Newtown, Connecticut School Shooting – WAKE UP WASHINGTON, DC.

December 15th, 2012   posted by admin in Helping Others, News

I woke up this morning and I was actually kinda feeling, depressed. My girlfriend was heading out the door for a quick trip to visit a friend who’s birthday is this weekend, which meant a few days alone at Christmas time…. That’s not something I “really” wanted so naturally I was a bit saddened by it. I went about my day as usual, but feeling far to much “self pity” combine being alone with all the end of the year “stuff” that takes place and suffice to say I have just been in a negative “why me” mood for the past few weeks. I sat down here at my computer hoping to just dive into my work, which is normally where I find peace, only to see the most shocking thing I think I have ever seen.

Newtown, Connecticut School Shooting

Newtown, Connecticut School Shooting

This image letting the world know YET ANOTHER massacre has taken place in our country. I really couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that 26 people were confirmed dead 20 of which were children. Is this what our country has really come to? Are we really going to stand for this kind of stuff. These are the things going through my mind right now. Newtown, Connecticut is just one of many small towns that have been devastated this year by such senseless acts this year, however, this one stung even more when I realized it took place at an elementary school. How does a person walk into a school full of children who absolutely CAN’T defend themselves and just open fire?

You know who we lost today?

Children who could have grown up to be our doctors, lawyers, business owners…… Bright kids who would have helped shape what our world is going to be years from now, and instead they will forever be remembered as helpless, innocent kids who were taken from us in an act of violence that clearly shows what our country has become. We are no longer a safe place where people can relax knowing there is a sense of ‘order’ here where we live. For years I have been scared to travel abroad for what I feel like are very good reasons. You turn on the TV and they are rioting in France. Flip the channel and car bombs are exploding in churches and public places in the Middle East. It always seemed these other countries lacked the ‘order’ and control to ensure ones safety when there, so I just avoid them and stay here in the United States.

Now I am just not so sure we aren’t right on par with every other country that has these kind of issues. If you think about it this year it’s no longer safe to walk through a mall in Portland, Oregon and you can’t go to a move in Colorado without remembering this idiot who thought it would be fun to shoot up a movie theater. Now we can’t even send our children to school without constant (and justified) worry that we may not see them again.

It’s just sickening. It’s time for Washington, DC to HELP US OUT….. How about we not forget these kids in Newton? How about we don’t just sit here and mourn their loss and forget it the next time Lindsay Lohan does something stupid so the news immediately gets off this to cover her stupid story. Let’s not forget these kids while we are all opening gifts with our families on Christmas day….. Let’s remember these kids didn’t get a Christmas and it’s our responsibility as a nation to do more to prevent these kinds of things.

So what do we do? It’s apparent all of these idiotic killers aren’t worried about Prison or the death penalty. They are such cowards they all end up killing themselves before police even arrive, so what can we do? My answer is we need to be more prepared and we need more budget for safety right here in America. Forget pumping BILLIONS of dollars into helping ‘other countries have democracy’ HELLO WASHINGTON we don’t really have it here either. Why don’t we spend that money on armed guards to protect our malls (not mall cops with no weapons), how about armed guards in EVERY SCHOOL in America. How many more children have to die before we get it right? If there was an armed guard at this school today at least maybe SOME of these kids would have lived. There’s no time to wait for cops to arrive…… these idiots are shooting up our schools with semi-automatic pistols and AR-15′s.

The facts are the facts and there’s no way to look at it and see any other picture. When we send our troops to war WE ARM THEM…..why? We know there’s a good chance they will need to protect themselves from the enemy. Well it’s about time we wake up and realize everyday when our kids go to school, our families shop at a local mall, or we take our loved ones to see at movie WE ARE AT WAR….. War with the evil people that plan to do harm, murder and ruin the lives of innocent people. It’s time to realize that THIS IS THE NEW REALITY. These are not one off events taking place. They are happening more and more frequently, but we are not changing our rules, guidelines and procedures to adjust to this new norm.

Gun control isn’t the answer. These crazy people are going to get guns if they want them. I see it just like I see drugs, which are illegal, and are used by thousands of people every single day. Can you buy crack over the counter at Walgreen’s? Nope, but that doesn’t stop people from getting their hands on it. The facts are evil people who set out to do these terrible acts are going to get the guns they want one way or another, so we have to be prepared. We can afford all these things in this country, but we can’t afford an armed guard at our schools? I simply don’t believe that.

