Below are a list of some simple “Frequently Asked Questions” about Anthony Morrison and his official website.

Question: Does it cost anything to signup for your marketing tips via text message?
Answer: Absolutely not! If you text the word Anthony to 26469 you will be enrolled completely free. This is a service Anthony wanted to offer everyone who reads his books and follows his techniques. It’s just his way of keeping you up to date and engaged. Obviously standard text messaging rates do apply from your carrier, however, Anthony Morrison does not charge a single penny!

Question: How do I order Anthony’s books?
Answer: Currently Anthony’s first book “The Hidden Millionaire: 12 Principles to Uncovering The Entrepreneur In You” is available on Amazon.com or at The Hidden Millionaire Book. Anthony’s new book “Advertising Profits From Home” is only available through the special offer as seen on TV. You can order it online here at Anthony Morrison Advertising Profits From Home

Question: How do I join AnthonyMorrisonLive.com ?
Answer: Simply visit www.AnthonyMorrisonLive.com and signup. It’s completely free and it’s a wonderful way for you to connect with other aspiring and successful entrepreneur’s. Anthony Morrison Live was built simply to use Anthony’s reach to bring entrepreneur’s together to help each other become more successful and take their businesses or ideas to new levels. 

Question: How do I contact Anthony?
Answer: The best thing to do is simply email him at Anthony@AnthonyMorrison.com. Anthony checks his own email so please be patient in waiting for a response. Understand that he gets hundreds of emails each day and always does his best to respond in a timely manner.

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