What You Need to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing

I have been working in Affiliate Marketing for a long time as an affiliate, product creator, speaker and coach.  Whenever I am attend a seminar or hosting an event one question seems to pop up every time, “Do I have what it takes to be an Affiliate Marketer?”  The answer to this question is simple; anyone can be an affiliate Marketer if they take the right steps.  For that matter, anyone can be a rocket scientist if they take the time to learn what it takes.  With a little education and a little time, you can be a successful Affiliate Marketer.  So what do you need to be successful in Affiliate Marketing?  There are five things that you must ultimately possess if you are going to become a successful Affiliate Marketer and stand out among the competition.

Willingness to Learn

Anyone starting out in Affiliate Marketing will be treading unfamiliar territory and it can be scary.  With every turn that you make in your new business, you will be asked to learn something new whether it be a new program or creating a website.  You need to take each step with stride and learn one step at a time.  No one is expecting you to know everything in the beginning.  The worst mistake that you can make is trying to learn everything at once.  Take it one step at a time.  Once you learn each step, then you are ready to continue on to the next step.

Invest Your Time

You also need to be willing to invest your time in your new venture.  Most people think that if they are working from home they will have more time to dedicate to themselves.  The truth is, you will always have something that needs to be done and you need to take the time to do it.  This can be hard for new marketers.  You need to devote times each and every day to your new business.  Whether it is checking emails, looking for new products or attending seminars, there is always something that needs to be done and you need to take the time to do it.

Self Determination

Never Say Die should be your new mantra.  There is nothing that you cannot accomplish with a little elbow grease.  This is the attitude you need to have if you are going to succeed in Affiliate Marketing and life in general.  You need to be your own self motivator and believe that you can make it to the top.  When you believe that you can attain everything, you are more willing to do whatever it takes to get to the top.

Self Discipline

This may be the most important thing that you need if you are going to make it as an affiliate Marketer.  There will always be something that would be more fun to do than work.  You will not have a boss looking over your shoulder to make sure you get your work done.  You need to me your own self motivator and make sure the work gets done.  You need to remember that you are cultivating YOUR business so the work must be done.


Nothing will kill your affiliate marketing business faster than a negative attitude.  There will be times when you do not see immediate success.  In fact, there will be months at a time that you do not see results and may think that you are spinning your wheels.  During these times you cannot give up.  You need to remember that becoming successful in this business takes time.

Affiliate Marketing above everything else is a leap of faith.  Having the right attitude is key if you are going to succeed in this business.  What you need to remember is that Affiliate Marketing is not a get rich quick scheme.  It will take work and time on your part if you are going to succeed in this business.  So, “Do you have what it takes to become an affiliate marketer?”  Your answer is YES, as long as you are willing to put the time and effort in to succeed.


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139 Responses to “What You Need to Succeed in Affiliate Marketing”
  1. preethi says:

    The tips are very informative

  2. preethi says:

    Great tips

  3. lochs says:

    I find your motivational/management/administrative guidance very valuable. Being self employed isn’t just about knowing ‘things’, it’s also about knowing how to BE self employed. I have been self employed for more than 30 years, and I STILL find benefit and value in your leadership. Thank you for all your guidance. I admit I am no where close to your level of discipline and organization, but you give me something to work toward. :)

  4. Thanks Anthony…great tips indeed

  5. Good advice as always . It does take work and dedication to be successful.

  6. sharon says:

    these articles are very helpful, it can be a big struggle each and every day to jump over the hoops, but I know persistence will pay off, and a positive outlook

  7. Cara Gelly says:

    I needed that pick up! Thank you! These tips are true!

  8. Good information. I need to read this each time negativity sets in which currently is the case. So it showed up at the proper time. Identifing the proper steps,ie, the first, second and third and on up, to achieve becoming an affiliate would be really helpful for your next help info. This is where I sit at the moment confused over things like is the web site issue the first step, and what follows. I feel I am trying to learn everythink at once and not knowing when I do where to go next. Bottom line this type info is needed.

    Thank you.

  9. Rene' Bennett says:

    Motivational information which, at this juncture SHOULD be common knowledge…however, good to reitterate.

  10. Monique Mitchell says:

    Thank you Anthony. As usual great information: the 5 things I need to succeed in affailiatte marketting is what I need to concentrate on. And frankly, what I need to work on.

