Success Connection #121: More ePad Giveaways…

LAST WEEK’S EPAD WINNER: Ken Moser – – Ken I’ll be emailing you for your shipping address! Congrats

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746 Responses to “Success Connection #121: More ePad Giveaways…”
  1. Beverly Cordle says:

    Hi Anthony, I’m really ready to get into this business with you. You are very motivating. I need motivation. You ask what I want or need more, techniques for search engine marketing or leveraging social media advertising. That’s a hard choice. I don’t know anything about either one. Which is most important? Would it be possible to teach both? Which needs to be done first? I know very little about the computer. But I’m going to learn no matter how long it takes. My family is in a bad spot and for the first time my husband needs my help. Actually I don’t really know which choice to make because I’m not real sure what they even are. Please don’t think I’m hopeless. I’m eager to learn. Sincerely, Beverly Cordle

  2. Beverly Cordle says:

    Shoot!! Lost my connection. Was waiting for my comment to be posted and ZAP! it disappeared. Just in case it’s gone forever. I’ll write again. Which is more important, the techniques for search engine marketing or leveraging advertising? I’d like to learn about both. I need all the help I can get for doing business over the internet. Sincerely, Beverly Cordle

  3. Robyn says:

    social media gets my vote! I’m all about the social media marketing man!!! :P

  4. Ron Musselman says:

    More on the Social media connection with ways and hows to connect via Click Bank with out a website.

  5. Nancy Surace says:


    Search Engine Marketing is what I could really use more help with. The more I could learn on this topic the better off I’ll be.


  6. Loyce McVay says:

    I want to learn more about generating income with Social Media.
    Thanks so much for your help!

  7. Hi Anthony…

    I want to learn how to leverage social marketing platforms. I thought I understood them pretty well….but apparently NOT ! I joined Pinterest and see how profitable it could be if you have a strategy or plan.

    Thanks again for your help…..

  8. Rita Taylor says:

    I love the weekly success connection, it gives me an opportunity to be more engaged and learn more on how to get a better result from this business.
    I would love to learn more about social media if possible. I want to learn everything but if I had to choose between the two, I would definitely like the Social Media first.
    Thank you sooo much !

  9. Pam Manilla says:

    I want to make this work .I just do not have the funds to do so.God bless you and your family . Thank you Anthony..
    Sincerely, I feel in my heart that this works,
    Pam Manilla

  10. Michael Spillum says:

    While both dsiciplines are important for success, I think that the world is moving toward social media and to concentrate on proficiency in that field will be profitable.

  11. I would love to learn more about click bank, email ads, andtwitter ads. As I have told you before I work 3pm-11pm mon-fri and I do walk on a cane ( have a bad leg) but I take it with me where ever I go. and some times I am my body gives out before my brain. so I have to lie down. but email training means to me I can learn when I have time. I feel like I spend most of my day saying I’m sorry I can’t go as fast as I used to. But email traning would be great, and tinyurs is not working any more do you have any other sites I could use to make the urls smaller.

  12. I would like to learn more on on search engine form of marketing thanks anthony

  13. Tim Slazyk says:

    Anthony Morrison’s “Success Connection” is absolutely INCREDIBLE! It is a wealth of information that he could easily charge people for. I have read his books and mimiced some of his strategies with great success!

  14. I would like to have more instructions for social media, Facebook to be more exact,

  15. Denise Roberson says:

    Anthony, I am interested more in the social media area but would enjoy learning both.

  16. Charlie Lombard says:

    I would like to learn more on advertising and leveraging social media marketing.

  17. Ken Curran says:

    Search Engine would be my preference but social media would also be helpful

  18. Bernice J Adams says:

    congrats to Ken…search engine marketing would be great but also social media is important also so i guess my answer is both

  19. richer morin says:

    i’m sure the social media way to make money it’s the best.I can approach everybody instantly.Make money fast with social media with fairly approach.

  20. Mary Duff says:

    Hi Anthony
    I would really like more traingings on the search engine end of it
    the social media end is great but I think the search engine end of it is going to get me the knowledge to continue forward with my online business.
    thank you for all of the great infor you provide to us.

