Success Connection #120: Want My ePad ?

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670 Responses to “Success Connection #120: Want My ePad ?”
  1. Michael Herline says:

    I want to learn how to do marketing on the internet, promoting my websites that I create. I appreciate your sharing your personal experience on what you do to succeed and for your motivation.

    Your program is so informative that I’ve learned a lot so far and know that there is a lot more to learn and I appreciate how you teach. You make it understandable.

    Thank you.

  2. Im really interested in ur whole program i think entrepreneurship will help me with my long term and short tem goal which is ultimately take care of my family but my son mostly. I have been following you since i seen one of ur late night infromercials and u had me sold problem is i dont have the means to get any of your software to get me started with these goals.if u could find it in your heart to personnaly help me like i seen on your vlogs would really really help me and would be enourmously appreciated and it will also show that somebody with absolutly nothing can start your program and be successful i hope you see my sincerity in this comment and help me out thank u

  3. Karen Wilt says:

    I am a procrastinator. I listened to a lot of your book. I watched some of your webinars. I think the information is good and I want to do this, but the motivation is lacking. I want to be my own boss, work from home and actually make money using my computer instead of my computer using me. I’m going to continue to read (listen) to your book and I’m going to give this a shot. I always see things (like when computers first arrived) but don’t jump on the “bandwagon” when the “gettins’ good”! This time I’m going to do it and throw caution to the wind. Like your saying goes: “The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure
    is to not try.” Well, I’m going to try it this time around :)

  4. Catherine Tobler says:

    I’ve just gotten started with not much results but lots of work trying to learn how this works right from gate 1. I can learn but the learning curve is quite steep. I don’t mind the work but I just don’t always have a clue. Motivation is never bad and always helps, especially on those no clue computer days. I want to learn more but from the beginning with someone who is willing to spend as much time with me as is possible. Another words, step 1, step 2, and so on. Thanks for a great program and the staff that does work hard with all of us. Cat

  5. Jay garcia says:

    I would like you to teach how to stay motivated and stay focused until I start making $1000. per week!

  6. Ray Bailey says:

    Anthony, thankyou for reaching out to help us newbie marketers, and as you and Adrian together are building the “Morrison Empire”, that means you guys are dedicated, and will still be there to help new people get started. Thank you so much. Anthony I need help with just one thing. I don’t know how to load an image pic into the manual POF creative. I was just trying a few regular POF ads before I switched to Adrians POF software. I tried to copy and paste a banner code from an aff site and the pof creative would not take it. maybe the box is for something else. I have not 1 ad out because of this road block to me. thanks Ray Bailey. PS I use a different email for your brothers thing.

  7. I would like to choose the right niche, I think weight loss is to broad.Also learn how to get good traffic to get my site earning some money

  8. James says:

    I want to learn, how to build a residual income that lead to a more stable and secured financial independency for myself and family; having the ability to share with others on duplicating that process.

  9. Paolo Belluigi says:

    My problem is getting started online. I want to be able to start a website. I know there are hundreds of people proffessing to have the blueprint, but to an older citizen like me, I need it simple.
    Please is there a simple explanation on how to put up a website quickly and effectively.
    In step by step format.

  10. henry munthali says:

    The most things i want to learn is how one like myself can get motivated if i want to do an online business capable for it to advertise to companies that can invest in third world places in terms of products that are green house friendly,

  11. Billy Gillard says:

    Hi. Anthony, I need to learn how to keep myself motivated. This is one of the hardest things for me to do, I would love to be a person that can sell products online. I have never been a person to keep motivated in my work. Thank for your program. God Bless you.

  12. Randy Weaver says:

    I would like some more step by step instruction on how to be an internet marketer and also some more of you life expierences for motovation.

    Thanks for all you do Anthony.

  13. Linda LaCorte says:

    I want to be able to get organized to get this system set up. I’m feeling so overwhelmed. Even by all the stuff you keep sending. I’m motivated, however, i’m looking for how/where to start. I need to eliminate distractions!

    If that epad will help me get organized, please pick me to win it!

    Thank you!


  14. I need to learn how to advertise online. However, your motivational video blogs have been very helpful.
    Thank you,

  15. Bob Balogh says:

    Better organization to bring various skill sets together…seems to be disjointed at present.

