Facebook or Google+ – A Non-decision

January 24th, 2013   posted by admin in Facebook Marketing Tips, Google+ Marketing Tips

Google+ or Facebook?There’s a large part of the population who believe that there’s a battle for social supremacy going on between Facebook and Google+.  There are things their Boards and management are planning about which we know nothing.  However, for the business owner and marketer, there’s really no need to dwell on it or when one of them will become dominant, as it’s likely to never happen.  You see, their demographics are very different now, and they may be that way for some time to come.

Facebook is much more of a place for friends and family to trade information about the restaurants they like or who they’re dating.  It’s a family and friends sharing of daily life activities.  Then there is Google+.  It seems that there is a 69% skew toward male users of Google+, and a large number of them are geeky or tech oriented.  Facebook is much more mature, and has taken on a demographic closer to the population.  It’s more balanced male-to-female and more diverse age-wise.  Google+ is still skewed toward the younger user.

What’s a marketer to do?  Well, first we don’t have to make a decision if our market niches are diverse.  If we’re marketing everything from camping gear to body lotions or weight loss, Facebook is still a major marketplace.  If you’re focused on tech stuff, Android, iPhone, etc., then Google+ is going to be a major marketplace.  However, there is still opportunity on Facebook.  So, you’ll want to keep up with what’s going on with social site demographics, but right now there is little reason to decide to leave one to market on the other.

You’ll want to keep marketing on both, but use the demographics to allocate your resources, both time and money.  Since Google+ is still evolving and not selling ads, it’s obviously a good place for your brand and products and services marketing.  You’ll want to maintain a Facebook presence as well, but perhaps it’s more branding than direct sales if you’re in the tech niche.  Also, you may have budget concerns, so Facebook Ads may be a non-starter.

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Google+ Profits In Multiple Ways

January 22nd, 2013   posted by admin in Affiliate Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Featured Products, Google+ Marketing Tips, Internet Marketing

When Google+ was first introduced, many people in business dismissed it as just another social site, and definitely not like Facebook.  Part of the success of Google+ is precisely because it’s not like Facebook in many ways.  In fact, it combines some of the best features of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest into one network.  How popular has Google+ become?  According to Google, in November of 2012, more than 225 million people were using the site.  That’s a lot of people, no not as many as Facebook, but well worth your attention.

Also, very recently, the site has evolved and introduced yet another product.  Here are the three ways in which you can communicate with your prospective customers on Google+:

  1. Personal Profile - you must have a personal profile before you can do the next two things, as they are created out of it.  However, unlike Facebook, they don’t necessarily have to be connected to it in an obvious way.
  2. Business Pages - you can create as many business pages as you want, with each marketing to a specific niche, product or service.  These business pages are great marketing tools.
  3. Communities - this is the newest way to use Google+, and business owners welcomed it with enthusiasm.  You can create communities around a niche, topic, hobby, market or any area of interest to people.  They can join your community and their discussions can lead to marketing opportunities, as they’re helping you to build out your followers.

Every business owner and especially Internet marketers should be actively engaged in discussions on Google+ from all three of these products.  You can create highly targeted groups with an interest in what you have to sell.  And, Google+ just keeps growing.  You simply can’t ignore it for reasons already discussed, but there’s another really big one.

Google+ connections change the order of Google search results.  Yes, you can have your content move very much higher in search results when the searcher is connected to you in one of the three ways, personal, business page, or community.  They are specially marked with a small person icon, and the searcher knows that this result is from someone with whom they already have a relationship.

If you aren’t involved in all of the opportunities offered by Google+, get involved as soon as possible.  Profits are waiting.  We can help you to make this happen quickly, as we have a Google+ Profits Course that will jump-start your marketing efforts.

Get the Google+ Profits Course Now!

Get the Google+ Profits Course Now!

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Searchers Control SEO More Than Ever

January 10th, 2013   posted by admin in Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Google+ Marketing Tips

Who When Where SEO Puzzle

The SEO Puzzle

Let’s talk about the SEO puzzle and how we’re all struggling as business owners and marketers to create websites, blogs, content and social site posts that will come together to generate traffic, and that traffic then generates business for us.

For years now, we’ve concentrated our efforts in large part on two major puzzle pieces, the “Who” of search optimization being the first.  We want them to find US, so we work on creating a brand and presence to get them to our marketing.  And, we’ve also concentrated very much on the “Where” piece.

The Where piece of course is all about creating content in our niche and trying to optimize it so that searchers find our location on the Web using search phrases relevant to our products and services.  We very much want them to find our content and click on it to come to our websites and blogs.  The Where piece has been the place we’ve focused most of our SEO efforts.