  21. I think both would be powerful tools in which to promote and expand your business. I want to learn each one.

  22. Steve Wood says:

    I would rather learn more about SEO and ways to get more traffic to my website without having to pay for it !!!!!!!
    Free traffic………is there really a easier way to get this than the old fashion ways that take so long….and sooooo much of a person’s valuable time ??????……

  23. I enjoyed the website but in person is always

  24. Eileen Harvey says:

    Hi Anthony,
    Do not have a web address for you as of yet, still working on this. For the most part search engine is most important to me. Especially search engine optimization. This can be a little tricky and my downfall when it comes to getting traffic to a website. I have struggled for years to make any money on the internet, that is why I am now taking your SWA course. I am also a member of Income EDU. I thank you for all the time you are putting in to help people better there lives, you are truly a blessing. I am a stay at home care giver and need to make my own income. Winning the e-pad would also be another blessing since my laptop is getting ready to die. Thanks and have a great day!

  25. Hello Anthony,

    I would like to learn more about Search Engine Marketing. I know you have learned a great many things by trying different strategies, but I do not have the money to make too many errors. I really appreciated the information about using Survey Monkey. Thank you :)

  26. Both — I’m sure they are both invaluable in these businesses.

  27. FRANCI says:

    Thats AWESOME!…this is all so amazing…I am excited to learn and grow. Its good to be a part of something HUGE and with amazing people no less. Thank you.Franci.

  28. Roger says:

    I would like to know more about marketing than social media.

  29. Dennis Gillerman says:

    I still don’t have a website because I’m not able to watch the videos to learn how to build a website. I would like to learn more about Social Media because I already am a member of P.O.F. I have a mountain of bills to pay and I’m willing to learn everything there is to know about this program.

  30. Daniel says:

    lern how to make advertising.

  31. Don Warren says:

    I am mostly interested in learning SOCIAL MEDIA marketing.

  32. grace higbee says:

    Anthony, I love your sucess connections as they are very inspiring. They keep me on track to getting my websight, and I am keeping all of these connections that you give us. They are my constant companions to keep on keepimg on. Thank you Grace P.S my

  33. colleen says:

    I think for me it would be great to learn both about search engines and social media . One can never really learn enough when it comes to this business. I am trying to learn alll that I can . Your so full of the information that I would love to learn plus not for nothing the more you talk about it the more it will get drilled into me. Which is just what I am looking for…to learn. For me the more I listen and learn the better my business will be. I so much want to learn as much as I can with this business. They both are very important for the business so I think it would be wonderful if you shared some more information about search engines and social media. There are alot involed in both. Its hard to figured out just what to pick.

  34. Robert Evans says:

    I want to learn about social media marketing. Thanks for all your help.

  35. jesse says:

    I need more SEO training to get traffic to my websites.

  36. John Antaya says:

    My feeling is that Social Media allows you to be seen by more people provided that you know how to do it properly and this would be my number one choice.

    SEO or Search Engine Optimization is also very important and something that any marketer must know in order to get their site listed on the first page of a search engine so as to attract people searching for their type of product or web site. SEO would have to be my second option.

  37. sandy says:

    Hummm Both! Ok I’ll pick social media.

  38. Rudy Arcega says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Social Media Advertising interests me more and I would like to learn the effective ways of getting clients and become a successful Internet Marketer. I’ve read your books attended your 3-day seminar and have my own Website, but for a lot of reasons, I am still not making any money.

    Thank you for your continued support and guidance. Have a great weekend!

    Rudy Arcega

  39. Tim Slazyk says:

    What time and where? You need to make accessing the “Success Connection” webinars easier to locate and join. Reminders of some sort would also be very helpful.

  40. Kent Perkes says:

    I’d like to see more on the basics of Social Marketing and how to utilize all the tools that are available. Thanks. KP

  41. Benjamin Lim says:

    advertising and marketing on social media plse. thanks Anthony

  42. Michael Herline says:

    I want to learn more about social media!

    Thanks for all of the valuable information you have already provided.

  43. I would LOVE to learn more about advertising on Social Media!! It seems like the next-big-thing!

    Look up the word Generous in the dictionary and it will read: See Anthony Morrison.


  44. Parmeet says:


    Need to learn more about social media, lot of community i know do not spent time on search engines when buying real estate.

  45. Kathleen says:

    Social media is my challenge. I would like to learn more about the best approach, which type of media maybe easier to use. Is twitter a good way if you are in sales? LinkedIn?

    Any guidance you can give would be appreciated.