  16. Renee says:

    Definitely need help with marketing, copy, eye catching for social media marketing on FB,POF, and pinterest. Have trouble thinking what is catchy or clever for younger targeted markets. I’m new at this .

  17. James says:

    I know it is cliche, I am interested in it all. Even if I have heard it somewhere else, IE motivation, it is beneficial as a refresher. Repetition is the mother of mastering a skill. I am at square one and in the process of developing the road map to my journey, and every bit of information is useful to me.

    Thank you for sharing.

  18. Donald Berger says:

    I would like more info on how to be a good entrepenor

  19. Ruby Gabionza says:

    Hello Anthony,
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experiences about becoming a successful business entrepreneur. I admire your generosity and your passion to give back.

    I understand marketing and want to have the motivation to push myself to do what I need to do in order to have that drive to success. Please help!

    Thanks again.

    Ruby G.

  20. Barbara says:

    I would like to know exactly what an entreprenuer does. All this is very confusing. Alot people have the title, but they cannot tell what they do. What is involed?.

  21. Randy Roden says:


    I have been an entrepreneur for some time now with acceptable success, but I want to learn more. Marketing is my largest need for growth. I am self-motivated mostly, but really enjoy and learn when I listen, watch or read from successful individuals like yourself. Your energy along with your track record help me believe in my future successes.

    I also have basics of marketing learned from my business career in retail foods. But my primary role there was corporate legal and financial management, which did not require me to be a marketing genius in day to day operations.

    Marketing to targets is the name of the game as I see it from what you, Adrian, Randy Judd, . . . . the list goes on . . . have taught me in this short few weeks of my new business as an Affiliate Marketing Manager.

    I look forward to more and more opportunity to learn!

    Thanks for your hands-on approach in training.


  22. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos says:

    Hi Anthony,

    I really excited every week about what you are teaching us and sharing your experiences with us. I am motivated and excited about this but I would really like to learn how to write one good ad so I can generate traffic. My ads are weak and don’t seem to work no matter how hard I try. One good ad to generate traffic is what I need to get started. I need the tools of how to write a great ad and where to generate traffic from. Your success connection every week is the highlight of my day.

    Thanks Anthony.

  23. Jack Eastman says:

    I really need to learn how to drive traffic to my offers, and how to find a really good product to market.

    Thanks, Jack

  24. Keith Hill says:

    hey anthony, your blogs and email info are great to let you know straight off. i’d like to know more about being and entrepreneur and about marketing that seems to be my blocker at the moment.

  25. Marlina says:

    I need to be connected with people who can directly advise me on entrepeneurship. My struggle is I am a creative thinker and not business-minded. I am bad at math and not savvy enough to negotiate on my feet. So it’s the “fear of flying” for me! I’ve worked in non-profts, arts and education. I am successful at promoting other people. But have such a hesitation about taking that first crucial step and then, once you take that first step: Do I have what it takes to maintain this? Can I afford the financial risks? (I am already under the water since being under-employed for 3 years now.) Where can a down-and-out broke person like me get the capital and start-up? Webinars, success stories are inspiring but it’s me…me…me…that’s stopping me…What can you advise? How did you prepare/shield yourself from the down times? If you have only yourself to rely on (I come from a not-business-minded family), where can you go for actual concrete capital (especially when you’re so deep in debt?) How do you get out of the “fear of flying” and take the first flap before you soar?

  26. Joe says:

    I’d like to learn how to become a better entrepreneur by learning which products to market. I’ve been learning form all your software and modules and taking action advertising many offers, making squeeze pages, etc. for months now but nothing I have done so far has really hit or taken off. How did you come to find the right niches?

  27. Kathy Page says:

    Anthony, I need to learn how to do the steps to get started. What program will show me how to do the system?

  28. Karen Williams says:

    The most important thing for me is being able to set up a campaign. This is a big challenge for me.

    The other piece is knowing how to set up my own capture pages and sales pages. I know you have someone creating them for us to give us a head start, but as a business person we need to know how to do them as well and then we can outsource knowing all the elements involved. This seems to be the stumbling block that holds a lot of people back.

    It is a lot easier for me to run a business when I understand how all the elements fit together. It doesn’t mean I have to do them.. but if I had to I could.

