Fan Page Domination By Anthony Morrison

July 26th, 2016   posted by anthony in News & Updates

Hey everyone,

I am excited to announce our Fan Page Domination training which we released this year to our students.

The great thing about this program is it truly shows you how to leverage simple Facebook Fan Pages to generate massive amounts of traffic
and of course a bigger email list.

Fan Page Domination is broken down into 4 Phases of training:

Phase 1: Getting Setup & Started – In this part of the training Anthony Morrison shows you how to build your Fan Page and setup everything from Auto-Responders to Surveys to make sure you are taking full advantage of the Fan Page Domination method.

Phase 2: Build & Grow – This part of the Fan Page Domination Anthony Morrison shows you exactly how to post on your Fan Pages to generate massive viral activity. This part of the course is very important because it’s what will help you grow your Facebook Fan Page exponentially.

Phase 3: Scale & Launch – Anthony will review using Facebook Live and how this enabled him to generate over 295,000 viewers for absolutely no cost at all.

Phase 4: Monetize & Profit – This is probably the most exciting part of the training because you’ll learn all the tricks to generating revenue from your new Fan Page.

Fan Page Domination is Anthony Morrison’s first training course released showing exactly how he built a fan page to over 500,000 fans while still managing to build an email list of over 200,000 subscribers at no cost.

You can read more about Fan Page Domination Anthony Morrison to see if this is a strategy you might want to use for your business.

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Weekly Blog #26: Anthony Takes You Inside The Marketing Success Academy (PMI)

April 15th, 2010   posted by anthony in Home Page, News & Updates, Video Blog

To find out if the Marketing Success Academy at PMI can help you jump start your succcess just dial 1-866-621-1531 ext 990

To find out if the Marketing Success Academy at PMI can help you jump start your succcess just dial 1-866-621-1531 ext 990

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Anthony Morrison – Things You Want To Know

January 30th, 2010   posted by anthony in News & Updates

Ok so I rarely read on the Internet about myself simply because I spend my time doing things that actually have substance and reason. I did, however, find myself reading some amusing blogs tonight. I guess there are some things I should clarify just simply in order to set the record straight on some of the things they continue to speculate about on a daily basis. I am sure all of you reading this understand that being on national television comes with responsibilities as well as scrutiny. I am not sure there are many people that ever appear on TV and don’t have someone somewhere post something ridiculous about them. I knew that going into it and decided that I enjoy what I do enough and I am passionate enough about what I do to ignore the remarks that I no doubt knew were going to be made about me.

It’s really sad that people will tell lies and post negative things to deceive others all for the reason of profiting from their deception. I am going to outline just a few things here for you all and then you’ll never see me address this kind of stuff again. I rarely give it enough thought to even justify it with a response, however, some of it is just so outlandish that I simply have to chime in with, well, my two cents.

Myth #1 – All Anthony Morrison Reviews Online Are Real
You know how I teach you all affiliate marketing? You know I teach you to do it in an honest and ethical manor so you can really learn and grow as an entrepreneur. Well unfortunately there are some “bad apples” out there as with any industry. They use “dishonest” and “unethical” methods to promote affiliate products and earn revenue from them. So let’s think about this for just a second and you draw your own conclusions from what I am about to say.

Here are some well known facts:
- People searching for me have probably seen my TV show and are interested in making money from home
- There are affiliate products out there (as well as mlm’s) that are trying to find YOU… well trying to find someone interested in working from home.
- There are affiliates (people promoting these products) online that have no ethics or morals

When you put it all together you get a page that says “I cancelled with Anthony Morrison… here’s why…” and they give you this long drawn out story about me and how stupid I am. Heck some of them even say I am not how old I say I am, I didn’t go to college, my parents didn’t lose their savings in WorldCom blah blah blah. However, at the end of this long drawn out article of how stupid I am they state something like this “I’ve been researching online for years and the ONLY thing I have ever found that works is THIS SO CLICK HERE NOW TO LEARN MORE” or you might see something like “Anthony is stupid but I found something that works. Learn more about it just click here now.” All they are doing is telling you how stupid I am in order to con you into clicking to a link to some stupid mlm or work at home program that they make money off of!! So who is really the real deceptive person here? Let’s review yet again..