    Kathleen Manley

  46. David says:

    Can you please show me how to monetize my site, social media doesn’t really interest me.

  47. Yevonne says:

    I would like to know more about social media. There is a HUGE potential for facebook alone. Is it better to have a landing page when trying to advertise on facebook? Thanks for all!

  48. Bruce Sommer says:

    I need more info on leveraging social media.

  49. I would like to learn both, but I think that socail media is the way to go right now.
    So with that said I would like to learn more social media.

    Thank you,

  50. I am interested in both types of marketing but right now I’d like to learn more about Search Engine marketing. I’ve only recently started to get into that via my coaching.
    Thanks, Esther Hebert

  51. I am really interested in learning more about developing a “marketing campaign”. I’ve seen so many references to that. Thank you for engaging me.

  52. Chris Lewis says:

    Searching engine marketing is good but I would like to learn both

  53. Anton says:

    I woud like to now more about SosialMedia.

  54. Mikki Granger says:

    More search engine info.

  55. Mary says:

    Hi Anthony,
    Thank you once again for your sincerity and caring. Your style is REALLY DIFFERENT!
    With that said, I wouldn’t really be able to decide. I am at a point of NEEDING SEO but know that social media will be very important when I gain confidence.

    So either one will be great. Also, I am really blown away with SUCCESS WITH ANTHONY. I really didn’t expect that much energy!
    I always wish you the very best~! Mary

  56. Dennis Fedor says:

    I prefer a step-by-step training on social media because as a member of generation S, I STRONGLY NEED IT 1

  57. Chris Holtkamp says:

    more interested in learning about use of search engines in marketing strategies

  58. i want to learn more about social media and marketing

  59. Marketing search engines would be great to see how that is more so done than advertizing on social media unless you are marketing more than just who are my friends on my social networks. Then both would be great to know how to better do.


  60. I am already involved in social media and would love to learn how to make money with it .Keep up the good work!!

  61. sharon says:


    and twitter

  62. Leslie M. Day says:

    I am interested in search engine optimization marketing. My computer buffers until I upgrade my speed next week. Anyhoo I will be at the live event here in Atlanta specifically in Norcross to learn more.

    I am excited, let’s help me make lots of money, ok?!

    Leslie M. Day

  63. Robert Greene says:

    Thanks so much Mr. Morrison, for all your expert knowledge aand consideration. I would choose to hear more about social media ways of marketing those sites.
    Thanks Bob Greene

  64. Judith says:

    I am most interested in simple ways of using social media

  65. shauntel manderville says:

    I read one of your books, Great, and very helpful.

  66. Yvonne Strahle says:

    I would be interested in learning more about the social media advertising w/ more emphasis on the cell phone training.

  67. Mark Porter says:

    I love free giveaways. I always watch each click on email video

  68. tom says:

    Develope an “alpha” program. Using a flow chart using an “if” – “or” org chart.

  69. Anthony, you are a never ending source of inspiration and encouragement! Thanks for keeping up our spirits! berkeley cooley

  70. martine says:

    I want to know about social media, I have difficulty to put my
    website in the irst page. I don’t know what to do.

    thank you


  71. Carl K says:

    Will this abc work.
    a. clickbank account.
    b. choose a product from top three genres relationships, loose weight,
    money. That last one they need to affiliate with you. Go to tinyurl and downsize the clickbank link.
    c. go to fb, twitter, blogs, where there talking about your genre and let them know about the fabulous product that solves there acute problem and launches them to a Mars like experience.

    thank you, go USA,

  72. Diana Gamble says:

    Anthony, I would like to learn more about search engines first and then I would like to tackle the social media arena! I want to be successful and I appreciate all of the help that you give to us. I will see you in OKC next week : ) Looking forward to meeting you!

  73. manny soto jr says:

    Anthony I want to learn both, but I have no idea about how social media marketing works.

  74. Sergio says:

    Anthony I believe that both methods of marketing are important, however I would be interested to know what you consider to be a better source meaning that it would be a source that not everyone is doing the same thing without much results. In my opinion I believe in your teaching and with your experience, so please tell me what would be better not just in the short term. But the long term and the method that would be the most profitable. As I am your student I seek what you consider the most worthwhile and best for our long term knowledge base.

    Thank you.