Washington needs to WAKE UP. Quit talking about these stupid things that really don’t matter and focus on what is happening in America right now! People are dieing everyday in a country they ‘feel’ like they should be safe in, but that feeling is a false sense of security and safety. We’ve gotta quit arguing about taxes, the fiscal cliff and all of these things that in the end really don’t matter. These children in Newtown, Connecticut mean more than all this stupid bantering back and forth for power and control. Why not use this and all the other tragedies that have happened this year as a way to come together. Find common ground and DO SOMETHING to help prevent this stuff in 2013.

My heart is hurting. My mind is clogged just thinking about what these children went through today. The ones that lived will NEVER be the same again… the ones that died will forever be linked to one of the worst massacres in our countries history. Families will forever be changed and sadness will always fall upon their hearts. Today is a sad day America not only for these families, not only for the city of Newton, but also for all of us together as a nation. We should do our part to honor these kids who lost their lives today and STAND UP and DEMAND that we get it right and help prevent this from happening to other families in our country next year.

Here’s an idea. We want to raise taxes right? Everyone says it’s “for the future of our country”. Tell you what Mr. Obama I will gladly pay you an extra 5% next year like you’ve proposed….. here’s the catch though. I don’t want my money spent on ANYTHING accept security at our schools for children. How about we do that instead of waste it on all these things we spend our money on that means absolutely nothing to any of us.

After all, what’s more important than the safety and lives of the very children that will one day run our country?

To all the families in Newtown, Connecticut rest assured that the prayers of many people in this great country are with you today. Although you’ve been through such a terrible event let’s all hope that this is the time our country wakes up and realizes we must make a change. You are all certainly in my thoughts and prayers.

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Christmas For Kids 2010 – Amazing Stories

December 15th, 2010   posted by admin in Christmas For Kids, Helping Others

Well as you all know the Christmas time of year is a very busy one for me. I am typically flying all over the country, trying to spend time with my family and also keeping up with my weekly blogs and answering questions on our Live! community. Sometimes it’s hard to fit everything into one single day, but somehow I always manage to get it done. One thing I never forget about is my charity work that I started a few years ago. It started literally from just an impulse “grabbing” of over 20 angel tree kids while I was walking through the mall a few years back and it has grown into something that has touched so many lives in such a positive way.

I started this charity work to bring together underprivileged children and young adults who may not have the financial ability to donate money during the holidays. This opportunity allows them to still give back by simply donating their time, love and attention to others less fortunate. It’s been an incredible thing for me to see how excited and how motivated these young adults are to go out and spend hours shopping for these little kids. What’s so great is we always make sure they get everything on their list, plus some additional gifts as well.

This year saw my charity expand quite a bit all the way to Seattle, Washington. An organization called “Childhaven” for kids who’ve had abusive parents needed some help sponsoring and shopping for children. I have always wanted to expand into something more than just helping in Mississippi so it seemed like a great opportunity. Luckily for me my girlfriend and her entire family are just as generous and motivated to help as I am. They actually introduced me to the opportunity as it’s something they do every year. (Side Note: To anyone looking for the “right person” to settle down with make sure it’s one who shares the same charitable beliefs you have instilled in you. I can’t tell you how excited I am that my girlfriend AND her whole family are the same way I am. I was raised to be this way because I have such a wonderful, loving and giving family. It’s great to find someone else who was raised by great parents to be such a caring person).

Anyway I sponsored 5 kids from Childhaven in Seattle, Washington and my girlfriends parents sponsored 15! This allowed us to take care of 20 kids who no doubt have had some rough times in their lives. Being able to put a smile on their faces, even if just for one day, is absolutely PRICELESS. Here are some pictures from our shopping efforts:

Our trip to Seattle to help Childhaven was a blast. So many toys (as you can see above) and so many little kids will have a smile on their faces! I’d like to thank my girlfriends family for opening up the opportunity to me and I am sure it is something I will continue to help them with each and every year. Our normal ChristmasForKids shopping is done in Mississippi for the Angel Tree program. Again this year we were able to help out by selecting 21 children from the tree to purchase gifts for, but this year we were on a tight time frame. Due to all my traveling I got home with only a few days left until the Salvation Army wasn’t accepting gifts anymore. I got everyone together and we began shopping for these kids and again it was just too much fun. We had bikes, scooters, Dora dolls and just a ton of other things. I’ve learned more about kids toys in the last couple years than I ever thought imaginable. My mom and dad are the reason I love doing this so much. They raised me to be compassionate and care about other people. I always give thanks to them for everything they taught me growing up. I also thank everyone that helped us with the shopping for these Angel tree kids. Here are some pictures from our shopping:

A special thanks to my brother Adrian Morrison who helped fund the ChristmasForKids shopping event this year. He has grown into such a mature and successful businessperson and I am very proud of who he has become. Just a few years ago I remember him as the kid who just wanted to play Xbox and now he’s successful in his own right and helping me fund a charity event that I am extremely passionate about.

