Internet Profits with Interviews

November 4th, 2013   posted by admin in Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing

Interviews for MarketingContent is king on the Web they say.  Every Internet SEO guru will tell you that Google is placing even more emphasis on quality content than ever.  It doesn’t stop there either.  Every expert in marketing on the Internet through websites and blogs will tell you that your content is crucial in drawing visitors and creating compelling calls-to-action.

Actually, creating a large volume of quality content is probably the most challenging thing about marketing through websites, blogs and the social sites.  Even if you have a flair for writing, it’s a very time-consuming task.  If you don’t have that flair, it can cost some money to have writers creating content for you.  Of course, you can also do some content curation, but that only helps a little.

You must have compelling and interesting content about your niche for success. Interviews can be a great way to gather expert content for your website with all of the best keywords and phrases for SEO.  There is a whole business you can create as well if you want to build a client base and help them with content.  So, this post can serve a two-fold purpose; help you with your own marketing and give you an income opportunity in a business helping others.

The thing about interviews is that you’ll be requesting them from people who are knowledgeable in your niche, and they’ll have a passion and enthusiasm for it.  They’ll be people with information valuable to your site visitors or those of your clients.  You’ll need to have the ability and your own passion to draw out their best commentary for your site.

You’ll need a thorough knowledge of your niche in order to ask the right questions. We’ve created a 15 video course that will give you all of the information and motivation you need to develop awesome content for your own sites or help others to do so as a business.

We’ll help you to recognize your passions and strengths, find people in your niche to interview, learn the right questions to ask, and how to publish the content in the right ways to maximize its value. One of the greatest value components of this course is that there are very few marketers out there using these interview concepts for content or a consulting business.  Get the facts and get started.

Get the Interview Masterclass Course Now!

Get the Interview Masterclass Course Now!

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Selling or Publishing – 7 Search Fills the Bill

October 2nd, 2013   posted by admin in Affiliate Marketing, Entrepreneurship

There are a lot of search engines out there, and we all consider Google to be the top dog.  There are more searches done on Google than several other popular engines combined.  However, there are also niche search engines around topics or industries, and there are search engines that specialize in providing opportunities for affiliate marketers, publishers and advertisers alike.  Some facts from the website:

  • Currently providing advertiser results for over 2 billion searches per month.
  • Over 40,000 advertisers have used 7search so far
  • Knowledgeable Customer Support Staff will respond within 4 hours
  • 7Search pays out over $800,000 each month to its partners and affiliates

7Search allows advertisers to geo-target who sees their ads, a major benefit to local businesses that do not want to sell outside their local area.  Why pay for exposure in markets you don’t serve?  Another major feature of 7Search is conversion tracking.  This allows marketers to track consumer actions – like generating a lead or converting from shopper to buyer.  A code is embedded on each page of the website so that marketers can determine what users are doing throughout the website.

Much like AdWords, 7Search allows advertisers to bid for position and place their ads into the search database.  Affiliate marketers can target the placement of those ads and make money through affiliate commissions.  This helps the advertiser as well, as they get experienced and focused marketing help from their affiliates.

Another really powerful tool for both the advertiser and the affiliate marketer is the ability to place text links into content on a website or blog that open 7Search results pages targeted to the link text.  Think about the power here.  You can be an affiliate marketer writing a blog post about camping equipment for cold weather camping.  That text link would open a 7Search results page to business that will make you  money as an affiliate or just share in the 7Search ad revenue paid by the advertiser.

We’ve developed a comprehensive instruction tutorial and course on using 7Search as both an advertiser and as an affiliate marketer.  Learn how to work both ends of this amazing tool, placing your own affiliate marketing ads and also linking to others for income.


Get the 7Search Course Now!

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Tumblr Takedown – Like Tweeting with WordPress

July 1st, 2013   posted by admin in Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Featured Products, Internet Marketing



Internet marketers have long recognized WordPress as an outstanding platform for websites and blogging for affiliate income.  Twitter has also been a great resource for headline type posts with calls-to-action.  Think of as giving you some of the best of both WordPress and Twitter.

You’re Blogging

By creating blogs on Tumblr, you’re publishing content for people to follow you.  All of your posts are seen by all followers, and with almost 80 million blogs, there are plenty of people to go after.  You’re blogging, but as you can see from the image above, it’s as much about images and video as it is about text.  Because you can reblog content, and images take their poster credit with them, reblogging can go viral.

