LinkedIn – Profits from Connecting

Connecting for Profits on LinkedIn

Connecting for Profits on LinkedIn

Currently getting more than 4 million visits per day, LinkedIn is ranked 12th in the world by Alexa, and recently hit more than 160 million users.  With more than 2 million company profile pages, LinkedIn is very much a business connection location.

This doesn’t mean that products don’t get sold on or through LinkedIn, as you can go to the “Answers” section and find people asking questions about products to purchase, such as which laser printer is the best for a high volume operation, or even “where can I get a good ergonomic desk and chair?”

But, LinkedIn brings major value to any business, including your online marketing efforts, just through making connections that create opportunities.  Of course, there are also LinkedIn ads, so direct marketing of products and services is also a profitable opportunity for many affiliate marketers.

You see, there’s a lot of searching going on at LinkedIn for people, businesses, products and services.  There will be more than 5 billion searches on LinkedIn in 2012.  And, you’re not just marketing to the executives and company owners with LinkedIn profiles, you’re also leveraging your activities to their employees.  A connection to a mid-level or upper management person in a large corporation could give you access to thousands of that company’s employees.

You may think that you don’t have a business-oriented product to sell, but it’s easy to get set up to affiliate market office, scientific and industrial supplies. is a relatively new site from Amazon with a half million products in those categories.  And, with Amazon’s new planned expansion to place warehouses in major urban areas and offer same day delivery, there’s plenty of opportunity to become the go-to link to order office and business supplies for hurry-up delivery.

However, there’s great value in just making connections to build whatever online or physical business you want to make prosperous.  LinkedIn provides a platform for networking and connecting with business people around the world.  It helps you build credibility by answering questions and sharing your expertise as well.  But if you do want to offer products and services directly with LinkedIn ads, you can effectively target your prospects for ad impressions to assure interest and get more clicks.

While there are great profits to be made through using LinkedIn ads, the minimum $2.00/click cost requires a marketing plan and approach that

  • has thoroughly researched the best prospect for purchase of the product or service.
  • creates a dynamic business profile that will turn up in searches and encourage connections.
  • creates interest and builds credibility through connecting and sharing expertise/answering questions.
  • results in ad title headlines, descriptions and images that will get a click from the prospect.
  • takes the prospect to a landing page that sells, as a click is expense, and only a sale is a commission.
  • consistently measures results, adjusting marketing to improve conversion.

That’s a lot, but the tools and resources to make it happen for you are available in our LinkedIn King course.  We’ve developed, tested and perfected the strategies and techniques to help you create a LinkedIn presence and generate profits through the power of LinkedIn connections and networking.

Get the LinkedIn King Course Now!

Get the LinkedIn King Course Now!

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  1. Cheryl Hunt says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Things move so fast on the internet it is virtually impossible to keep up with everything,
    but it is also exciting,. you’d have to just watch images go bye quickly to know what is the next upcoming frontier. Thank you for sharing this you have a way of making things very concise and

    Thanks Again,

    Cheryl H

  2. Dottie Seavy says:

    Thank you Anthony, You have helped us so much. Listening without bias or distraction is the greatest value I can pay another person.

  3. grace higbee says:

    I still haven’t given up, I am more determined than ever to get my website and going. It has been a lot of frustration to try and get going.So this page has given me alot of informtion. Thanks so much Anthony. Grace

  4. Walter olchawa says:

    Interesting and reasonable will review to check opportunity


    It is Great to come across a wonderful Entrepreneur like you

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  7. Anna Manzella says:

    Thank you for the info – I learn a bit from everything you send! Thank you!

  8. Thanks Anthony, Linkedin has been good to me with my Physical Therapy but I bet it will win the day with my website.
    Be Blessed

  9. K.K.Kumaroo says:

    Thank you Anthony for the information on LinkedIn – it is timely. You already explained the usefulness of Facebook in our marketing formula. Please explain other social media one by one in coming weeks.

  10. Marcia Brown says:

    Another great article. I love getting these snip-its of information. Keep them coming!

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