    Internet Marketing for me is like a puzzle. If one can actually visualize or see how all the pieces fit together then it makes it easier to move forward.

    For instance, I’ve tried to market online for a while and it wasn’t until you explain the basics of email marketing, was I able to visualize the build – send – and profit methodology. That was an eye opener for me.

    It’s different for all people. You just have to be committed to what you are trying to learn and be willing to learn from people who are actually doing it in the field.

  29. Steve Norris says:

    I want more info on how to generate an income.

  30. Joseph F Sandoval says:

    I WANT TO EARN MONEY. I feel that my employment is running out. I have about 10 more productive years left. I would be interested in any and all.

  31. Markelda says:

    Just need more motivation to follow through.

  32. James Ivy says:

    Hi Anthony I guess for me I will like to know more about marketing online. Because I work evening and only have the week ends to really do my business. What is the most effective nugget you can give me.

  33. Spence says:

    Anthony i would really like to learn more about how to impliment these new marketing strategies and how can i make it easier so i dont spend all day at the computer in other words how do i automate this , thank you

  34. alte matthews says:

    thanks for sending a email

  35. I would like to learn about how to organize all my marketing material & put it to work.

  36. Val Winer says:

    Your success training is so valuable. I try to watch every one I can. Please consider me for that ePad.
    Thanks Anthony, your the greatest.

  37. Helga says:

    Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing, these are two projects that I have not mastered yet.

  38. Bruce Sommer says:

    I want to learn what ever it takes to be successful to have an online business.

  39. jack haun says:

    The only trouble I have is to get enough money to get started, tour teaching is great, thank you. when I make some money I will E-mail you. I,m not real smart with trying to build a web site. If I can learn any body can. Thanks for
    what I have Learned.

  40. robert lemler says:

    well anthony,
    i need the ” nuts and bolts”. i am a newbie, so training in marketing is importanat to me.
    i look forward to thr “success connection ” each week.

    keep it coming,

  41. Gordon McCracken says:

    Want to know about nuts and bolts, hands on, actual how-to techniques!! I’m not very computer savvy – can I still do this?

  42. Step by step of how to make money online.

  43. I would like to be a much more sussucfull ontprneal (not very good in spelling)…

  44. Debbie M says:

    I need more help in getting started with very little money, I’m not quite understanding the PPV concepts.

  45. Dannielle kennedy says:

    Mr. Anthony,

    I have been on the road to being a personal transformational coach. I have also been on a journey to make revenue from marketing at home as well as other (at home) opportunities just to make a additional income. After 6 years of wasting money from (make money from home ads) I have given up. I am solely focused on making a business and brand of my own. I am also working full time so my days for myself are at an absolute minimum. I am interested in all of your offers but I’m so afraid to feel like I am being taken advantage again.
    I am highly grateful for your part in helping me kill this belief of all online marketers is crooks. I have never had the opportunity to speak to you before I really feel this is a coincidence for this question in which has been a life long struggle\mystery. The topic I would love the most is how can I collide my life coaching business with making money online and make it all work together? I am building brands and topics but I also want a website that is also making money as well. I have taken great tips and notes on your topic so I am highly excited about it.

    Once I thank you for the information you have provided for people like myself.
    God bless

  46. Anthony, love your webinars and info that u g
    Info that u give us. But I need
    To know more a bout marketing.
    Cant seem to get it. Thanks for all u

  47. Robert Crawford says:

    Anthony, I want to learn how to make money period, I am a older person it may take longer to learn but i am willing to learn. Every penny i can make is very important to me. Thanks Robert

  48. I would love to hear you talk about how to get started when you are unemployed and broke.Really need some advice on how to get going with no money to advertise.HELP

  49. Kenneth says:

    Hi Anthony,
    I need to be motivated more and learn to do what I need to do every day. I would like to see something/anything to make me get up and go:)
    Thanks KC

  50. Heidi Endres says:

    Dear Anthony,

    We bought your initial books & tapes package under my husband’s name (Robert Rebitski), but I am the one who has the interest in making money from the internet. My husband discouraged me from doing your website because he said that it was a scam & we didn’t have the money to support a monthly website. I did read one of your books & am impressed by your background, morals, practicality, and success.