Your Goal is Followers

You want to build out your followers as quickly as possible, and you want massive numbers.  One way to do that is to post consistently and post interesting content text, images and video.  As with Twitter, many will follow those who follow them, so you’ll want to follow others with similar interests or content.  Reblogging is a great follower-builder.  By building followers and reblogging the content of others, you’ll be trying to go viral and get your content in front of as many people as possible.

Choose & Work Your Niche

There are so many niche markets you can choose, and you can work multiple niches.  The best for Tumblr are those that benefit from a lot of visual content, images and video.  Whether it’s cooking/food, camping, fishing, sports in general, or other niche markets, you’ll find that it’s easy to keep posting new content when you can use images that are of interest.  If you enjoy a great steak dinner at a restaurant, post a photo of it on arrival at the table if you’re in a food niche.  Camping or travel are also super niche markets, as photos and video of places around the country or around the world will always generate interest.


Of course, you’ll be working with affiliate links and networks, and this will work well for you on Tumblr.  However, setting up a Google Adsense account is great for marketing on Tumblr as well.  Working in multiple niches with a blog for each, you’ll soon find that you can start generating income quickly, frequently with only 1000 followers.

The Structure

You’ll set up one or more blogs, and you can use your Gmail account to do so.  Then you’ll want to customize your blogs, set the best keywords and phrases in your blog names and descriptions and decide on Ad options.  Getting a custom domain name and pointing it to your blog will help you to build interest and followers.  Mixing original posts and reblogs will build out your content quickly and add followers.  There are many other “best practices” for monetizing Tumblr, and we can show you all of them.

Start making money with our Tumblr Takedown Course now.

Get the Tumblr Takedown Course Now!

Get the Tumblr Takedown Course Now!

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Press Release Profits – Learn to Do It Right

June 3rd, 2013   posted by admin in Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Entrepreneurship, Featured Products

Press Release for DeadlinesOnline marketing has many faces, as you’re placing your business, your products and services, and your affiliate marketing links everywhere you believe they will be effective.  Of course, we’re always involved in content creation, SEO and even PPC, Pay Per Click, marketing.  One thing that’s been actively covered in online media related to search, Google, and SEO is that fresh new and constant current content will get you positioned higher in search results.

If you’re a local business, it could be a product announcement or sale.  Even affiliate marketers want to take advantage of their advertiser specials, sales and announcements.  This is all excellent current content, but it has a shelf life, an expiration date.  With either your business or affiliate advertisers doing regular promotions, you’ll need a cost effective way to maximize the exposure for your short-shelf-life content.  It’s only profit if the content is seen and people take action before it’s expired.

One of the most effective ways to do this is with a press release.  By getting your announcement and content or affiliate links out when they’re fresh, and getting them out to hundreds or thousands of sites, news sources and blogs, you’ll get maximum clout and the greatest number of eyes on your content.  The problem for marketers is the cost to do this through the established online press release sites.  It costs from around $89 for a basic release to as much as $349 for the top tier service.  Obviously, you can’t do many of these and recoup your investment and a profit.

What if you could get the benefits and exposure of a press release for around $15?  We’ve cultivated a resource that will help you to do just that, and with the right strategy and techniques:

  • Tools and Help:  Writing an effective press release is as much art as business.  Just because a release is viewed by tens of thousands of people, it doesn’t mean that a significant number of them will take the action you want and click on that link or visit your website.  Writing a strong release and call-to-action is critical.
  • Not a Writer?:  We’ve developed a method for hiring a writer to craft a strong release, and you can get this writer for as little as $10 per release.  With the selection of a competent writer, you can spend a little and get a lot.
  • Promote Your Release:  Just because a press release goes out to a lot of destinations doesn’t mean that you can sit back and wait for a drove of clicks.  You need to promote your release in your own content, blog about it, post to social sites, and work the SEO to get that press release on the first page of Google for the right keywords and phrases.

Our Press Release Profits Course will provide the resources and knowledge you need to increase your profits using press releases.

Get the Press Release Profits Course Now!

Get the Press Release Profits Course Now!

