Success Connection #106: New Ideas Are There…

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388 Responses to “Success Connection #106: New Ideas Are There…”
  1. Rhonda says:

    The Hidden Millionaire is that highway to success.

  2. Peg says:

    I like to read and have an extensive personal library. I’m going to search for an affiliate relating to books or kindle books. Thanks for the tips.

  3. Denise says:

    I make a really rockin’ homemade pesto sauce. Maybe I start with small batches and go sell it at a local greenmarket on the weekends?

  4. Thank you Anthony for your motivational blogs…..Keeping focus and our eyes open is the key success..

  5. This is a great refresher course. It helps to make us think out of the box.

  6. Wayne Salhany says:

    I like robots so I may be able to build something around that.

  7. i think about yong people who go around bullying others. maybe i could write about the effects bullying has on people and why it is not good to bully

    rev james holiday

  8. Dave says:

    very good info and makes a lot of sense

    I need to look more of it. I went to a local Meetup 202 session for affiliates in Wilmington, NC. Jason Williams a local affiliate gave a presentation and said he knew you. I still trying to see what is the best niche for me.

  9. Joe D. says:

    This session is making me think on the positive ways in trying to do something, rather than thinking of ways right out of the box on why they can’t. I have a couple of affiliate ideas, but I need to get my plan in place first. Thanks

  10. Art Garcia says:

    Thank for the info want to know a lot more on affiliate marketing

  11. Donald Paden says:

    The thought that I have is: Producing a “How To” on subject of expertise,
    that could also be made into a series, rather than just a one shot deal.

  12. Angela Davis says:

    I am new to this but I am so interested and wanting to be a success at this.
    My interests are floral design, wedding events and planning, mobile accessories, cleaning supplies, floral supplies, accessories and parts for jeep cherokees, autism research, ipads, computer gaming, Anthony, I am waiting for my coaching to begin. I havent established my website yet because I dont know how. I hope I still have an opportunity to win.

    Angela Davis

  13. Thanks, Anthony for the inspiring end-of-the-week video. I’m going to make a conscious effort to look for opportunities today as I make my daily rounds. You’re opening my eyes!

  14. Michael says:

    You know, I can not tell you how many times I have sat around day dreaming or thinking of the next big thing or how I could make money doing/providing something that others wanted or needed. If I just had a way to get this done!
    Great training and tip today :) I think what it really takes is just getting out of that comfort zone and just finding a way to make it happen, even if you fail.
    This will be my new mantra..I will let keep you updated on how I am doing.
    Thanks again Anthony!

  15. I have looked at genealogy as a place I’d like to try, but all the Clickbank opportunities seem unproductive. I haven’t checked Wolfstorm Media yet, because I’m still fumbling my way around, and am nervous that I don’t want to make a blunder that would make Adrian or you regret going out on a limb for us. I’ll see you in Mississippi.

  16. Damjan says:

    My Idea would be video tutorials wikipedia…

  17. Dottie Seavy says:

    I’ve started looking at different hobbies: ham radios, jewelry, herbs for children, painting. Will continue to develop the list..
    Again, thank you for your suggestions.

  18. very good presentation.. never thought of looking around and use the things am using, my hobbies etc and think oh may make money out of this good point

  19. LARRY JANZEN says:

    I am writing a Kindle book on young businesses…

  20. Laurel says:

    Hobbies: Country dancing, needlepoint, reading, walking, hiking, swimming. Thanks for continuing to support all of us.

  21. hi anthony thinking about motorcycle&boat moators part and marine accessaries,used&new. also maybe fishing&hunting supplys, was a thought i had when i seen the success connection to day ok,glenn in michigan.

  22. good watch it last week

  23. jackie says:

    Ok here are some of my ideas. Witchcraft, Crocheting, Beading, Glass engraving, glass etching, Wicca/pagen, aroma therapy, real magick spells, knitting, herbs. I’m still working on rereading and using your book.

  24. Very good common sense ideas

  25. Good!
    The Quizzes on Affiliate Marketing and e-Commerce Marketing lock up after the first (!st) question.

  26. Trudy White says:

    I have a pet dog, a rare and special breed; also the horses that I had; my specialty of studies, my specialities of past businesses and hobbies.

  27. Some ideas that I have recently started looking at are #1 doing affillaite mareting for small local businesses in my local area.Many of which have invested in websites but have not been promoting those sites. #2 A Blog about ideas for things that grandparents can do with the grandkids and other ways to stay connected to those grandkids.Of course with links to website offering more information,

  28. hello thanks for all your email.and seminiars.i am still on your fan website stii haven t made ant money since day one,but hopefully one day my day will come,good luck to who ever win the $1000 dollars.i pray for once i will be the winner.i say this all the time and pray i will some day be your winner,i am still unemployed and been denid disability several .thank you

  29. Hello Anthony, new user here.
    As I listened to you I thought of a hobby that might make me a dollar or two.
    I am a beginning woodworker and have been making different cribbage boards for fun ( battle ship, names, pretty much anything I can dream up.) This seems to be what you are refering to.

