the Harley to the Apostle Islands off the northern shore line of Wisconsin in Lake Superior. Two of my favorite things, Harleys and water. I positively love water and the bigger the better. It is so calming and centering for me that I go every chance I get. Living an hours drive from Lake Michigan makes it easy to get away and clear my head.

    My S.O. loves to watch the news and the market. That’s pretty much all he ever watches All I care about is the weather and my football team, so it’s difficult for me to sit through that. I usually find something else to do then like get online and try to figure out how to make it work for me. I gotta tell you that it isn’t so far.

    I went to your seminar in Kimberly WI and desperately wished I had the money to do more then just the seminar, but it takes money to make money. Now I am enrolled in college and trying to find something on the side. I will keep checking in with you to see what you have to say and hopefully some day I can take advantage of what you have to offer.

    Till then,
    Nan Cardin

  54. Michael Herline says:

    What a fantastic idea, a fast from news! This sounds great and I will try to find a day to do just that AND focus only on my internet business. I’ve keep from reading my email and Facebook for a whole day and wow, it helped me to be more productive. The only difficulty was “catching up” with the email. However, it worked!

    Thanks Anthony for your advice.

  55. levi singer says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Very good Idea going on a news diet. I’m going on a news diet. And, I’m encouraged by the winners of the Epads…I am on face book now. All things in time I’ve heard but as you say and I believe it… the time for change is now!

    Fight on my soul / Thanks Anthony,


  56. John Antaya says:

    Getting away from the news and newspapers is something I’ve been doing on and off for quite a while. With the type of news we get today, it does nothing but cloud your mind anyway which can take away from your internet goals.

  57. Cynthia A. Chisum says:

    Hi Anthony,
    Really great ideas just the time just find a peaceful place where you can hear yourself think without the noise and confusion, like a boat floating on a lake with no one around. It’s definitely a good thing to back away from all the negative news. It’s so easy to get caught up in the business of the country and the world. One of the harder things for allot people is being caught in the
    trials of the of our time. Just step back and breath. I do it just to get back to my business at hand. Thank you for reminding me to to take in the quiet when I can. Cynthia Chisum

  58. Darnell Bush says:

    Hi Anthony, I missed you when you were in Atlanta…hope I have the chance one day to meet you and learn from you on how to be a successful entrepreneur.. I agree with you on.. a positive mindset and letting go and staying away from negativity. Thanks Anthony,,take care. Darnell Bush

  59. Scot Byars says:

    Absolutely! I may even take my wife out to Old Sacramento and have lunch or dinner by the river. Water is very calming to me. I spend so much time putting out “fires” that sometimes you have to get away from it and just relax.
    Also; if you spend 95% as a “fireman”, 5% is spent playing as an “Arsonist”!

  60. Debbyvac says:

    Keep it going:)

  61. Bhavin says:

    Yes Iam doing news diet it awesome

  62. Share says:

    Hi Anthony,
    Getting away from negativity is so important! Politics has gotten so down and dirty that it is like pigs in the mud except that that is an insult to the pigs. I have always heard that they are some of the smartest animals

    A positive pig would say, “what a great mud bath, my skin is so soft and look at all of the money I saved by not going to the spa.” A negative pig would say, “what a mess!how come we are too poor to get somebody in here to clean this place up! the government should give us money for that!”

    I think it is a great Idea!
    I am an optimist and a very positive, happy person. Unfortunately I am married to a man who is my opposite. He can bring me down so easily, but I can’t seem to influence him at all. Sadly that shows the persuasive power of negativity. To stay positive, I just go watch another Anthony Morrison video. Always a smile and a positive attitude. Thank You Anthony and you need to take more vacations! There is almost always wireless internet in the rooms for when you want to work.

  63. Shirley G-K says:

    Hey Anthony,
    I agree with your statements. I am new to your program (June 2012) and have been learning, creating, launching, pausing, evaluating, crying, and laughing. It has been a crazy ride. Instead of peace and quiet I am going to Vegas! Three days, a dozen women, celebrating my baby sister’s 50th birthday. When I get back I should have new ideas to try and will jump back into the craziness.

