Engage Your Fans with Facebook Questions

Engagement should be a top priority for internet and affiliate marketers. The more engaged people are, the more likely they are to buy your products and talk about you to their friends. Because engagement is so important, marketers are constantly looking for new ways to interact with their audiences. While there are several options for this, Facebook Questions is one of the easiest and most effective.

What is Facebook Questions?

Facebook Questions is a feature available on Facebook. This feature allows page owners to ask their readers questions. Page owners can provide several answers to the questions, and then the readers can select the one that best represents them. You can also allow readers to add their own answers to your questions.

How This Benefits Marketers

Facebook Questions offers several benefits to users. First, of course, it makes it easy to increase interaction and engagement. On top of that, it can help you attract more Facebook fans. When someone answers one of your questions, it will show up in his friends’ news feeds. If the question is interesting, those friends might click on it. Once they do that, they can “Like” your Facebook page and answer the question as well.

Additionally, Facebook Questions will help you find out more about your audience. For example, let’s say you’re marketing products in the “work at home” niche. You can ask questions in order to find out what niche related products or services your audience needs. Then you can use those answers to find the right products to market. This will be incredibly effective, since you’ll essentially be delivering exactly what your audience asked for.

Using Facebook Questions

It’s simple to use Facebook Questions. First, go to your Facebook fan page. Scroll down to the section where you can enter a status update. Once there, you’ll see a tab that says “Event, Millstone +.” Click on it and select “Question.”

Enter the question, and then add your poll options. Also, decide if you want to allow your readers to add their own answers. If you choose this option, your readers will be able to type in answerers that other readers can select when answering the question.

Then, post your question and watch your answers roll in.

Once you get some answers, start using them for your marketing campaign. Then, you’ll be able to target your message and get better results.


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  1. Sergio says:

    There is no doubt that by following the steps you covered in your face book blog that it will lead to knowing exactly how to target market to your Facebook participants. Thus eliminating so much wasted time and money trying to guess by trial and error of what marketing method would have worked.

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    I still have a long way to go on where I want to be on Facebook. Thank you!

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    Again you are amazing, I am not a media person yet, but I am trying to learn the social part of facebook. I am going to take your info and utilize it and see where it takes me.


  17. Hey Anthony,

    Great tip! I use face book but it’s all been one way. Engaging my fans is not a strong point of mine. With the Facebook answers I’ll be able to see some patterns and try this out with my list as well.


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    Thanks again Anthony for info that is useful, helpful, and can be implemented easily!

  24. Mary Helen Rockwell says:

    This is a great idea! There are tons of people on facebook that would answer a question. In fact they are more then happy to give there opinon.

  25. Mary Helen Rockwell says:

    this is great ! There are tons of people on facebook. They woulod be happy to give there opinon.

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    I liked your blog very much.It was very informative
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    excellent targeting strategy

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    I think it’s a great idea. Why beat around the bush, get right to the meat of it. It could save a lot of time and be quite helpful for both parties.

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  37. Linda says:

    I like this! Sure beats trying to survey 500 people at the mall!!!!

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    I am more comfortable and happy by myself and my family w/ six

    Grandkids. Don’t have time to socialize in Facebook

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    This was very helpful information for me. I have not participated greatly in social media conversations but can see the value of it if used the way you describe it. I will be adapting my future conversations to provide valuable feedbacck using these methods. Thanks so much for the advice. Beverley

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    Thanks for the tip! A lot can be learned asking questions, it is a fantastic idea. It is similar to interviewing the person. Thanks again!

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