  30. I am now on video editing, health and fitness, and video games and as i look at offers there are a lot of possible affiliate products related to my current hobbies, and it will be easier for me to market these because I know everything about it. thank you for that eye opener and i am looking forward to the next success connection


  32. Deppie-Tinny Kekatos says:

    This was amazing just like last time. I do have some hobbies so I could turn that around into a business. Thanks for opening my eyes. As always, you rock Anthony!

  33. Wow! For some reason, I can’t think of anything off the bat… :-/

  34. Judy Hill says:

    Sorry I do not understand twitter. I use facebook. Your so right about making money with your hobbies, I have many, but I am not understanding how to market them or blog them. Where do I post these blogs at?

  35. Raymond Ford says:

    You are very inspiring. I am a dreamer I have a few good ideas.I have spent many years horseback alone.Spending time in silent thought. I’m going for a left hip replacement in late June; after that I want to go full force ,with you. July 2011 right knee;May 2010 left knee; Nov. 2011 pacemaker. Been self enployed always. Been up & down & up is better. Presently I’m way down. I’ll have a web sight by Aug.

  36. Yohannes says:

    My new idea today is placing a facebook ad for my Auto and Homeowner’s insurance for discount premium.

  37. Katherine says:

    I think it is great and have been wanting to change my website to help others with their health challanges, I never seem to make time for this but am going to now. Thank you for your programs!

  38. Leitha Frye says:

    I understand, Ideas are in everything you look at, if you look with eyes that see possibilities! Thanks Anthony..

  39. sharon says:

    Brainstorming has allowed me to come up with a handful of ideas like you suggested today & in the past. I like sports and participating in various activities but need to combine different things to keep there attention. I want to keep it exciting and interesting. I think you have great ideas just, need to work at it and apply myself. I am finding the more I research the more involved I have become in this internet marketing. You are an inspiration for me on these videos.

  40. Moving forward, website up and running. Learning lots, and we know we have more to learn. We appreciate all that you do for us. We are enjoying our training w/pmi and know that all will be worth it in the long run, and that’s what this is all about-the long haul. Thanks again for your time that you teach us, we listen, take action and continue when nothing seems to be happening-it is happening in the background. You said knowledge is power. Here’s a new saying: The more you learn, the more you earn. Peace.

  41. sandra says:

    There are a few areas that I have been exposed to in my path, namely Home Economics, Fitness and exercise also the Medical Field. Right now to carve out a successful niche from those areas does not seems feasible. Please comment on my opinion. Personally I am still holding fast with high hopes. One love peace.

  42. robert Posey says:

    very good comments. The ideas come from the universe. all we have to do is look for them

  43. Mary W. says:

    Hi Anthony, I am thinking about what you said and I thought – oh – I walk every morning 3 miles for exercise – there you go – you have to be creative. We probably are not thinking about what we do., whether it be a honny or just a simple think like walking . Right?? Thanks for the tips. Mary

  44. Bonnie says:

    This is something useful! There are a lot of things that I’m interested in and see around me, but the list is so long I’ll have to start writing them down. Then I’ll look for affiliates, etc.

  45. I am a professional woodcarver and carpenter. I came here from Hungary fourteen years ago because I was invited to work for a carpentry company but six months ago I was laid off and have been unemployed since then. I do work from home and created a website to try to get business but this is the first time I have done this and I would like some help.

  46. I guess that I didn’t notice before, but thanx Anthony for that eye opener. I do spend a good amount of time looking for new music to download. Maybe my friends or others do the same.

  47. Natalie Lee says:

    My two ideas right now are as follows: 1) Helping others figure out down-sizing if they need more money; 2) Lead others to think about Online Income as I’m trying to learn! I have started a personal blog thru Google to give out my tips, and I also have a New, Private Start-Up I wish to share with your whole community, which would help everyone make money online! I will be joining them within a couple of weeks, and put my personal link for everyone to see!

    I’ve joined Clickbank & Amazon aStore, linked them to my personal blog, then advertised thru one free blog Haven’t seen any feedback on that yet!

    I would encourage everyone to all do blogs to promote their biz’s or interests and link website or their affiliate interests all on their blog!
    Then market all at the same time.

  48. ZELETA L. LEE says:


  49. Eparkyn says:

    Antony: My idea is unrealistic would love to restore a Bentley car, if I ever get some$ after getting out of deaf. I had run out $ buying some of the great offers you have, so until I get enough to start paying my ads and begin to use what I had learned, I’ll be hanging inthere. Elizabeth

  50. asuderov says:

    Your tweets automated like emails? That’s amazing!