  11. Derry says:

    Tips apply to any business, but must be self imposed and adhered to especially in a home based business. Good advise.

  12. carol pickens says:

    great tips now I just need to learn to apply
    and stay out the hospital long enough to take action

  13. K.K.Kumaroo says:

    You stated well, Anthony…..

  14. AYSHA BURNETT says:

    The tips are easy to follow and very interesting.

  15. Great Advice as usual!

  16. Anthony…this was very very helpful. In fact, everything I watch or read from you is very helpful. I am 25 years old and I feel like I’m pretty successful so far for how old I am, however, I don’t want to just settle for what I have already. I am very grateful for what I have but I strive to be in similar shoes that you are in. I’m looking forward to learning from a new found mentor. :) Thank You!

  17. GARY HOGAN says:


  18. Gregg Matthew says:

    Thanx 4 the tips and tools 2 press onwards! Triple G

  19. To have faith is the key. You are so right Anthony. If you don’t have faith in
    yourself you will never get anywhere. That set off a light bulb for me. Thank You.

  20. Jane Hubert says:

    thanks for helping reminders

  21. (MNTRNG STDNT Can I have ur ….) I have a great desire to succeed as an Affiliate Marketer and owning my own business. I have had some setbacks, (thank God for Kaci), most of my own doing, but I am determined to be successful!

  22. Trudy White says:

    Thank you, Anthony, what you say is the truth.

  23. Thomas Longerbone says:

    Great advise.

  24. Kevin says:

    You are the best, always informative with great motivation for others, I have gotten rid of all teachers but three , you are the first I kept because of your sincerity, and devotion to others success1
    Thank You,

  25. Hello Anthony,
    I was derailed for two months, but I am back on track. Please keep sending me your emails and advice. You are an inspiration to me more than you know.

  26. Dondi says:

    These are 5 encouraging aspects that I have applied in 1 way or another. Good work, Anthony.

  27. Lee says:

    Great tips. These should be posted where you can read them daily.
    Thanks so much.

  28. Victor says:

    The tips gave me a lot of information and motivation too. I will do it.

  29. Konstantinos says:

    Good guide to the right direction

  30. Dorlyn says:

    Thanks, Anthony. Great tips for any business.

  31. Abigail Forrest says:

    I found something today that I thought you would love. It’s from Proverbs 13:4; The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing, But the soul of the diligent is made fat.

  32. IZPOPhoenix says:

    Good info for anyone.

  33. ernie trujillo says:

    the work habits form at the earliest stages of your marketing bus.,if somebody gave you a succesful bus…you would not know how to run it because you did not go through the fire yourself.best wishes to all.thanks anthony…keep up the great work.

  34. Marcia Brown says:

    These are great points to remember. The one aspect of this that I have trouble with is staying optimistic. I have found, though, that working on my training videos and workbooks during the less optimistic times helps me have more self-confidence to keep going. Thanks for all you do to help us.

  35. A word to the wise they say is enough, but to me deserves another different kind of food for thought. I have learnt a lot today. Thanks.

  36. Audrey Kroll says:

    Great Information! Thank you for all your help. Also, I loved this pos.t where there was a Video PLUS text! that way we can print the informationfor future reference. Audrey Kroll

  37. Dagan says:

    Good motivational insights to keep us on track with pursuing our goals. Thanks for setting an example and being a leader and success model.

  38. Steve Price says:

    Motivational. Thxs

  39. Joseph Prieskorn Jr says:

    Lost my Job Friday. Need online marketing money quickly to pay bills and debt.

    Great tips also.

  40. Blanca says:

    Thanks, it is encouraging! Good advice.

  41. lyle says:

    Hey Anthony I am wondering what your advice is for someone looking to do live webcasts. I see you also use a greenscreen studio. We just picked up Wirecast.


  42. Keep throwing out this stuff…It Rocks!!!

  43. Justin says:

    Your guidelines are very helpful, and enlightening indeed. I definitely agree that it requires time, work, patience, commitment, tenacity, and a positive attitude in order to be successful in this business. I assume it’s not easy but just got to remind myself to keep pushin’ it and above all to “Never Give Up!” Thanks! =)

  44. Jim Ijames says:

    It has been awhile since I’ve heard these nice to be reminded. Lost my job at 71 now trying to do this at 74. I wonder if I can learn all of this stuff.