What I tell you -
- You won’t be a millionaire overnight
- Average people who don’t read my book, don’t try and are not motivated probably won’t be successful
- I will do my best through my resources to help you, but you have to want to be helped

What they DON’T tell you
- They wrote their stupid review as really a “sales pitch” to get you to click that link at the bottom of the page to signup for a program they make money when you do.
- They probably never bought my program
- If they knew much about affiliate marketing they wouldn’t have to do it the way they are doing it.
- They are NOT by any means some kind of AUTHORITY on Internet marketing. Most of them are just completely stupid and trying to capitalize on my name and exposure.

The sad thing is on their little Anthony Morrison Review page they state “anybody that says they can teach you to make millions overnight is a scam” yet I NEVER SAY THAT on my show or anywhere else BUT they refer you to “that only program that has ever worked for them” and the first thing it does is promise millions of dollars. How pathetic and deceptive is that? So who do you trust? The moron who’s trying to make a $45 commission by deceiving you into signing up for some stupid program or the guy who’s on national television not promising you millions of dollars but is willing to help you and guide you in every way possible to help you achieve what you do want to achieve.

You decide.

Myth #2 – Anthony Morrison Story Exposed
Yep I have seen it online. These guys really try to make it out like my story doesn’t add up? like my chronological order of events is off so bad that there is no way anything I have said is true? Let me just ask this one question….. ARE YOU SERIOUS?
Since they are talking about it what I will do now is just address it this one time and be done with it. So here are some events in my life that you might want to take note of especially if you are writing a stupid review about me without accurate information:

****Anthony Morrison Timeline****
- I was born in December of 1982
- Graduated High School Class of 2001 (May 2001)
- Went straight to college graduated there in 2005
- WorldCom filed for bankruptcy on July 21, 2002 <-- this means I was in my freshman year of college and only 19 years old
- I started my first business and collected my first monies to help my family in February 2004 <---- this means I was 21 years old

Now I realize that there is about a year and a half that passes from the time that WorldCom collapsed to the time that I started a business to help my parents. I fully stated this on my show and in all my interviews where I say the following "I spent many nights trying to motivate my dad to do something just anything to make money in real estate, but he was just simply to broken to do anything" and yep I stated this "my dad tried to get a job in many places for awhile but everyone gave him the same answer he was really just too old to be working there". Ok so it's not like I said we lost everything today and tomorrow I BOOM! FIXED IT. There was a period of about a year where my dad tried to get a job and he tried to do something to support our family but he simply couldn't do it. When it got to the point where we were literally out of money and facing some serious issues I stepped in and started my business to help my parents. At that time it was a necessity or they would have lost their home, cars and most of all security.

Maybe I should be more careful when I throw out timelines, dates, ages etc. I never knew people would really try to go as low as to pick apart my story to make me look bad. All that stuff seems like years ago... almost like another lifetime. I've been an adult taking care of other people since I was 21 years old which gives me a full 6 years or so of it. When I think back I say things without really thinking of a timeline. Maybe those of you so obsessed with me and my story ought to create you own... instead of just wasting your time talking about me.

Myth #3 – Anthony Morrison 9/11 Story Is Stupid
AGAIN ARE YOU SERIOUS? You think I would lie about what I was doing and where I was when this stuff happened? What kind of sick, deranged people are you? I just almost left this off because it’s so ridiculous. You do, however, state that “there is no way Anthony Morrison was in college when this happened if you follow his timeline” I guess this was in response to my article I wrote (click here to read) where I discussed remembering where I was and what I was doing when that happened. Well if you look at the timeline I graduated high school in MAY 2001 and entered college in AUGUST 2001 ….. so where does that leave me in SEPTEMBER 2001…. ill let you figure that out for yourself.