Our last charity event of the year is something we have been doing now since 2008. So many times we forget that children are dramatically affected by the things they experience when they are so young and impressionable. In 2008 I was introduced (by my mom) to the burn center and what they were doing for children who have been through the trauma of being burned. In 2008 I met a little boy, Kameron, who had been burned just week before this event. His face was almost white from the burns and surgeries and he was completely silent. It was hard to get him to say one single word to me that day. I tried my best to make him smile but even the sight of Xbox games and toys didn’t really help. In 2009 Kameron was back again and looking a little better. His face wasn’t “as white” and his scars were not “as bad” but you could still tell he was going through some pain and depression. A brand new PSP and a ton of games (and even a BB gun per his mom’s permission) did make him crack a smile, but you could tell him was still just in pain both inside and out. He’s such a sweet kid and it’s hard for us as people to realize what these kids are going through if we have no prior experience in our lives. In 2009 just a week or so after we did this event my mom spilled a hot grease pan on her hands. Immediately she was in the hospital and her hands looked horrific. I have to say it was the worst thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Watching her go through that pain and with nothing that could help her I began to realize exactly what these kids were dealing with. My mom only burned her hands, now imagine your entire face? back? chest? it’s almost unfathomable. This is why we should ALL help these kids have just one day of smiles and happiness.

This year in 2010 I was delighted to see Kameron again for the 3rd year in a row. What a difference another year has made! His face looks almost completely perfect and he was even talking to me a good bit. He brought along his brother (who is adorable by the way) and we had a blast. Kameron apparently is really into “gaming” so we stuck with the theme grabbing him a Wii and a ton of games. We also got his brother a few games and some movies also. We had so much fun and I have to say it was and always is the highlight of my year to spend an hour or so with this kid. Below are some picture from our shopping this year in all there were almost 100 kids from the burn center that had one day of happiness and normality in their lives because of this organization. It’s a wonderful thing they are doing and I am excited to continue helping to the best of my ability.

That wraps up this years charity work for ChristmasForKids. I post this stuff each year so you can experience this with me (as best as possible through the Internet) and maybe this post and these moments will inspire people who read this to do what you can to help other people. It’s not always about giving financially so many of these kids just need a friend or someone to brighten up their day. We should all do what we can to be a positive influence on these kids as they are the adults of our future. The more positivity we can instill in them as young kids the more they will have as grown adults. As I always say “think for a minute” what can you do to make a difference?

**I want to say a special thank you to Kameron’s mom. She drives over 2.5 hours to bring Kameron to this event. I know you are going through some personal trauma of your own right now, but I want you to know our entire family thinks you are a great mother. You have so many great things in store for you and your family. Kameron is going to grow up to be a great young man. Stay positive and focus on the great things in your life (your kids are so adorable) and God will bring you positivity and prosperity. As always it’s such a pleasure spending time with you and your kids. To Kameron I told you I would talk about you here on the blog :) . Enjoy basketball season and maybe if I am in town long enough I can make the drive and come see you play! Continue to focus on all the good things in your life and be thankful everyday that you now look back to normal as your doctors have done a fabulous job. Enjoy your Wii and I look forward to seeing you and your little brother again soon.

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A Touching Story – You Can Help

November 23rd, 2010   posted by admin in Helping Others, News

I have to say that I read a lot on the Internet every day. Sometimes when I am sitting here at the computer I have a few moments of what I like to call “free time” if that word really even exist in my world. Anyway with my so called free time I normally scan Yahoo! for the latest news for the day. I feel its appropriate for me to at least try to keep up with what’s going on in the world that I live in ya know?

Today, however, I was struck by something that really just spoke to me through the computer. I read an article titled “Little Boy’s Art Pays For …” and so naturally I clicked it to see what was this 5 year old little boys artwork paying for? and furthermore how was a 5 year old drawing art that was worthy of being sold?