  45. King Richard says:

    Anthony u are my messiah a genius

  46. Libby Sosa says:

    Five good things to include in anyones’ repitoire for any success in life period! However the last can be a difficult to achieve. I consider myself a half full kind o gal but it is quite the challenge @ times.

  47. Barbara says:

    Excellent words to live by.

  48. James Magee says:

    Hi Anthony,

    I always get something from your webinars and newsletters.


  49. Patricia Cotton says:

    YES, more like this…enjoyed it very much! Thank you!

  50. grace says:

    stuck. the rest of the tips are fantastic. Thanks

  51. Leitha Frye says:

    Nose to the grindstone!! Thanks

  52. Maude Kovarik says:

    Very true. I’m trying to follow steps. I just have to know what steps to follow at times.
    Thanks for all you do

  53. james says:

    willing to learn, fast learner, easy to teach,that is who iam.

  54. darlene says:

    Thank you for keeping me on track;

  55. Patrick Miller says:

    These tips seem obvious when you see them, but it’s good to be reminded of them!

  56. Ligia says:

    Hi Anthony,
    The above information are very helpful tips for
    me, as i’ve just started with 2 of you programs ” success with Anthony and also FastCashCommission program and i have to tell you that i’ve learned so much, and i would like to Thank you and im looking forward to make money online with your program.
    Thanks heaps your great!!!

  57. Albert says:

    This is great. I appreciate the encouragement. That’s why I have stuck it out even though its’ been tough for me.

  58. The 5 steps was very interesting, Thanks for the insight. This is very helpful.

  59. Janet says:

    Great tips and if applied we will succeed.

  60. Anthony, you make a great teacher. I am trying to follow that 365 Matthew
    Effect, which is a very powerful biblical principle.

  61. DeWayne Bridges says:

    I get that a positive attitude, dedication of time and self discipline are all very important to success in Affiliate Marketing. However, are there specific skills or skill sets that you see in people who suceed in this business

  62. Morris Kaufmann says:

    Your presentation ideas are 100% on target.

    In a past life I was a successful entrepeneur, in a very different field.

    But it doesn’t matter what field you are in, success only comes to those
    who engage with enthusiasm, and with a working plan every day.

    Be well.

  63. I think this is on point and key.

  64. dennis says:

    Thanks again for the tips and ifo


  65. Thanks, it helps to know it is difficult at timesw, but I still can and will succeed.

  66. very informative tips to success

  67. Dottie Seavy says:

    The value is in the does, not the deed.

  68. john gordon says:

    I want to tell you that I am reading your book “advertising profits from home” and it has been very enlightening and inspiring, especially since we are starting a new business venture, with the Yogi T Shirt Company & NJGVideo & Photography! Thanks, John Flash Gordon

  69. Kong Sourivong says:

    Hey, Anthony and Adrian. its so wonderful day today,I just came home from worked, but thank you my Heavenly Father in Heaven give each one of us have opportunity to gain our knowledge and help each other.

    You have a wonderful day.

    Kong Sourivong

  70. Mark Lewis says:

    This is definitely the kind of infomation i need to keep me going. Thanks Anthony.

  71. Soylia Huerta says:

    like u information

  72. Kathy Postel says:

    Excellent advice, your words are like fresh water pools in the desert, thank you Anthony!!!

  73. Jeri Morgan says:

    Thanks Anthony
    This was very informative an sheds light on a lot.

  74. eparkyn says:

    Antony: Thanks you are right it is not a fast buck, needs care and attention, motivation and hope. But we need to keep trying. Like our tomatoes in the garden need care.

  75. Natalie Lee says:

    I do have all 5 Must-Have’s so I feel blessed. I do put my learning, reading, researching ahead of fun……which can be very hard. But I figure, the quicker I learn these new skills and the industry….the better!!! I think about my long-range goal every day!

  76. Elena says:

    Dear Anthony:
    Thanks for all the time, dedication, and effort that you put in teaching us in depth all you know.

  77. Donna Moore says:

    Your information is right on target. Working unsupervised does require a lot of discipline. Working at home has a lot of distractions and people that don’t understand you don’t wish to be sociable right now.

  78. Loree says:

    Anthony,I believe aside from those you mentioned there’s just one thing more needed to become successful AM which is the capacity to spend more money for advertising, website building and more.