  75. Joseph F Sandoval says:

    Anthony: advertising and search engins

  76. Thomas E Johnson says:

    Of the two subjects you mentioned, SEO related subjects would be my choice

  77. lina fong says:

    would like tohave chance for the epad

  78. John Hickox says:

    I personally feel you covered the search engine techniques pretty good in the marketing videos, and would like to see more on the social media side of things. I really appreciate all you have shown me so far, thank you.

  79. Dusty says:

    I would like to learn more about social media.

  80. Personally, I would like to know more about social media marketing and advertising. I am very new at this and am working on my first ad as we speak. I feel like I need to get my feet wet first with an ad and then go on to learn more about engine searching. There is so much to learn and I am spending time on your videos and web sites to absorb everything I can. At times I get very excited thinking – I finally got it but something new comes up. Like you said take baby steps at first and the giant steps will follow.
    Thanks Anthony for your support.
    Linda Andrusyk

  81. Gary Hoppe says:

    I want and need to learn more about dirt cheap advertising on many social media sites. I’m talking about CPM methods and where to advertise economically. Thanks Anthony

  82. Sherri says:

    I prefer to learn about searching

  83. Rick Besaw says:

    Hi Anthony
    i would be very interested in seo marketing and how to build my my site ranking

  84. Bernard Drouin says:

    Hi again, I would like to know more about social networking for advertising, and I am not a member of facebook or any other social group.


  85. Cynthia A. Chisum says:

    Wow that ‘s aswesome Ken congradulations! Have a great year!

    Best Wishes


  86. JohnRingo says:

    More Social Media to include the less publicized ones like Pintrest.

  87. Neal Cordova says:

    Since I am learning quite a bit about social media marketing from the home course featuring Adrian, I would like to learn more about search engine advertising. Thanks for your help, and I look forward to becoming one of your success stories.

  88. Paul F. Even says:

    nice and short and to the point. I like it.

  89. Grant Bishop says:

    Hello Anthony, I currently would rather learn more about search engine marketing than social media.
    I’m going to be publishing this site soon and I want to get it right the first time.
    I have the whole course but if there are any small tips you can give, that’s great.
    I love the fact that you keep us engaged and not “see you later sucker” and I have the success team there also.

    Thanks, Grant

  90. I am trying to learn as much as I can before I come to training in MIssisippi in October so I will get as much out of my training there as I can.
    I am most interested in social media because I don’t really understand it. It almost seems as if it is quicksand that can suck you in and drain all of your time. I am trying to figure out how to maximize my time and effort there. I really enjoy your caring and enthusiasm. Can you bottle that and send it to me?

  91. Dee LeCroy says:

    I want to learn more about search engines. I think that is more important for me at this point. I need more training in this area more than in on social media.

  92. Diane Jones says:

    I would love to win an EPAD,thanks Anthony.

  93. Randell Jones says:


    I want to become an expert in both areas, However, at this time I need to become proficient at the method that will help produce the best and quickest results. From there I can expand out and take more calculated risks once I have income coming in. You tell me which is the best to get started with and that is where I would like to go first. Thanks for all your excellent input.

  94. Dale Neff says:

    Lets try the search engine .
    God Bless
    Dale Neff

  95. Hey Anthony,
    In answer to your question, I would like to learn as much as I can about using the social networking platform and get a fresh perspective on the newer and innovative marketing techniques and strategies.
    I also would very much like to win one of your ePads. ;-)
    Thanks for all your hard work and training.

    – Isaac P. O’Keefe

  96. Lauren Howe says:

    Hi Anthony,
    I would love to hear more about your search strategies! Thank you for all you are doing!

  97. Kathy Bermingham says:

    Kathy Bermingham Anthony, I would like to no the simplest way of making money though the Internet. Taking care of my father doesn’t less me a lot of time. But I want so might to be able to do both at home. I do have deslexia and also comprehension problem. I am on facebook

  98. WILLIAM WIDMER says:


  99. Dave says:

    Hi , I am learning and engaged in “success in 365 days “which is enlightening and exciting. Learning on the strategies and knowledge on how to leverage on the social media in marketing are both important topics.
    Both lead to success and in my view are complimentary to each other.
    It would be therefore important to tackle both either at the same time or separately.
    Thank You for keeping us engaged and have a nice day!

  100. Mary Spragg says:

    I would like to learn about search engine marketing.
    Oh, and I also signed up for your weekly VIP Marketing Tips texts.
    Thanks, Anthony

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