Myth #4 – Anthony Morrison Testimonials are Family Members
Nope. Wrong again. I did have my brother as a testimonial and rightfully so since he has done very well with Internet marketing. He’s had some really impressive months and has made more money than most people his age. I did take him off my show simply because I don’t wish to expose him to such scrutiny that I am exposed to on a daily basis. He’s done well and will continue to do well. I taught him and NOBODY can take that from me, period. The rest of my testimonials are just people I have met along the way. People that I have taught what I know and they have had some success.

They are not family members, friends of family members, employees or anyone like that. Heck if you look at the testimonials we don’t even have people saying they made millions of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars! Wake up people…. I have testimonials of people that have made a few hundred bucks. Why? because I don’t wish in any way to deceive people into thinking they are going to make millions of dollars.

The facts are (and I state this on TV) that few people make millions of dollars doing anything right? but hey if you can make a few hundreds extra bucks a month I think it’s worth it. That’s what my show is about and that’s what my testimonials state. We don’t over exaggerate what you can make just to deceive people and we don’t use fake testimonials. Period.

Myth #5 – Anthony Morrison Started His Charity To Look Good
Well I can’t say that wouldn’t have been a smart thing to do right? I mean pretty much every successful businessperson has founded a charity or represents one correct? Here is the thing that will surprise you all. I started that Charity BEFORE I did seminars, wrote books, appeared in magazines and had TV shows. I did it because I was raised the right way by my parents. I was raised to be compassionate and thoughtful and for the first time in my life I was wealthy enough to give back to others. For anyone to say I started it to look good or to steal money you are just, ignorant. In fact I call it a charity but it’s not even legally a charity. I don’t accept donations from anyone for any reason. I think “charity” is something that’s in our hearts. The work I do and the people I help is what’s important to me. Since I started this project I have personally provided Christmas gifts for hundreds of little kids. I have provided opportunity for many young adults to learn about giving back by simply giving their time. I have inspired so many young people to think about others and to give back to those less fortunate whenever they have the opportunity.

My question to those of you who want to questions my ethics and morals is what have you done lately? What have you done to help those who need it most? When was the last time you did something that really touched someone’s life? You know instead of knocking me on this you could learn a bit from it. It’s not about how it makes me look it’s about how it makes these kids feel. It’s about giving them a chance to go back to school and not be the only ones Santa didn’t visit. It’s about giving them confidence at a young age when they need it the most. It’s about helping other people and making them realize that people do care. If you want to challenge me on that, fine but you will lose. I love these kids that we help. I love how I feel when we make them smile. I love taking a child who has just been burned and is going through some rough times emotionally dealing with their scare and making them forget them, if even for a moment.

Ill continue to do what I do. You can post about me. You can do videos about me. You can write about me. And guess what? I WILL CONTINUE TO DO WHAT I DO to help these kids and these families. It’s not about me and it’s not about you and your stupid, ignorant and false reviews. It’s about these kids and helping them. That’s all I care about. Period.

If you read this to this point then you know how I feel about things. I have pretty much just set the record straight and I feel a lot better about it. Nobody can debate facts and thats exactly what I have just given in this long message, facts. So for those of you who continue to blog about me with stupid remarks and false information here is my challenge to you. Post a link back to my story here on all of your so called “anthony morrison review” pages. Let people read your junk and then read my page and make their own decision as to who is telling the truth.

Nah…. you could never do that…. I mean then you wouldn’t be making money off all these people fall for your fake reviews and “click here for your only program that ever worked” junk….

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2009 Charity Event For Burn Center Kids

December 3rd, 2009   posted by anthony in Helping Others, News & Updates

Our charity was out and about shopping early this year. On December 2, 2009 we worked with the Mississippi FireFighters Association for burned children to help them experience a better Christmas and put a smile on their face. I have to say being around these kids is so touching and so inspiring to everyone. Each one of them has their own personal story of how they got burned and how it’s changed their lives completely. There are kids here who spilled hot coffee right on their head and are burned from top to bottom. Their are kids who’ve touched hot stoves, irons and so many other things. It really makes you think about how blessed you really are each and every day you wake up.