What I saw when I clicked the link blew me away and really touched my heart. You can see the video here watch now. I met a little boy Aiden Reed who is only 5 years old and battling cancer. His family is struggling financially to keep up with the inflating medical cost to treat Aiden for his disease. I suppose the current state of our economy isn’t helping the situation for his parents either. So this story sounds at this point like many you have probably heard prior to reading this post. What I am about to tell you next, however, will be TOTALLY different from what you have ever seen.

Aiden loves all things “monster” or “scary” related and so he frequently draws pictures of little monsters. I think this “drawing” helps him escape the pain and situation he is currently living through. His aunt had a great idea…. sell Aiden’s artwork to help raise money for his medical care. To date they have sold almost 5,000 of this little 5 year old boys drawing @ only $12.00 each. What an amazing story? This kid is a 5 year old entrepreneur FOR A GOOD CAUSE and he’s talented too.

Here is my challenge to EVERY SINGLE PERSON READING MY BLOG. It’s almost Christmas and heck right now it’s Thanksgiving. It’s a time where we are all thankful for what blessings we have in our lives. Everyday I wake up I am thankful for my health that’s something this little boy simply can’t be thankful for right now. I, however, want to help him get to the point to where he wakes up on Thanksgiving day (maybe a year or so from now) and IS THANKFUL FOR HIS HEALTH. In order to do that we need to make sure this little boy has the money he needs to fight this cancer and beat it.

What greater gift can any of us give than the gift of hope? Hope of survival and a long life to a little boy only 5 years old but filled with so much talent. Isn’t that what this time of year is really about?


I know about 5,000 people will read this blog post each time I talk about it. I want each one of you to buy one of Aiden’s drawings for only $12.00. Here is the link for you to select the drawing you want – Aiden’s Drawings – Purchase Now.

I am willing to match the total of drawings purchased by the AM Live! Family here! That means if collectively you guys purchase 1000 drawings then ill go in and purchase 1,000 myself! Together our goal should be to at least buy 3,000 of these drawings for this little boy. We can’t change anything if we don’t take a first step. Step one is to provide his family with the money they need to treat his cancer. Step two is we let the doctors do their jobs and save this little boys life.

It’s worth every penny of $12. Go do it now and post back here once you have purchased so I can keep a tally. I make $0 off this… for those of you who would be so crazy as to even ask a question like that. I have never spoken to this kid or his family. I have just seen this story all over the Internet and together with all of you we can show people what power the Internet really can provide.

Let’s make a difference.

Read about his story on their blog – Click Here
Watch the ABC News video – Click Here

Now go purchase a drawing – Support Aiden Reed Now!

- PS if anyone wants to link back to this page that is fine also… so some of my big Internet Marketer friends why not post this link on your sites? Again ill match all the orders myself regardless of how they get to this page!

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Continuing My Giveaway – Anthony Morrison

December 7th, 2009   posted by admin in Affiliate Marketing, Helping Others

I have to say that last weeks “Weekly Blog” had an amazing response! So many people responded and so many people left comments about my new book “Advertising Profits From Home” it was a bit overwhelming to say the least. I decided that this week I am splitting the video blog up into two parts. Part one went live today, Monday, and basically is a continuation of our free “Acing Adwords” giveaway so if you are looking to learn how to really get the most out of advertising on Google you certainly want this guide! Guess what though? YOU CAN’T BUY IT. That’s right it isn’t for sale right now…. it’s only available to people who give me honest feedback on my new book “Advertising Profits From Home”. So if your reading this blog you’ve probably already purchased the book which means if you give me a review ill give you this guide completely free!

To watch this weeks video blog simply GO HERE
To post your review of Advertising Profits From Home GO HERE

Part 2 of my weekly video blog will roll out later in the week and will focus on giving back and how you can give back to people in your local area. As you all know this is a big deal to me and it’s something I have been involved with since long before I wrote a book or appeared on national television. I hope that with the huge amount of traffic this website gets now due to my national exposure I can help to motivate and inspire you all to do something to give back to people who really need it. Ill be sharing my video and this story later in the week.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Thanks for reading my blog and be sure to watch this weeks video blog, give me a book review and get your FREE COPY of Acing Adwords.

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Anthony Morrison – A Look Ahead

November 24th, 2009   posted by admin in Helping Others

I have to say it’s absolutely wonderful to have so many people reading my blog, watching my videos and sending me comments each day. The launch of my new book “Advertising Profits From Home” has been such a huge success and I want to personally thank everyone who made it possible. It’s amazing to me as I sit here thinking ahead that it’s already Thanksgiving week. It seems like this year has just blown by and I’ve hardly had the time to stop and just relax. I guess we all run through moments in our lives where we are so focused and so passionate about what we are doing we simply forget to take a moment to rest.