    I need one-on-one coaching and personalized guidance and to get feedback on my particular situation. For years, I’ve wanted to become an entrepreneur, but I wanted it to be in an area that I’m passionate about (like you did with the baseball cards). I’ve discovered some areas that interest me, like art and dogs, but I still don’t have that daily drive and motivation. I’m a hard worker and am on the computer all day everyday, but I need to set up a feedback loop that rewards me for what I do. I’ve been helping animal charities but am not making any money–in fact we’re losing money.

    I want to be more productive. I feel like I am just going through the motions every day. Then I would be in a position to financially help both my family & the different charities that we assist each week.


    Heidi Endres
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  51. Larry Garcia says:

    I would like to be able to learn from you what exactly I have to do on my computor, what you did with the three guys in your videos, whereby I can generate 200.00-300.00 per day to supplement my income thereby getting me out of debt. I am 64 years old and am employed as an LPN for the past 30+ years and would like to supplement my income and yes, eventually replace my current income so that I can be debt free. Thank you Anthony for what you did with your parents. What an inspiring story for me.

    Respectfully yours

    Larry Garcia

  52. Bonnie Roi says:

    I NEED help to post ads confidently. I am in desperate financial condition. HELP!

  53. Jerelin says:

    Hello, Anthony
    I think what you are doing is amazing .
    I believe that you are genuinely tryng to help people just like l=me success in life. What I would like to see more from your success lessons is what is the best way to advertise a product. What are the exact key elements that should be used or that you used to promote/ advertise your products. What is it that you believe customers want to see when purchasing a product?

    Thank you for your time .
    From: Jerelin

  54. yolanda says:

    I would like to know how to make money went I don’t have any .

  55. Sharon says:

    actual advertising online and mainly the popup stuff you did on that one webinar

  56. John Barsky says:

    I fit into a group of person(s) that has been afraid to take action on what he really wants to do. Make easy money on the internet.

    I just saw a news report that showed men and women who have no inventory of thier own , no warehouse . what they do is take pre-paid orders and prvide goods that would cost so much more to buy retail somewhere than what they would sell them for.

    An example was a car’s plastic headlight that would sell at a dealership for well over $100 and the person found them somewhere for $5 and will sell one for $44- $45 dollars.

    I would love to do that with products. I would be getting a great wholesale deal and selling it to people at a fair price..not ripping off like all these businesses do . It would make me a fair profit and it would be a good thing to do for people as well.
    PLUS I would not have to have inventory. I would just be ordering what people have already paid for but I would be saving them from the enormous
    profit taking by people that have so much overhead that they have to charge so much to the consumer.

  57. Kim Cadotte says:

    How to get and stay motivated!

  58. Angelina Graff says:

    I would like to learn the nuts and bolts of advertising.
    Thanks for all that you do.

  59. Jean-Pierre Brault says:

    Business building strategies. How to scale and outsource an online business.

  60. Hi, wow, watching you is like having a friend in the office.
    Nuts & Bolts would be my choice. Motivation’s fine, product’s in mind, making advertising work – yes, yes! Thank you, berkeley

  61. I want – and I never want for me. I also am a very giving person. I want the chance to learn as much as I can to be the golden winner in all I do.
    To learn more of the basics and how to implement the basics. The visuals are great but I always seem to get to the point in the process where I have missed something and I have to go searching so I am off the track and this is simply because I am not familiar with all of this terms and language. Your teaching is great but I am the computer for dummies kind of girl right now. I know repetition is always good and will be my successor of the golden win. So what I hope to continue to see is any information that will continue to help me and all of us who’s joined to grow.

    Thank you,

  62. I work 40hrs a week 2nd shift 3-11pm, I am not allowed to take my laptop to work. And that makes it impossible for me to join the the weekly sucess conection, so I stopped signing up so my space could be given to somone who could watch it at 9pm I cant. I cannot afford to buy web hosting for the 5 sites you have given me its bad to work all week and not have any money for anything extra I know, but I live paycheck to paycheck and get paid byweekly, if the training were in email form I could watch them when I get home from work @ 11:30pm or save them til I wake up. Your Brother and you are the only emails I open the rest are just out for money, I believe you two really want to help people. God Bless

  63. Carol says:

    I have been to your seminars. I’d like to hear about what has changed or has been updated from the information that was taught.
    For instance, which affiliate networks are you recommending. Which offers do you suggest running? What type of advertising is working or not working anymore. Etc.