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Hootsuite for the Marketer – The Connection Tool

April 2nd, 2013   posted by admin in Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Internet Marketing

Social Sites MarketingWhat do many successful affiliate marketers have in common?  We could talk about several things here, but one thing that seems to be common to many and crossing all niche markets is the necessity to spread their message with not only one or multiple websites and blogs, but also with social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and others.  Not only are we posting, cross-posting and commenting all around the Web, we’re also gathering and organizing information that makes us an expert in our niche.  Experts make more money you know!

With all of this in mind, we are probably using an RSS feed reader to gather information from other sites and blogs relevant to our niche.  We’re compiling it, saving it, and using it again in some way on our own sites and social site pages.  If you understand RSS and rely upon it, you’ll know why there is a current outcry about Google doing away with the extremely popular Google Reader.  It will disappear in July.

While we’re gathering information, blog posts and articles, we’re also writing our own content and sharing it across all of those social sites.  If we do it all right, we’re building our own site traffic as well as getting affiliate clicks from posts, articles and social site posts.  It’s definitely possible to do all of this and still have a life, but it’s not easy.  Just monitoring what’s going on in your niche is hard enough, but then there’s posting to your own sites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.  What good is the profit if we don’t have time to spend it and have fun?  Or, we can have some fun by just skipping over some of this activity, but then we make less money.

Hootsuite – Your Online Content Dashboard

Hootsuite Dashboard


What if you could go into one place, post a headline comment with selling power and an affiliate link, and have it show up in seconds on your chosen Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or blog accounts?  You can do this with Hootsuite.  But there’s far more power.  You can give Hootsuite your chosen RSS feed URLs on your blogs and have them monitored for your new posts.  When you publish a new one, Hootsuite will send a summary to your chosen social sites automatically.

For us RSS lovers, Hootsuite can now be your RSS feed reader as well.  Not only can you get the feeds you want, but also much more easily share them across your sites, blogs and social profiles right out of Hootsuite.  It becomes your dashboard, with you in control of all of your online presences and the ability to monitor what’s being said about you as well.

There are mobile apps for your smart phone or tablet, and Hootsuite has an analytics function for tracking how effective your posting is on each site.  You can track views and actions.  Instead of having a dozen tabs open in your browsers and logging into multiple sites, Hootsuite can become your single point of contact with all of your online marketing sites, walls and profiles.

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Squidoo Magic Pulls Profits Out of the Hat

March 26th, 2013   posted by admin in Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Featured Products, Internet Marketing

Squidoo Links for DollarsHow many separate websites or blogs does it take to create success as an affiliate marketer?  That’s really too broad of a question, as what is “success,” and what are the goals of the marketer?

To post a broad answer to this broad question, it takes as many as it takes.  Some very successful affiliate marketers bank huge profits because they don’t limit themselves to a single marketing niche, in fact they may be working dozens or even more.  So, how do they manage to create, maintain and track all of the sites, blogs and social site accounts that they need?

One marketing strategy that has proven to be phenomenally successful for some is to not bother with all of those sites and blogs.  Why spend all of your time trying to create the blogs, spend money to host them, post the content, and do the SEO to get the visitors that click to provide your income?  Why not just go to one resource, totally free, that will get you up and running with as many mini-marketing venues as you want?  Just take a trip over to and create lenses to get the job done.  However, that’s just going to get you to the right place, a lot like arriving at the conclusion you need to learn magic.  We’re going to show you how to bring Squidoo Magic to bear on your affiliate marketing and bank the profits.

Why Squidoo?

Why Squidoo is the easiest question to answer.  Google, even after some really nasty algorithm changes, still likes Squidoo.  It’s a massive site with a lot of very informative content in lenses and tightly relevant to the topic of the lens.  If Google likes Squidoo, then we love it.  You get this great SEO clout at zero cost, and the site is easy to use.

Which Products?

Our course is designed around making this multi-niche marketing strategy successful without having to hire a staff or losing sleep.  Using the gigantic marketplace at and implementing specific product and keyword strategies, you can generate a nice income with a single affiliate account and a single place for all of your marketing.

Building Effective Lenses

This is the area where most marketers fall short.  After starting to experiment and track results from 2008 forward, we’ve found that certain very specific lens creation techniques have produced consistent results.  It’s an integrated approach that includes product selection, call-to-action tools, proper keyword strategies, and tagging for increased exposure.  Success comes from the proper combination of these techniques.