  51. Ken Curran says:

    I look forward to your Success Connection each week. I plan to look for a program for making Mothers’ Day cards.

  52. Diana Q says:

    Anthony, Thanks, you are right we need to start thinking outside the box. My husband just started a new hobby, it’s fishing lures. His really into making them and I see that hobby has a strong starting point for a new business venture. Again thanks for opening my eyes.
    Diana Q.

  53. Bruce A Mayo says:

    great idea – looking from another angle.

  54. Bernice J Adams says:

    great ideas…make the list and let it grow sounds great

  55. Grace Higbee says:

    I am not picking it up, as I want to listen to what is being taught, as I am learning alot from these success blogs every week. Thanks loads for wht you do, Grace.

  56. Karl says:

    Hi ther,

    this is a great lesion 7 a great idea. here are my idea’s:
    Repair & Mechanic, Tools, Tennis

  57. Michael says:

    I get what you are saying. How and what to sell is my problem. I am disabled so when I look around, I do not see much.
    BUT — I will try to think and I am still reading book……
    Thank you!

  58. Doc says:

    scuba diving, trips, equipment

  59. Jan-Inge says:

    I love to read books and my new idea is to promote those good books that I have been read.

  60. Ella Dikeman says:

    I like your idea, it is always good to take a step back and look at it from a different angle, and think about ,how I can get a different idea to make this work, actually it isn`t working for me right now, I actually have to get different ideas so I can start making money,

  61. Luis A. Deleza says:

    Hello Anthony,good blog! My 1st idea is Staying Healthy by weight-loss and honest supliments & vitamins to get results. 2nd Idea; Low cost Guns & Ammo, with CHL information. 3rd Idea; Auto Parts,info for hard to find parts. 4th Idea; Spirttual Information for everyone.& Locations. Those are a few ideas that came to mind.What do you think of these ideas? Your Student–Luis,TX.

  62. Rob says:

    Hi Anthony,
    Keep the advice coming.
    Your support is always welcome and helpful.
    To your continued success!

  63. carol says:

    you gave me alot more ideas to work with.

    I love crochet and i repair crochet so i think i’ll try that

  64. bird woman says:

    I’ve closed down my website right now; if you want an idea, how about something to do with birds, raising them, I do, and other stuff for birds; I could get into that; thanx for the update on ideas; I need to stop stagnating…I’m really broke. np

  65. Thank you for sharing your ideas
    & I have recieved your books. I haven’t
    had anything start yet. However, I would like to watch more of your videos n be able to learn more about being successes.!!!!

  66. Hello Anthony
    I try thinking out of the box every day, it is very possible I have a mental block. I have what seems like some great ideas but the cash folw problem always seems to get in the way. When on the brink of financial disaster as did your dad in our case there seems no way out . Any ideas please help e-mail me directly. Please don’t get me wrong you have provided some great ideas and instead ofyour best efforts they are still not affordable. Basics must come first and there is nothing left.


  67. Henry says:

    Thanks for your lesson today. I’m probably one that thinks everything comes directly to you. You have to use your imagination and look around you for products you probably use everyday. Be aggressive. Look forward to your next lesson.

  68. Ronald Bish says:

    Hello Anthony,,once again you have come up with a great idea for this weeks video. So many things happen in our everyday lives that it is very hard to remember all the little things we need to do to keep focused. The topic of new ideas is a great why to stimulate the process. Thanks Again ! You Da Man !!

  69. i have read your book and tried to follow it your course appeals to meee i just cant get started but i have read a couple others authors saying make thousands of dollars an hour but u say it is possible to generat a couple hundred ad y more bealiveable

    i just need to find my niche thank u for ur time and help

  70. Kathy Postel says:

    As soon as i get my check in 5 days i am buying your book!!…… of my ideas is to promote my own cleaning business w/a web site; also i have a new pg on facebook ( I am excited and love your training!!!! Thank you- Kathy

  71. Diane says:

    I have not started the program yet but I am going to try again

  72. Patrick Miller says:

    My idea is to have a website where people can order photographs, not from stock photos already made but have them custom-made to order.

  73. Mr. Morrison: Thank You for helping I am starting to put, plan to work. However every thing I do right now has to be free. I found that manta offers free listings but limited, but does draw attention. Please keep helping Thank You

  74. You are right, there are so many things that realte to what you like, sometimes is clear and sometimes is not. But thank you for bringing to attention.

  75. Thank you Anthony,
    I have been thinking of a health related product that I take and have been seeing great results.
    You have given me the motivation to move on it.