    I was registered for your webinar Tuesday but I wasn’t able to make it. Is there a replay?

  64. I need more creative “nuts & bolts” of advertising. I don’t want to do the same thing others are doing. I believe women need me to educate them about so many health issues from skin to hormones.

  65. Betty Frazier says:

    I would like one of the E-Pads.

  66. Rita Taylor says:

    I believe that what I really want to learn more is to know how to be more motivated and how to accomplish my goals when you have to divide your time between this business and family.
    Definitely want to be successful at this but sometimes i find it hard to concentrate when my toddler is running around the house and I can’t chase him with the laptop. :)

  67. Chris Brill says:

    I want to learn more about motivation and entrepreneurship

  68. I want you to show me how to set up a campaign (promoting a clickbank product) using penny traffic. I need a squeeze page, and hook that in with auto responder. then I need a tracking site like Hypertracker to help me determine if the offer is profitable. Track clicks, conversions, and ROI and net profit. I just need to watch over your shoulder while you go through all the routine, fill in all the boxes correctly in order to get paid and go live. I will need a traffic network to like cpvdirect.

  69. Marie Gertz says:

    Thank you for everything I have learned from you so far! I need to learn about building a large email list and how to get people’s attention. I am a shy person, but since I have been watching you every week on the weekly blog…. oops the success connection. And I am attending the PMI training school. I am learning to come out of my shell ( so to speak ) . You have put together a great team at PMI I might add! I am starting to connect more with the people through social media, IM and some emails. But I need to get a bigger email list and more ideas on how to get to the right people. So if I could get some more information on that I think I will be set. Oh and Adrian’s DVD’s are alot of help too. Keep up the good work and i’ll be tuning in next week. Thanks again Marie

  70. can you tell how to get in touch of your publishing company, I have some questions.

  71. Rachel Hagos says:

    Hi Anthony, first of all thank you for give me this opportunity. I want be Successful entrepreneur . I want learn Actual adverting on line, Specific market technique and i don’t get a market yet .could you teach me how to be success Please !! Thanks Rachel

  72. Linda says:

    Anthony – I would love to learn how you convert you offers into positive conversions. Conversions to commissions.

    Thank you for beings so supportive and positive.


  73. Jane Macpherson says:

    Marketing, big issue, however, I am a visual person, and I can go further if I can see it done in steps rather then see it in writing, or just hear it.
    The saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” really applies here for me.
    Everything you offer is great, but is a mute point if I follow through in the wrong order.
    Cognitive disability is what I struggle with after a stroke. So visual, visual, visual. Please?

    Also, one request. My name is Doug, not Jane, Jane is my wife’s name.
    Your mailing Jane? Through douglas.macpherson, please repair this.
    Your program is exceptional, and though my retention is poor, my ideas are working. Thanks for all your doing.



  75. Loyce McVay says:

    I have the motivation! I need the “nuts & bolts” of advertising/marketing!
    I am spending HOURS trying to set up campaigns (FB, POF and DirectCPV)
    with no conversions, etc.

    I am a Mentor student and have your software; but, apparently I need some help to start seeing results. Thank you so much for all you do for us,

  76. Karen LaFournier says:

    I would like marketing techniques..sometimes this is just too much information and I have a hard time trying to figure out what will work for me. Thanks, Anthony.

  77. Dottie Seavy says:

    We, Ted and I, found the webinar instructional. I need to know how to do Declaration Marketing with Facebook and Twitter. We discussed this last year at your Office. However, I need more help.
    You are so positive and I believe positive thinking will let me use the abilities, training and experience.
    Thank you very much for adding allowing me to use this.

  78. Rem Chandra says:

    I want to learn more about doing business online and be successful.

  79. JD JImerson says:

    Anthony I would like to hear personal stories about when you were first starting your online business. The reason I would like you to share stories is because right now I’m putting work into my online business but it is not making any money, so i’m having a struggle with my faith in my process.

    Thank you,

  80. Dorothy Marr says:

    Anthony thank you for always keeping us in mind. I enjoy learing and one of my son-in laws is really thinking hard on doing this also. I would like to learn more about Advertising on Line. I understand some of the nuts but I need fore informaton on how to tighten those bolts up.
    Thank you very much.