Publish and Promote

Once your lens is published, you can’t just sit back and wait for the money.  There is a promotion piece to this success puzzle, and it pulls it all together, as well as pulling visitors to your lens.  These visitors click and you bank the profits.

Let us share with you the complete process for profits through our Squidoo Magic course.

Get the Squidoo Magic Course Now!

Get the Squidoo Magic Course Now!

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Going Mobile With a Tablet

March 25th, 2013   posted by admin in Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Entrepreneurship

Apps for MarketersWhether you’re a die-hard Apple fan or one of the new Android fanatics, it’s never been less expensive or easier to take your business mobile.  One of the greatest things about Internet marketing is the ability to run your business from almost anywhere.  It’s about posting to blogs, placing ads, checking performance statistics, and improving your marketing processes.

With today’s tablet computers, you can do just about everything in a smaller portable format, and you can do it with WiFi, cell service, or both.  You can do most of this with a smart phone as well, as the apps work on both in most cases, but the larger screens on tablets make it a lot easier.

The apps and abilities we’ll talk about here are pretty much the same for either the iPad or an Android tablet, so we’ll be a little general and you can locate the best apps to get the job done for you.  Let’s look at them based on what we’re trying to get done:

Post to WordPress Blogsites:  WordPress is a amazing platform for your marketing sites.  There is an official WordPress app for both iOS and Android.  It’s almost fully functional, as you can insert media and build your post, saving it in draft or publishing it from the field.  WordPress for iOS     WordPress for Android

Office Files:  Whether it’s an article draft, income tracking spreadsheet, or a PowerPoint type presentation, there are apps to get the job done.  For iOS, check out DocumentsToGo or QuickOffice Pro.   For Android, look at OfficeSuitePro or QuickOfficePro.

Hootsuite:  Many of us use Hootsuite to track and manage multiple Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other accounts.  It’s not a problem going mobile, as Hootsuite for iPad and Hootsuite for Android are up to the task.

Web Browsers:  No links necessary here, as you can just go to iTunes or Google Play to get the browser of your choice, with Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and others for both iPad and Android.

Photos & Editors:  If images are important in your business and marketing, there are many camera apps and image editing apps for both operating systems that will allow you to take high resolution images, apply effects, crop, resize and more.  And, these other apps will allow you to use those images in your documents or blog posts.

PayPal:  All of this is about making money, and many of us receive the bulk of our income into a PayPal account.  It’s not a problem to keep up with that income or transfer it with the iOS PayPal app or the Android PayPal app.

There are thousands of apps for both platforms, and you’ll very likely find just what you need to manage and market online.  And, with some of the 7 inch and 10 inch tablets coming in under $200 to $300, it’s not that big of an investment to let you work from the fishing pier, the hotel balcony, the beach, or the ski chalet.

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CPA Secrets – The High Margin Affiliate Business

March 12th, 2013   posted by admin in Affiliate Marketing, Featured Products

CPA MarketingLet’s contrast a couple of ways to sell a commodity, say jewelry.  There’s the street vendor, many times selling knockoffs and cheaper watches and jewelry.  Then there’s Cartier or Saks Fifth Avenue.  They’re in a fine store in New York with high dollar merchandise.  Which of these two situations would net the employee doing the selling the highest commissions?  You bet!  It’s the fancy stores with the higher margin merchandise.

This is the marketplace at work, not just supply and demand, but also quality and price.  This simple comparison carries over to Internet affiliate marketing as a comparison of the normal CPC/PPC marketing to CPA, Cost Per Action marketing.  In this case, we could be comparing placing a link to sell a DVD or book and getting a small commission to placing a link to get the prospect to take some type of action, say filling out a form or answering a survey.  The form or survey would be a lead-in to selling a much higher priced product or service, say supplemental health insurance for Medicare.