    Peace out,

  64. Donna Moore says:

    Your advise is right on. I have quit watching any thing pertaining to politics because it is so negative on all sides with half truths and lies spewing forth.

    Sit back and read a good book to build your spirits and enthusiasm for the business You are promoting.

    My new way of daily life.

    Keep up the good advice Anthony. Enjoy your vacation.


  65. Karen Klamert says:

    Anthony, I totally agree the news, especially in election year, is usually very negative in general. They have ways to suck you into listening, watching or reading what they have say…it’s always the “Latest Breaking News”!

    It usually is a big waste of time that I could have been doing something more productive. It may be hard to not sit in front of my computer eating breakfast and “read all about it” every morning, but I am going to take your advise and put more time into watching more tutorials on my affiliate builder!


  66. Brian says:

    Hi, What you said about just taking a break from everything around you and just concentrating on your buisness and relaxing really works because I had to do that to and it does make you feel better. Thank You Brian

  67. Bill Russell says:

    I will see if I can do that. It’s really difficult to get away.

  68. alix says:

    Newsdiet!!!! interesting——– never thought of that——- I will. What do I have to loose? Nothing. Thanks. Alix

  69. david says:

    Anthony that’s veryyyyyyyyyy good comment

  70. Joyce Knake says:

    Always enjoy your comments. Today it made me think of something I used to do that was so beneficial and why did I ever stop it???? We get too busy, things just happen in our lives and some of the good things are forgotten. The thing that I’m talking about is (not sure of the spelling) Tai Chi.If you haven’t heard about it, it’s worth looking into. I’ts breathing and movements that kind of bring a person back into balance. It’s calming, restful, peaceful and very good for balance. When I was learning the technique we did it for an hour but when I was busy I would just do several movements for 15 or 20 min. and still felt that I benifited from it. And if I couldn’t do the movements, I would just do the breathing, like when you’re waiting for traffic. Try it, you’ll like it.

  71. I agree with you 100% that is why i am going on a news diet to focus on my
    future with Success With Anthony.

  72. Carl K says:

    I have used the news diet in the past when doing a startup and just living.
    NEWS IS SOLD by those that care little about you!
    Even the so called news junky will not miss it when they concentrate on what is best for them. In my opinion news is an opinion paid by you.

  73. jeanine hamm says:

    i will not have negative thoughts and stay focused . jeanine

  74. iris says:

    i need you to show me the click money program and make some money now

  75. richard schenck says:

    I always enjoy listining to your talk on my pc

  76. Shelagh Drew says:

    Hi Anthony, yes I do agree that having a quiet place to work is important some times. And if I ever get enough time to learn how to get this program working for me I will have the means to do just that. Thank you for reminding to stop and smell the flowers once in a while.

    Remeber, do what you will but harm none.

  77. Hi Anthony,

    It’s refreshing to see an upbeat commentary in the midst of the election coverage. Sort of like spotting the first bird of the season at the Mission a few miles from where you sent your message.

    We’re the new-kids-on-the-block, and are immensely impressed with the program. Give us a little time….

    Ken Palmer

  78. dennis lambert says:

    Anthony peace full surroundings are the key i sit in my yard watching the birds splashing in the bird bath while I read and have a cup of coffee.
    Thanks for all of your support

  79. Summer Keen says:

    Anthony, you are SO on the mark!! The negativity in the papers and in the news is a total downer and stifles the positive flow. Thanks for sharing! You and your family are a blessing.

  80. Pat Palmer says:

    “Stay Positive” and “Expect Good Things to Happen” and “Believe in Yourself”

    You are a blessing.


  81. Anthony,
    I have no problem going on a semi news diet. I am sick to death of the political scene and negative. Unfortunately I cannot go on a complete news diet since I live in Florida and there is a hurricane heading this way. I really need to keep up with what is going on. But I don’t need to watch it constantly, just updates (as of now).