  81. Kim Williams says:

    What I “really” want to learn is how to become a successful entrepreneur who is continually achieving SUSTAINABLE SUCCESS. Hence, I am currently between jobs after being downsized by the same company for the third time. Yes, in the past they have hired me three times and downsized me three times (interesting, to say the least). I am a hard worker, who loves to work hard. However, I want to work because I enjoy it, not because I have to; and I want to work without the concern or thought for whether I will be downsized again. If I am fortunate enough to win the iPad, there will be no need to ship it. I can pick it up while I’m attending your 3 day training in Mississippi next week (smile).

  82. Hello Anthony. I not only want but NEED to learn more about advertising. When I started this journey to financial freedom I was unaware of the massive amounts of info about how to do it. I’ve learned so much so far but still feel like I’m on the brink of making that connection. If i knew the right door to open I could just skyrocket. Please pick me for the iPad because I spent my money to buy my daughters mac book for college on starting this new entrepreneurial adventure with very high expectations. Thank you so very much…melinda smith.

  83. Pam Manilla says:

    I am having a problem on how to get started and to continue,I was told I was given copy and paste free, but I am new I have no clue. I really need help. I want to be w winner and not give up.HELP….
    Pam Manila

  84. Hi Anthony, what a fabulous idea! Iam so motivated to spend money. I would like some help on tweeking my ads. Yep ads and marketing.

    Thanks for your time
    Have a Happy Day !!

    Victoria H Willson

  85. Faye says:


    Because I am new to this I would really like to learn more about the marketing aspect of this business. I have recently enrolled into the PMI and am overwhelmed with all of it. There is soooo much to take in. Your blogs have been a tremendous help to me.

    Thank you so much for all you do to help those of us who are starting from scratch.

    Have an awesome day!


  86. Josette says:

    Dear Anthony,

    I wish to succeed on line and make some money to help my family.

    I don’t have a particular method, I just wish to make it.

    Thank you,

    You are the kindest person.


  87. Anthony Fedora says:

    Of course I want to learn to be a successful entrepaneur. But for me to do that, first I would want to learn how to get started in this business with little or no money (I have a hard time getting that start-up fee). Even with a coach by my side? THEN take my earnings and BUILD AND BUILD AND BUILD my ‘empire’.
    You never cease to amaze me. I have searched, spent and believed so many other internet marketers….but you always come out on top. I trust you more than any other.

    Thank you for everything.

    To our success,

    Anthony Fedora

  88. Yvonne Strahle says:

    I am very new to the marketing industry and very willing to learn much, much more.

  89. Jean Leavitt says:

    I do want your epad. I would love to have it.

  90. Yevonne says:

    For someone just starting to advertise, do you prefer we stay on DirectCPV, Facebook, POF, etc. Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Ad Ctr are great, but you can spend alot of money if you are not careful. Help with your suggestions.

  91. Karen Praksti says:

    I would like to have more confidence in being an entrepreneur so I can own my own life and quit my job altogether. Thanks!

  92. Isaiah "Kallen" Diggs says:

    I want to learn the nuts and bolts of actual advertising online. I got the motivation and the entrepreneurial spirit ok. Just need to learn your techniques. Thanks for your iPad offer. Hope to win one. I can sure you use it!

  93. pat frame says:

    i would really really want one, i’ve been with you a long time and and I couldn’t afford it any other way i’d like to get a start with something with this..

  94. Charlie Lombard says:

    I want to learn how to be a better entrepreneur and get more motivation!

  95. Jean Leavitt says:

    I would love to have your epad. I am interested in marketing and with to learn more about it. I will be coming to Ebenezer Blvd. next week for this purpose.

  96. David Wilkinson says:

    I would like you to go over what it takes to be a success in a business you would say is right for someone who is just starting out in a selected business. I am retired and have all the time on my hands to work hard and do what it takes to suceed but i need to know what to do. Thank you. David

  97. AYSHA BURNETT says:


  98. I like tons and tons of quality support. With all the programs out… it’s not easy to stay focused. Another problem is outsourcing. When I tried it I had problems where people would not do quality work. They would drag it until the cost could not be justified.

  99. george edwards jr says:

    I want to learn to be a motivated entrepreneur.

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