  79. Georgette Johnson says:

    I did learn from this blog. I am doing most of the things. It is hard to keep the positive attitude. I am so tired after working all day :( I really do appreciate all the great info you provide. thanks!

  80. mike foy says:

    I dont belong to facebook and i dont tweet. But i appreciate you reminding me about success. Thanks. Mike

  81. Hey Anthony you taught me what it means to have patience. Like they say: “Patience is a Virtue!”

  82. glory says:


  83. ernie trujillo says:

    the work habits form at the earliest stages of your marketing bus.,if somebody gave you a succesful bus…you would not know how to run it because you did not go through the fire yourself.best wishes to all.thanks anthony…keep up the great work.

  84. Rhonda says:

    your suggestions are great!

  85. David says:

    Yes, Great advice.

  86. Lacy says:

    The information you gave us was real helpful, thanks.

  87. Helene says:

    Awesome tips! They made me think again that I can succeed in affiliate marketing!

    thank you!

  88. Thomas Owen says:

    Good food for thought.

  89. Linda says:

    Thanks! Information is very motivating. Keeping the faith :)

  90. Betty says:

    Thanks Anthony just what we needed to hear.

  91. Sheri says:

    Thanks for the advice, and your right, it takes time in anything to make it a sucess.

  92. Hello Anthony
    I have been working on being an affiliate for one year as of this month, I spent the first six months reading, your books, watching every webinar that pertained to my business, setting my direction, and I believe I am on the edge of starting to make some fair amount of money. Thanks for all the tips.


  93. It always help to be reminded not to give up. It is a difficult road and sometimes when there is no success it would be easier to let it go.
    You always remind us to try again

  94. Benzz says:

    Great advice to keep you going. . . .

  95. Joe Bosch says:

    Great advice! Not new, but great and needs repeating just the same.

    Do you know the definition of a failure?

    It’s somebody who quits before they succeed!

    I’ve been called lots of things, but a quitter isn’t one of them…

    I’m confused on how to get started the right way and need HELP.


  96. Muriel says:

    I’m a step by step person. Your information is really good! I like your comment regarding faith! Anything worth while is worth waiting for. Expect for this business to take time and if it happens sooner than later, that’s like icing on the cake.

  97. Rachel Bravo says:

    thank you

  98. Gordon says:

    You’re still right, I’m still wrong…but I’ll keep the faith.

  99. This was helpful…good advice!

  100. Jamie says:

    Thank you so much Anthony Morrison I really needed that and that is truly why your good at what you do thanks…

  101. Don Warren says:

    There was some very good information in here. Thanks Anthony.

  102. Luis A. Deleza says:

    Hello Professor Anthony, thank you again for the information you are giving us in your blogs. I have learned many things from you that I did not know before. I am glad I am finally taking action slowly but steady. I keep getting all the quick fast start up e-mails, just click and everything is done for you. Everybody is saying the same thing over & over. You on the other hand, are the only one that is trying to teach how to become successful in this Affiliate Marketing Bussiness. That’s why you are our Professor! May GOD BLESS YOU! Your student–Luis

  103. Sandra Hildreth says:

    Anthony: Great info content- very straight to the point (easily understood) and encouraging. I’m still hanging in there after 2 years of learning and listening. I’m pretty close so I appreciate your comments. Thank you.

  104. Joyce Knake says:

    You also have to pick yourself up when you’ve made a mistake or something doesn’t work out the way you thought it would. Learn from your mistakes. It’s not going to be a smooth road. But hopefully ,with stick-to-it-tive-ness, you will be successful.

  105. Glenn says:

    like the in fo and the phone calls at night i will read this agin to understand better,have fun on the dads day weekend,glenn in michigan.

  106. Norma says:

    Hi Anthony, Thank you for the advice. NG

  107. Alice Wilson says:

    These are the great basics! Thanks for the reminders.

  108. Jo-Anne says:

    I am really out of my comfort zone with some of the computer skills but my stubbornness is really an asset right now. I am determined that I am going to learn these skills

  109. Teresa Belcher says:

    I have been giving 8 to 10 hrs per day to learning about affiliate marketing

  110. Kate says:

    Hey Jim
    Nice to know I’m not the only one. Lost my job recently at 64 and am trying to learn all this new stuff, plus getting myself back on my feet financially. I read recently that you are never too old, and can (and should) keep learning and doing new things way past your 70′s, going strong into your 90′s, so long as you want to, and possibly producing your best work with all the hindsight you now have, getting better all the time, so go for it!

