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If you are reading this then you’ve probably received a text message or even an email from me bringing you to this very page. It’s amazing how important social networking really is not only to business but also to learning. I am going to be sharing a lot of “free information” with my students this year. I want you to be able to access that free information so read below to learn how..

Here is what I want you to do for me, right now. It’s pretty simple and I think you will be more than happy with the results of this exercise.

#1. Follow me on

#2. Become a Fan on FacebookBecome a Facebook Fan

#3. Become a Facebook FriendBecome a Friend on Facebook

#4. If you are not enrolled in my text messaging program get enrolled now! Simply text my name Anthony to the phone number 26469. I won’t spam text you I promise and it cost absolutely nothing for the service other than standard msg & data rates if they apply to you.

#5. Visit my Live! Community and Join Today.. It’s pretty simple. Thousands of people will be networking with each other to learn Internet Marketing. It only takes a few seconds for you to sign up for the community. In fact just CLICK HERE and join now.

#6. Signup for my FREE marketing tips newsletter (if you aren’t already signed up). It’s simple just look to the right you will see where you can enter your name and email address.

Now why do you want to do all of this? Here are just a few reasons below…

#1. It will take you MAYBE 5 minutes to complete this exercise.
#2. I will be Tweeting & Facebooking “secret locations” of “free products” like audios and PDF’s. Don’t you want to be on the list so you know where to get them?
#3. I will be sending out a text message occasionally with information on how to access some of my programs free of charge, but you won’t know about it if your not on the list getting the texts messages right?
#4. I will be emailing numerous free guides and marketing tips. If you aren’t on the email list how are you going to take advantage of this information?

All in all in I am going to be giving away a lot of stuff ONLY to my closest social network. I invite you right now to join me, completely free, and together let’s make this year an amazing year! I will only be offering this for a short time so please go ahead and do this now….. like I said it just takes a few minutes, but you will see it was well worth the time!

PS: I put together this Audio training for all of you that have joined my newsletter! Download it now and get inspired, motivated and educated and let’s make this the best year of your entire life! Download Anthony’s Free Audio Training Now

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