    Wish you well,

  76. Jean says:

    How about creatign an affiliate company to start and advertise for a starter, like the Wolf storm media or other companies.. It can’t be too hard to start it since there are many interesting internet marketters.
    Just a thought…

  77. I try to look at a small part of a subject and work on that “mimi” niche.


  78. Annette says:

    Good advice! I’m looking!

  79. leonard tayloe says:

    Are you going to be in Minnesota next week at the holiday inn April 26. The reason is that I am wanted to meet you for so long and ask question and to get started for business and make some real money. I will see you there that’s only if you be therefore. Thank you

  80. John Test says:

    Thanks for sharing again, Anthony! Most of the things I’m exposed to, or are interested in right now are landlord problems/solutions, alternative energy, particularly solar pv, solar hot water and solar hot air heating. I’ll be looking for offers along those lines and, hopefully, will be writing ads around those subjects A.S.A.P. Thanks again.


    John Test

  81. Kevin Young says:

    Thanks for the pep talk Anthony. In addition to $$$ I need to be motivated!

  82. Kevin Young says:

    Anthony there may be some ideas around church.

  83. Dale Neff says:

    Love going back through the book step by step.
    God Bless! Dale

  84. alfaywhite says:

    I have listen to this talk my idea is a women over 50
    I have been involved with a life long desire for health and fitness. a certifec aerobic instructor at one time

    I would do something with the baby boomer we the the floor of so many trend sin society since our birth.I just not how or what just yet .

    Alfay B. White

  85. Dale Packard says:

    Anthony, I need you to send me a good, Affiliate program, so that I can sell Vitamins, Like purity one’s. and wood, you send me the blog to join your stradigity, class and how to fallow along, step by step, again please, Im going to do it this time , I wont to be one of your best scesse story’s .
    thank you your fraind Dale, Im a cook If that will help too, A grate one! at that.

  86. Norma says:

    Hi Anthony, Thank you again for some more good advice. See you on the next Success Connection. NG

  87. janice says:

    Ideas: hobbies, craft ideas, pet information, receipes

  88. howdy Anthony as for thinking about new things is ther much out there on care of care tackers some of the elder care sites mention a little about it but not much then wher do i go for more comupter knowlage .& corrage then thers you don,t buy opportunites you creat them so how do i become more creative???

  89. Ipe Pereira Da Silva says:

    The only thing I need to start this business, is get an affiliate. Thanks Anthony for the principle number 2.

  90. Fred says:

    Great idea Anthony on how not to doubt yourself and think outside the box. Very entreprenuerish!

  91. James Engler says:

    Dogs, and all the products that goes with them. Golf and the tremendous potential of making awesome affiliate money from all that it entails. Organic food, cheese, olive oil, movies, horses, and horse training, back relief, lightbulbs, toothpaste, shampoo. Weight loss, business opportunities and dating are huge topics. T-shirts, cowboy boots, spurs, weight training, water proof jackets, hunting and fishing products, anything related to sports, vitamins and supplements, Marine D3, AFA, friendship, faith hope and love.

  92. Joyce Hubble says:

    Another good step. Ideas? Crafts like garden statues, macrame’ planters, scrapbooks, sewing for the home, canning, baking. Can you tell I’m a country girl?

  93. A dictionary of internet market terms need to be published. Call it “The Marketer Dictionary For Dummies.

  94. Keith Tucker says:

    I’m watching the Atlanta Braves play on TV and thinking maybe I could turn sporting event ticket packages into a profitable business idea. Also Concert ticket packages. Scrabble is my favorite game. What about a Scrabble game strategy book?

  95. Monica Restea says:

    I can visualize many options, but at the end I feel powerless on which one to choose?

  96. Laresa says:

    gardening, mustangs, health info, organic info, cookbooks, family, are a few ideas that come to my mind.

  97. Cassandra says:

    I had to watch this video a couple of times to get me thinking. I just thought, there are some hair products that I use and absolutely love that might have an affiliate program. Hmmmm! I really appreciate The Success Connection!!

  98. Anthony as always you bring the goods to the table on the success connection, as for ideas I have many. I believe that if a person does some research on the internet that they can find what the hottest items & commodities are & then use that particular thing for a one niche website or even just to use all the available resources for free, facebook, twitter, my space & so forth advertising as an Affiliate Marketer & overcoming the challenges that we face in the very beginning.

  99. Dona Hannon says:

    Affiliate programs abound…now I just have to find them…one is with my current job. Thank you! I will think on it further!

  100. Marie Gertz says:

    Anthony I can’t thank you enough for your PMI course. What a easy way to learn what everyone that wants to get into this business should know. I am so happy to have you and the Success Connection and PMI to help me get a good start in this business. Thanks again Marie

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