I’m certainly thinking ahead right now at how I can make our ChristmasForKids Charity reach more people and touch more lives this year. I have thought long and hard about possibly brining in some celebrity authors or maybe even celebrities themselves to really shine some light on our cause. I am not sure if I will be successful in my attempt, but ill never know without trying right?

I think it’s so important for us all to stop and remember those less fortunate right now. When you help others you show good character which is the most important aspect of being a successful businessmen. There is absolutely no replacing character. No amount of knowledge or skill will ever mean more than having a good heart. I truly hope that this holiday season everyone reading this blog will reach out to help someone in need. It doesn’t have to be financially which is such a common misunderstanding in our country today. There are millions of people going through divorce or mourning the loss of a loved one this holiday season. There are thousands of people dealing with losing their job and financial stress at home. There are so many ways in which you can help people by just simply being there for them during a stressful time or time of need. 

Remember giving back to people isn’t always measured by giving them dollars or cents…. it can also be measured by giving them your time, energy, devotion and compassion. So think about that as we approach the Christmas holidays and make sure you reach out to help others. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and safe travels as you visit your families around the country.

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Providing Opportunity – Anthony Morrison

February 17th, 2009   posted by admin in Helping Others

I was watching “Extreme Home Makeover” the other night with my girlfriend and I have to say I was really touched. I rarely get a chance to watch TV these days, but something about the story I saw unraveling before my eyes on TV really hit home to me. I realized just how much these people were changing this family’s life. Yeah I realize its a reality TV show that’s filmed for ABC or whoever to make a profit, but does that really matter? The show still has such a positive outcome. They are helping a family who really needs a break, and in the process creating opportunity. They create an opportunity for this family to live a better life, and possibly help others around them.

It got me thinking about my own life and the road I am traveling. I realized that every week I am doing the same thing for people just in a different way. I am creating opportunity for people around the country to learn, profit, and become successful Internet business owners. It may not have all the jazz and spunk of a new home and a new car, but the end result is somewhat the same. I remember I met a couple of guys from Birmingham, Alabama ( I won’t mention their names because I have not asked their permission as of right now ). Anyway these two guys showed up early to my night event so I had the opportunity to have dinner with them. They discussed with me how they were married with high monthly bills and really just needed to find a way out. They were both driven and motivated to be successful, but they didn’t really know what to do to get there. 

I asked them how they got the money to enroll in my program. One stated to me that he had attend the event the previous day and decided he wanted to enroll but didn’t have the money. So instead of letting the opportunity pass him by he decided to take action and make it happen. He found out about a dirt bike race ( which i actually found out was a very big event ) that would pay about $300 if you qualified ( which means getting in the top 10 ). So he decided to go race. The guy was sitting there in front of me telling me that he just got off a dirt bike racing track where he earned the money to enroll in my program.

WOW. Thats all I could really think about at the time. Then he went on to tell me about the great bikes everyone else had and the sponsorships they obtained from big names in the industry. He raced on a bike that was 5 years old and worked on by him and his friend not some big name company with expensive mechanics. I was impressed. I always like to see people take a step in the right direction to better themselves and never let anyone discourage you from obtaining your dreams. 

So yea it’s true that I create opportunity for people around the country each and every week. However, I want to thank all of you that have attended my events for creating opportunity for me. An opportunity for me to get to know you and your story. An opportunity for me to learn from you things I would have never learned in my life. An opportunity for me to see there are so many good people in this country that refuse to be discourage by the negativity that consumes us on TV every day of the week. An opportunity for me to see people (just like my friends from Alabama) take action for themselves. I have to say I am blessed with the opportunity to be doing what I am doing right now. 

To those guys in Alabama. A special note to you (and you won’t know it until you read this blog) I plan on getting you a nice sponsorship from myself and some other companies we work with in our industry. New bikes, trailers, clothing, and everything else you need to continue being successful and doing what you love doing. It’s not always about doing what I do, but rather doing what you love and what makes you happy. I appreciate you enrolling in my program and I plan on working with you step by step to make you find success in this business. I also plan on helping you continue to achieve the success you desire in your other business.

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Stop and Think….