I personally was very lucky! Last year I wrote on my blog (READ HERE) about a little boy who had just been burned when we met. He was playing at his parents campfire outside right before Thanksgiving when someone through liquid in the fire causing it to engulf some dried out leaves and then ultimately his face. Last year Cameron wouldn’t really speak much to me. He was very embarrassed by his appearance and the burns on his face after all I met his literally two short weeks after it took place. His mom told me at that time he didn’t want to go back to school and he didn’t want to be in front of any people.

When I walked in this year Cameron was there! It was quite amazing because I didn’t even recognize him. He looks so much better he almost looks completely heeled. He was much more talkative this time and I even got him to do some video clips for my website (because he wants to watch himself online) and we got him to do a spot for the local radio encouraging more people to donate to this wonderful cause. Cameron and I shopped for about 30 minutes because he knew exactly what he wanted a PSP, games, remote control car and some motorcycle thing that I can’t describe lol. After shopping his mom told me how this event really has changed their lives and the help of all of us in this organization has really been such a blessing to their family.

That’s what it is all about simply touching other people’s lives and helping to give these kids something to smile about. When you wake up in the morning and expect to have everything and the perfect life it’s important to realize there are people less fortunate. There are kids, just like Cameron, who simply didn’t catch a break and now they are dealing with a very traumatic event at a very young age. I am happy to say that Cameron looks great! He feels great and I bet he’s going to enjoy watching himself on the Internet as soon as a post the video.

So Cameron this post is for you buddy. I had a great time with you and your mom…. your story is going to help inspire so many people around the world to give back and help other people. I know your personal changes from last year to this year are also inspiring so many other kids who are going through what you went through last year. You are truly a blessing and such a great kid! I hope to see you next year.

Anthony Morrison                     Charity 2009 Anthony Morrison

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Anthony Morrison – Website Upgraded

September 8th, 2009   posted by anthony in Home Page, News & Updates


I am very excited to announce that we have upgraded the Anthony Morrison website to include some amazing new features as well as a completely new design. I have received so many emails and comments from wonderful people around the country mainly because of my new nationwide show featuring my new book Advertising Profits From Home. I decided I wanted to turn into a place where you can not only ready about me, but also learn about marketing and network with other aspiring entrepreneur’s. Being successful is great in and of itself, but using your success to help others find success is the real goal. I hope that my reach through media helps bring thousands of people to this website to grow and learn from each other to create their own success. We have added the “Anthony Morrison Live” community which I think is going to absolutely rock! This will be a place to post questions and get answers from other community members. I hope this place alone creates hundreds if not thousands of success stories. 

I have also added a weekly video blog section, text messaging program to let me send you marketing tips, and many other new and exciting features. So stay awhile and checkout the new feel free to drop me any comments you might have as I am always looking to make this place a better place for you and every other aspiring entrepreneur that visits it each day.

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Anthony Morrison – Remembering 9/11

September 7th, 2009   posted by anthony in Home Page, News & Updates

I still remember (as if it were yesterday) the moment I heard about an airplane hitting a building in New York. I was a college kid at the time (Pre-Med Major) and I was walking through the Quad on my college’s campus when I heard someone say they were going to the chapel to pray for everyone who was in some building hit by a plane. I had no clue at that moment what building they were talking about or what the situation really was. I remember hearing a girl about my age say “My mom was in that building today” and I remember my heart sinking. Even though I didn’t know her I felt so bad that she was going through such a horrible moment in her life it really upset me. So I went back to my apartment, turned on the TV, and was hoping to find more information on what I had just heard. I never expected to see what I saw when I turned on my TV. That was the exact moment they showed the World Trade Center falling to the ground in a cloud of dust. I couldn’t believe my eyes and then it hit me that there were going to be hundreds if not thousands of people just like the girl I had just seen in the Quad. I knew there were going to be so many people hurt by this and so many lives lost by this, but I still didn’t know why?

