Pinterest – The Newest Way to Promote Products

The world of social networking is constantly changing. Several years ago, marketers flocked to MySpace. Then, they started using Facebook and Twitter. Now, there’s a new social networking site in the mix. It’s called Pinterest and it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular websites online.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an online pin board. Basically, people can pin pictures that they want to share with others on Pinterest. If someone clicks on a picture, he will be redirected to the site that hosts the image. For example, if you pin an image from and someone clicks on it, the user will be redirected to my website.

Along with that, people can re-pin or “Like” images. This will allow those images to reach a broader audience. For instance, if you pin a picture of one of your products and someone chooses to re-pin it, that picture will become available to that user’s friends. Thus, you’ll get some extra exposure.

Pin Boards

Pinterest doesn’t just allow users to upload pictures. The site also allows people to organize those pictures with pin boards. Users can create pin boards for different categories, and then pin the images accordingly. This can really help marketers move products and get their message out to the masses.

While you can create any pin board or pin boards that you want, I recommend that you create pin boards for:

  • Your products
  • Testimonials
  • Customers
  • Special offers

Let’s look at how you could use each of these pin boards.

Product Pin Board

This pin board would contain pictures of the different products you sell. You won’t be able to use sales language, but people can still browse through the products and see if there’s anything they want.

Testimonial Pin Board

A testimonial pin board will help you build trust with your audience. It’s important to note that you can’t use written testimonials, since Pinterest is an image site. That means you’ll have to get a little creative. You could have users submit pictures of them using your products, or you could have users take pictures of themselves while they hold up a sign talking about the benefits of your products. If you don’t have any pictures like that, consider running a contest on your Facebook page. Have users submit pictures, and then add them to your pin board. You’ll have lots of pictures in no time, and those pictures will help you market your products.

Customers Pin board

A customer generated pin board is also a good idea. You can allow other people to pin images to this pin board. Then, you can have your customers upload their favorite images. They can be related to your products, or just your niche. Either way, it will engage your followers and encourage interaction.

Special Offers Pin board

Finally, you can create a pin board full of your discounts, deals or special offers. There are a couple of ways you can do this. One, you can create image ads or banners on your website, and then pin them to Pinterest. Two, you can create a QR Code that contains the special deal. QR Codes are similar to bar codes, but they were created for the online world. Anyone can make them, and like a bar code, they store information. Users can download a free application for their smart phones and then scan the QR code. Once scanned, the code will display the special offer or any other information the marketer included.

You can create QR codes for free online. Simply Google “QR Code generator,” pick a site and create your code.

As you can see, Pinterest provides marketers with a lot of opportunities. The site can help you reach a broader audience, engage potential customers, and increase your sales.

Be sure to check out my special report about marketing Commission Junction products with Pinterest. The report includes information that isn’t readily available online, and is essential if you want to use the online pin board to market affiliate products.


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  1. Mary Toney says:

    This is a great concept and it is something I will look into.
    Mary Toney
    PS. This website is not completely set up yet I have had a few problems, but I am working on them.
    Thanks again for the information!

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    Looks great and will help lot:Did facebook & tweet;
    I did buy 2 years with hostzilla hosting but I don’t see any traffic yet like was supposed to?the web site can you help me make some real mmoney?Thanks Anthony:
    I’m glad that I did sign up with your programm:I spend 3 days in Mississippi and it was great and Ryan was/is a great person/mentor;

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    Thank Anthony! I have been on Pinterest for a little over 6 months now…I’m addicted! This is excellent information and as soon as I get back into swing from an illness, I will be setting up a new board to try this out!

    I am Greer Cwly on Pinterest.

    Have a BLESSED WEEK!


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    Hello Mr Anthony,

    I’m still studying your methods. Thanks for the info on Pinterest. I went forward with buying my domain name, now I’m using a ‘basic kit’ to build my site, haven’t published yet. I haven’t written my first ad yet either,

    I’m working on that as well. My site is a blog about Entrepreneurship, Businessdevelopment and Making money on the Internet.

    Best Wishes

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    My name is Sheir, and I’m going to your seminar this weekend for three days. I’m green when it comes to all of this marketing stuff; however, I’m really excited about learning how to use this info to make money.

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    This information was very helpful and has given me a lot of fresh ideas to, hopefully, give my “almost dead” “NEW” business a little bit of a boost.
    Thank you Anthony for your continued desire to help others. You are more than, just, an instructor, you are a mentor.

    Dave “Dagrah” Graham

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    Thanks for it

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    Thanks Anthony for another great idea!


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    Commision Junction products with Pinterest – Where can this be accessed?

  33. Thanks, Anthony Morrison. I think I can definitely do this (pin boards).

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    This is some great information Anthony, I have a Pinterest account with a few followers. I will try and squeeze in a little more marketing into the mix.

    Thanks again for the good information.

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  37. aida suarez says:

    Morrison, thanks for the Pinterest blog. Interesting stuff!
    This IM has so many places where to make money.
    But…. money makes money! And that’s that!

    I am a retired person now… but I do not waste time seeing TV…
    I just read and read in this computer.

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    Oh yea! Money opens so many doors for us.

    I enjoy the recent webinar you and your bro. conducted.
    The work we have to do with it help by your software…
    it seems easy to do….. But your student Aida need a miricle,
    Yes! like the you did visiting these 3 guys and got me excited.
    So keep teaching me… what’s ahead in our future… nobody knows!

    It was good to see the face of your proud and wonderful parents.
    God bless them! Bye!

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    Adding the PINTEREST tool to my overall Affiliate Marketing strategy is a “no brainer.” Instead of limiting myself to written ADS for marketing purposes, I can now “paint pictures” onto the Pin board canvas … and get prospective customers emotionally excited about an immediate purchase. It’s true what they say: “A picture is worth a thousand words!” Thank you, Anthony, for this great marketing idea. Better marketing tools can definitely help build a better Affiliate Marketing business.

  60. Requested my invitation just NOW ! Thanks so much for the info Anthony !

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  67. Linda says:

    Very interesting content. I liked it a lot and have it earmarked for my “bag of marketing tricks”. I can see where this would generate a lot of interest.

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    there was so much email about pintrest, and products to be sold conected to it and with it, I blocked it. Now I am clearer in the subject. SO much to learn, which way to go?

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  71. Bill Hasen says:

    Learned about Pintrest in May during attending you class in Jackson. Kaci did a great job in originally outlining Pinterest, but your Blog adds a lot of meat to the bones. Thanks

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    I finally got around to Pinterest last week. I heard Kaci speak about it in April in Denver, but you last bit got me motivated. Being a visual person, I’m having fun with it. (I heard Kaci speak about it in Denver in April.) I don’t really think my tastes fit with the masses, but its a pleasant way to break up the marketing/internet experience. Pinerest/rueth
    Haven’t sold anything yet, but I found that I could pin directly from Commission Junction products from companies that I had been approved for – hope I’m doing it correctly.
    Thanks, Ruth

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    Sorry, sent that before I meant to – I also appreciate Pinterest as a place to introduce artists, etc to people who would probably never see them otherwise, to give them more exposure – I am getting some repins.
    Along with trying to sell something, of course! Pinterest/rueth – Ruth

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