December 8th, 2008   posted by admin in Helping Others

Growing up my parents always said to me “Anthony Stop and Think” about what you are doing, why you are doing it, and if good or bad will result from the decision you’re making. I lived my entire life by the “Stop and Think” principle. A few years ago I decided to start giving back and helping children during the holidays. I literally “Stopped and Thought” about what good would result from me helping these kids? Would they have a better self esteem because they wouldn’t be the only kids in school that didn’t celebrate Christmas? Would they be more compassionate as adults when they realized that someone that didn’t even know them was willing to help them out? Honestly what good comes from giving back to children at Christmas aside from just the joy of knowing they got gifts and presents on Christmas morning? I realized that so much good can and will come from giving back so I started a charity called ChristmasForKids in 2006.


Fast-forward two years to 2008. I’ve grown so much as a person because of the charities I have been involved in over the past few years. It’s a great feeling to know your helping someone in a way that they desperately need to be helped. This year our ChristmasForKids organization is going to reach out in many different ways to help children. Our first event was with the Burn Center in Mississippi. Each year this burn center brings in the kids that have been burned and simply can’t afford their medical bills let alone Christmas gifts. I was so touched by this I decided that we would help. So we spent our Friday night at Target with about 20 wonderful kids of all ages who were dealing with so much in their lives already, and it was great to see their faces light up at this event.


We took each kid shopping at Target for presents of all kinds really just anything that made them smile, and helped them forget the horrible event they had just been through. I was joined by my brother Adrian and his girlfriend Kaci, my sister Brittain, COO of Affiliate Income, Inc. Josh Siegal and his girlfriend Susan, as well as Greg Holloway, and Randall Saxton. The ChristmasForKids concept is simple we don’t care who you are your always welcome to help, and we certainly appreciate these guys and girls giving their time to shop with these kids on a Friday night.


This year we are filming a documentary on our “giving back” during the Holidays. I hope that it will inspire YOU as well as millions of others around the world to think about others and always give with an open heart.

Below are some pictures from our night at Target with these kids.

ChristmasForKids 2009

ChristmasForKids 2009


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Happy Thanksgiving – From Anthony Morrison

November 26th, 2008   posted by admin in Helping Others, News

I want to personally wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving week. I hope you spend time with your family and focus on what’s really important in your lives, and thats being with the people who love and respect you the most. I will certainly enjoy my time with my family and friends. It has been a long year of traveling all over the country so it’s great to have everyone in one place at one time.

I also want to note that our ChristmasForKids charity is going to be participating in a few different functions this year so watch for updates, and for those of you who have emailed me your stories and request rest assured that I have personally read each and every one of them and will do my best to help you, your family, and your friends this year.

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Anthony Morrison – Holiday Advice

November 20th, 2008   posted by admin in Helping Others

I’m finally home and resting for the remainder of the year. 2008 has really been fun, exciting, and educational for me as well as those that work with me. Our tour once again visited over 60 cities around the United States and allowed me to teach thousands of people what I know about making money online. It was and still is a surreal feeling to see so many people attend my conferences each and every week.
I do, however, want to take a second to reach out to YOU about something I am very passionate about towards the end of the year. Many children go without on Christmas and it’s honestly just saddening to see that happen year after year. I started a charity called ChristmasForKids (you can read about it on my site) to help purchase gifts for those less fortunate, and get young people involved. However, I am always open to new ideas and new information. Today I was approached by a lady representing the burned children’s association in both Jackson, Ms and Augusta, Ga. She said many children (burn victims) go without during the holidays because their families are just struggling to pay for their medical bills and procedures. So I decided (along with my brother) to sponsor 10 of these children and make sure they have a wonderful Christmas. The program is called “Shop with the Doc” and it benefits the Pediatric Burn Survivors it only cost $150 to sponsor one child.
I challenge YOU to take action in your community. See if there is a similar program available so you can sponsor a child in your area. Remember there are always children who go without, and you can make a difference! I wish you all a wonderful Christmas Holiday!

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Thanks For The Response

September 2nd, 2008   posted by admin in Helping Others

Wow. I did not realize this many people read my blog on a daily basis. I have received hundreds of emails about joining MySpace to become James friend. The easiest way to join is just simply by going to and clicking on the signup button. It will walk you through each and every step of the process.

I hope everyone had a safe holiday weekend and remembered to keep the people of the Gulf Coast and New Orleans in your prayers. I have family in both areas and I see first hand how horrible these hurricanes really are for them. There are millions of people evacuated, and quite a few of them have come to the area I live in for shelter. As always we do everything we can to help those that need it, but prayers are something that everyone around the country can do to contribute.

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