The Where piece is still quite important, but it’s taken on a new angle.  Based on where searchers have connected with us in the past, they may just see search results in a whole new order, with our content moving closer to the top of their searches.  You see, the default for a Google search is set to show results of connections on Google+ higher.  So, if you’ve developed a relationship with someone on Google+ and they’ve placed you in their Circles, your results for their related key phrase searches will move higher in their results, usually to the first page.  That’s a big thing, so you’ll want to work on developing social relationships, particularly on Google+.

However, there is a really big gorilla in the wings, and few business owners and marketers have realized just how powerful the “When” piece has become.  Searchers have learned how to adjust Google search results based on when the content was published.  And, more and more, searchers don’t want old material in their searches, so they tell Google to show them content in relation to when it was published.  Currently, they can elect to see only content within the previous year, month, week, or 24 hours.  Most of them understand that the 24 hour limit is going to be best for breaking news.  However, they’re using the week and month limitations more every day.

They want to see newer content, not something out of date.  And, here is a real-life example of how that looks, with a study by one marketer on their most competitive and valuable key phrase search:

  • phrase entered with no time frame and there has been no social connection between searcher and business:  position 20, bottom of second page of results.
  • phrase entered when the searcher has the business in their Circles:  three results on first page.
  • phrase entered with one year time frame:  position 7 on first page.
  • phrase entered with one month and one week time frame:  TOP POSITION.

So, the When piece is now something we can’t ignore.  Are you creating new content on a regular basis?

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Integrating Your Site with Google+

December 13th, 2011   posted by admin in Blogging, Google+ Marketing Tips

Once you have a Google+ profile, you will need to start getting some followers.  One of the easiest ways to accomplish this goal is to integrate your Google+ profile with your website.

There are two ways to do this. You can get the +1 Button or the Google+ Badge.

+1 Button

The +1 Button allows webmasters to add a “+1” next to the content on their websites.  This is similar to the “Like” button on Facebook.  As you know, when someone “Likes” something on Facebook, it shows up in their stream so their friends can see it.  This causes more people to check the content out.  The same is true with the +1 button.  When someone clicks on the +1 button, the recommendation can show up:

  • In the +1 section of his Google+ profile
  • In his Google+ stream, if he chooses to share the content with his Circles
  • On the webmaster’s website, next to the content

Installing the +1 Button

You can install the +1 button by going to http://www.google.com/intl/en/webmasters/+1/button/index.html.  Once there, choose the button size.  Then, copy the code and post it into your website.

Now let’s look at the Google+ Badge

Google+ Badge

If you install the badge on your site, people can add you into their circles directly from your website.  This will help you get lots more followers.

Installing the Google+ Badge

If you want to install the Google+ badge, you can go to https://developers.google.com/+/plugins/badge/config.  Once there, link your Google+ page to your site.  Then, you can customize your badge.  At that point, you will receive a code.  Copy the code and paste it into your website.

Once you install these two buttons, check out my free report titled 4 Things You Need to Know About Google+.


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Google+ – A New Way to Promote Your Business

November 27th, 2011   posted by admin in Affiliate Marketing, Google+ Marketing Tips, Internet Marketing

Social networking is always changing.  At one time, MySpace ruled supreme. Since then, Facebook and Twitter have both risen to the top.  Now, there’s a new social networking in the mix.  It’s called Google+ and it’s a great way to promote your business.

What is Google+?

On the surface, Google+ is a traditional social network.  It has a stream that people can use to read posts from other users, and you can create status updates to share with others.  However, once you dig a little deeper, you will realize that Google+ is rich with features.

The main features are:

  • Circles
  • Hangouts


Whenever you follow someone on Google+, you put the person into a circle.  Then, you can create custom messages for each of your circles.

When you open your account, you will have circles for:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Acquaintances
  • Following

Additionally, you can create custom circles. For instance, you can create a “Customers” circle and drop people into it once they make a purchase. You can also create an “Engaged Followers” circle and drop people in if they comment on a lot of your posts.  These are just a couple of your options.  Basically, you can create any type of circle you want.

Once you make your circles, you can create custom messages for each circle.  For instance, you can create a message for your “Customers” circle where you try to sell them a product related to their original purchase.  This will help you upsell and cross sell products.

As you can see, Circles are a great way to segment your following and send targeted messages to your followers.


Hangouts are video chats. All that you need is a webcam and you can connect with up to nine followers at one time.  Additionally, Google+ is about to unveil Hangouts on Air. Once it’s rolled out to the public, you will be able to have as many people as you want in a hangout. However, only ten people can actively participate.

Hangouts are a great way to connect with your audience and make more sales.  For instance, you can have a hangout to announce a new product.  At the end of the hangout, you can tell people how to buy the product.

You can also demonstrate products, hold question and answer sessions, introduce contest, and more.

Creating a Google+ Business Page

If you want to create a Google+ page, go to http://www.google.com/+/business/ and click “Create your Google+ Page.”  Then, you will need to fill out a form. Once you are finished, you will be able to get started with Google+.

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