  82. Positive is the only way to go…built into my soul…there forever. Enjoy, Anthony…onward and upward.

  83. pedro Blanco says:

    yes I like the idea of news diath

  84. Bonna Loewe says:

    Thanks for the reminder, Anthony. There are so many negatives in our lives that we need to avoid them and search for the positive.

  85. I do that all the time. I like watching the DUGGARS family show. I like being a part of there family and going places with him. It is helps me to forget the bad around me and my problems. They have 19 kids and counting. And newest show THE BATES of AMERICA which is there good friends and they have 18 kids and counting. They have a Blog with pictures of places they have gone. So I travel the world with and THE DUGGARS. That help me get away. By the way I have a Great Grand daughter coming in October of this year. Will be my second. And hope to be there when she is born on my birthday. Thank you Anthony for giving me that chance to make that 1.00 and many more. Kathy Bermingham

  86. I will definitely take your advice and try this. I am so easily distracted. Therefore I never seem to have time to do anything for myself.Thanks for the tip.

  87. Patrick Miller says:

    It’s hard to avoid the news – you even get it when you logon to your web browser! But you make a good point – trying to avoid the bulk of the news should help!

  88. Charlie Lombard says:

    I’ll be going on a news diet because I think it’s a good idea and it will help me be successful in my business adventure.

  89. Sue Arends says:

    Great advise detox from the news! Love it as so negative!

  90. Page Castleberry says:

    Thanks Anthony!Absolutely what I needed to hear today.And I do not think it a coincidence that you said exactly what I needed to hear today either.I am curious as to whether or not you have seen the documentary,”The Secret”.I’m pretty sure you have since you were pictured with the author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and he is all over that film,but I was just personally curious.I also wonder if you have ever read “The Celestine Prophecy”.You seem to be very enlightened on many levels.I’m sure you cannot respond to me personally but maybe you can drop a clue in your future videos.Thanks for the positive messages you send and someday very soon I can hopefully afford to get my website going and let you know about all of my success(it IS coming-I KNOW it!).Thanks again,take care and God bless!!– :) Page C.

  91. Janema says:

    I’m going on a news diet Anyhony. Your Weekly video was very timely. I needed to hear it. Less negavity and more serenity. Thanks.. Janema

  92. Raymundo Sanchez says:

    I do think it is very important to surround yourself with positive and peaceful things especially for me. I get easily distracted when the tv is on or the radio or something else. I cant seem to focus. I will be giving myself a break from all the media for a while and see how it works for me ( even though i already know its a good thing and will help me out). The news is usually all negative anyway so I think I should just surroung myself with things that make me happy like my kids and wife and focus on what i want to accomplish for them. I need to get down to business and start making money for them. thank you for your suggestions. please keep them coming. i know i appreciate them.

  93. Phillip Scott says:

    great info that everyone can use, I will be emplimenting this in my plan for success.

  94. Evelyn Murdock says:

    Will be glad to go on news diet. I am tired of all the politics. I have heard enough to make my decision. Hope I can make more progress this way.

  95. ryan melendy says:

    i don’t have a website so i cant send a message but I am doing the same as you trying to put my self in more peaceful places, i live in Florida also. I am getting your program and i want to learn everything i can/ you are the best

  96. Jesse Ortega says:

    Your Blogs are so inspirational with keeping your mind focus and staying
    confident. It’s awesome, Keep up the good work. Jesse -

  97. ryan melendy says:

    I don’t have a website so i cant send a message but I am doing the same as you trying to put my self in more peaceful places, i live in Florida also. I am getting your program and i want to learn everything i can/ you are the best. Also i wish i could talk to you one on one and i really really want to go your the west palm beach but I am not sure if i can get a ride but i really want.Because i know you will probably never have time to show everyone your secrets in person.

  98. Diane says:

    Welcome to SoCal……at least the weather has cooled down after the past few weeks of hot & humid, but then you’re from Mississippi, so I guess the heat wouldn’t have been that bad for you.


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