It was later on that I found out it was “a terrorist attack” on our country. This moment really opened my eyes and for the years since this occurred I have really had a different take on life and family. I have always been close to my family, but not any closer than after 9/11. Visualizing such a horrific event and being around the very people that it hurts can really make you open your eyes even wider than they may have already been opened. For me I realized that I didn’t spend enough time with my family because I was so committed to school, being a doctor, and trying to run a business all at the same time. I quickly realized “family” matters more than school, education, money, business or pretty much just anything else you can think of at the moment. I started going home more frequently and spending more time with my parents. I love them so much and I really feel blessed to have had them with me for so long. I think this was the first time it really hit me that other people are not always able to spend so many years with their parents.

I hope our country learned from 9/11 that coming together and acting as one great nation is really the key to our success and power in the world economy. Never have I seen people of all colors, race, ages, genders whatever ban together like I did after 9/11. For the first time, at least in my life, I saw our country as a unified group instead of many different people with different agendas and different views. It was really an amazing thing to see people actually proud to fly the American Flag at their house or put a decal of the flag on their car. 9/11 proved that we as a nation are in fact proud to be in the greatest nation this world has ever seen, America. It also proved that we tend to forget that until moments of tragedy strike us.

My hope is that we will all remember today just how it felt to unify and come together. Remember where you were, what you were doing, and how you first heard of what happened in NY that day. Pray for the families who lost so many loved ones and then be so very thankful for the ones you have in your life. Realize that life is precious and it’s a privilege it’s not something owed to you. Spend each day loving the people around you that make you smile and always remember those who aren’t as lucky as you. Pray for them to have comfort, peace of mind and overall happiness.

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Anthony Morrison – Mark Victor Hansen

September 1st, 2009   posted by admin in Entrepreneurship, News & Updates

I had the amazing opportunity to speak at one of Mark Victor Hansen’s “Cash In a Flash” events a few weekends ago. It was a great event with so many really nice people. I enjoyed meeting everyone and certainly enjoyed hearing their personal stories. I have to say it’s an amazing feeling to be speaking at an event put on buy a guy so well respected and so successful in the writing industry. Most of you have probably read one of his “Chicken Soup” series books or maybe his newest book Cash In A Flash which he wrote with Robert Allen. Mark is one of the nicest guys I have ever met in my entire life. Very down to earth and always willing to listen, learn and offer advice. If you haven’t read his “Richest Kids In America” book I suggest you visit right now and pickup a copy! It’s a book about young people (just like me) that have been successful and made quite a bit of money doing things from painting all the way to hip hop greeting cards that you see in your local stores right now. Some really amazing stories are in that book and they are certainly inspiring to all who read.

Below is a picture of Mark and I from the event. I have a few more ill post here pretty soon. Just remember if a kid from Mississippi can get where I am now anybody can do it! Just believe in yourself and stay focused and you can achieve any level of success you want!

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Anthony Morrison – Website Changes On The Way

August 22nd, 2009   posted by admin in News & Updates

I am sure you all are wondering “when is the community coming” and what in the world is it? Well I decided to take a few minutes today to really explain the goal of this website and how I want to use it to help people around the world connect and learn from each other about online marketing. is going to undergo some major changes over the next few weeks. We will be redesigning the home page to allow you to navigate the site easier and we will be creating new online properties geared towards helping you learn more about online marketing.

The Anthony Morrison online community is going to be our biggest project. We plan to utilize this community forum to allow you to connect with each other and discuss various marketing techniques and strategies. There are so many people in this world each one of us can learn from if we just have a venue that brings us all together, and I intend to build that venue here at

In the next few weeks you will be able to create a profile, post questions, comments, strategies, and techniques for others to read….. you will even be able to message each other back and forth to share ideas and tips. We hope this website becomes your number one place to connect with others so you can learn, grow and prosper in everything you do.

Keep checking back, posting comments, and sending me emails! I love to read them all and I take your request into consideration when developing new aspects of the website.

Have a great weekend!

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