  111. Edward B Laney II says:

    I was skeptical at first, but after reading some of these comments here it seems that some people are getting some results. Please don’t give up on me yet! Thanks!

  112. Luke Pham says:

    Thank you Anthony,

    Your info is very useful.


  113. bob pascoe says:

    there are so many new changes with marketing, it is hard to keep up with all of the changes, but with your help you make it easy.

  114. Ivy Rice says:

    Thanks again, Anthony, for your inspirational and motivational advice. You are right as always. Thanks for all you do for others.

  115. robert says:

    most of all—-
    we need to keep a positive mental attitude

  116. just need to apply it

  117. Chris Kalwa says:

    These 5 key steps to building a viable Affiliate Marketing business are the necessary working “ingredients” to a “recipe for long-term success.” As the universal saying goes, “If you fail to plan – plan to fail.” Thank you Anthony for sharing these smart strategies for positive action.

  118. James says:

    This is Good. I like it and will benefit from this lesson, as I have from many others.

  119. Anthony , Thank you for helping me know i could do this , it’s all about putting the time in and staying positive and also knowing it takes time for your buisness to grow .

  120. William Parker says:

    Anthony; I read everything I can get my hands on, particular everything I receive from you. I have been a sucessful commissioned salesman and officer of three differant companies. All of my years have been very successful without any supervision. I have over the last 20 years reached the high six figures on ten of those years. I am a good self starter but am often detoured because of limited income. I read every thing you send my way, so please never give up on me. I am going to move over the next three weeks, to be closer to my son in Corpus Christi, Tx, so there is going to be some lost time, but don’t give up on me. I will catch up in that second week of July. I really appreciate the Blogs. They sure get my attention. Thanks from the bottom of my heart. William

  121. Michael says:

    Very good points, especially putting in the time , effort and being optimistic. I have to work on those everyday.

  122. Laura says:

    Thanks Anthony,
    I really appreciate your helpful and encouraging information to keep me on the right track. I need to succeed at affiliate marketing. I do get discouraged sometimes and wonder if I will make it. Thats exactly why your information is soooo helpful to me. It can feel lonely at home in my own office all by myself.
    it really helps to connect with other internet marketers.

  123. G.Bustamante says:

    Thanks Anthony,for all the advises and recommendations-that you-on timely
    Maner provide to all of us.Please,keep
    them coming,because we need those
    capsules of encouragement and posi-
    tivism.As always…..Good luck!

  124. Ima says:

    Thanks for the motivation. Please don’t give up on me. I’m going to get it. You’ll see.

  125. Ima says:

    Anthony, thanks so much for the encouraging and helpful hints you give all of us. Please keep them coming. You’re the greatest.

  126. Daniel deFluiter says:

    Thanks, I need to be oganized.

  127. JANET says:

    Thanks Anthony, I have to develop the right mindset or I will never succeed!

  128. Shirley Miller-Gore says:

    I have no website yet. Thank U. I plan on reading this over and over till I get it. I hope soon.

  129. Muriel says:

    Anthony – You always give us such good information! You “ROCK” as my young niece would say. I think that you are terrific!!! You are somewhat younger than me however you have a wealth of information and advice! Thank you so much for your special words of wisdom!

  130. Cecil says:

    I find your guidance very valuable. Being self employed isn’t just about knowing ‘things’, it’s also about knowing how to BE self employed and I STILL find benefit and value in your leadership. Thank you for all your guidance. I admit I am no where close to your level of discipline and organization

  131. Well said Anthony. These are the basic blocks that we need to build on & stay focused on. Thanks.

  132. Emily j says:

    Thanks again. I really need to schedule my time today.

  133. Mary says:

    Excellent comments Anthony. We need your help, never forget that , please. God go to bless you a lot for that. Have a great day.

  134. beverly mellors says:

    I love this sought of motivation. Just what I need starting out. If I can learn one thing a day I think I am doing okay. Thanks Anthony Beverly Mellors (Australia)

  135. arvol morse says:

    great advise thanks

  136. Adeline Lee says:

    Aside from knowledge, guts and INTERNET, I guess, dedication and motivation also work. Being successful doesn’t instantly happen. It has a lot processes and hard works.

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