Medicare’s basic coverage is pretty slim, and some of the biggest names in private insurance companies are selling supplemental policies to pay some or all of the difference between Medicare coverage and the actual cost of the care.  Even more profitable, this is a monthly premium paid for as long as the person is alive.  This can be a whole lot of money.  So, these insurers want to cultivate relationships with the very best Internet marketers, those with exposure and avenues to best present their product.  This type of product also does best when they can get some information from the prospect, or even have them ask for something, maybe a premium quote.  If they can get a prospect to give them personal information, especially about their age and health, the probability of selling them a policy goes up dramatically.

So, the CPA marketer is paid when they deliver a prospect who takes the desired action, in this case the filling out and submission of a detailed form with personal information to get a quote for insurance.  In many cases a phone number and sales call are part of the deal.  With the high conversion rates and high dollars involved, it’s only reasonable to assume that the insurance company will pay handsomely for the delivery of this prospect.  That’s where the CPA marketer becomes the high end store like Cartier.

The only problem is that it’s not easy to break into this world.  Companies are highly selective, and they usually work through CPA networks that are the same.  They only want the best, the marketers who can consistently deliver quality prospects and represent the companies well.  Most would-be CPA marketers see the potential, but they quit because they’re turned down by most or all of the networks they initially apply to for entry.  We’re CPA consultants and experts, and our students have a much higher rate of acceptance to quality CPA networks and faster growth in their niche.  Let us show you how to move from the roadside vendor to Cartier level.


Get CPA Secrets Now!

Get CPA Secrets Now!

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Two WordPress Plugins for Affiliate Marketing Power

March 11th, 2013   posted by admin in Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Internet Marketing

WordPress is by far the favorite blogging and website construction platform in the world, and also it’s pretty highly valued by affiliate marketers. Using the right hosting account allowing multiple domain names, you can easily create multiple blogs to promote affiliate links. As powerful as WordPress is, if you only use it out-of-the-box, there are a few limitations that can limit your income-producing ability.

One of those is the sidebar content, and how straight WordPress wants to place the same content throughout the site if you have it in the sidebar. In other words, if you place content in the sidebar, such as an image with an affiliate link to a product, it’s going to appear on every page that displays that sidebar. That’s OK if you’re only promoting one or a few products site-wide, but that sidebar can get REALLY long if you have a lot to do there.  After all, one of the most effective ways to generate leads or market on the Web is to offer the right product or service on pages with relevant content and a strong call-to-action.  Let’s talk about two plugins for WordPress that will supercharge your affiliate marketing by getting past this limitation and then leveraging that ability.

Dynamic Widgets Plugin

The Dynamic Widgets plugin does one thing, and it does it really well.  It allows you to designate for every sidebar widget you create precisely where you want that widget to display.  Just as important, it allows you to designate where you DON’T want it to display.  Once the plugin is installed and activated, each time you add content to the sidebar you are offered the chance to leave the content as “Static,” meaning display defaulted to all pages, or to make it “Dynamic,” displaying where you want it to be seen.  To leave the display showing everywhere, you do nothing.  To set display options, you select Dynamic.

Dynamic Widgets Settings

The image shows the many ways in which you can set up the display of your widget, right down to an individual post or page, only on certain categories’ posts, tag pages, many more options.  It’s easy to learn and it greatly enhances your ability to target affiliate marketing offers only to the most relevant pages and posts, but more valuable, it more efficiently uses that valuable sidebar real estate.

Ad Rotate

The Ad Rotate plugin does what the name implies, sets up rotational ads.  This is really powerful, especially working with Dynamic Widgets.  Let’s use an example:  you have a blog promoting camping products.  You have a category for RV Camping, and you have a dynamic widget in the sidebar that shows exclusively on posts in that category.  Instead of trying to promote a single item or an Amazon link to a group of products, you can choose a great many different high commission items and do rotating ads.  In other words, every time a post in that category is displayed, a different ad for an RV product will be displayed, rotating through all of the products in your Ad Rotate Ad Group which you call “RV Products.”

Ad Rotate Example

For another example, on a technology blog, there is a category for Amazon Kindle.  The Amazon affiliate creates a vertical ad that displays Amazon-selected products that change, but are all related to the Kindle, including the Kindle itself for sale as well as accessories.

This ad goes into a group that’s set to rotate the group ads in a sidebar widget set to display only on pages in the category eReaders, or/also in a category called “Kindle.”  Name your categories any way you want, set up your ads any way you want, but the power comes from being able to target ads to show only next to relevant articles and posts.

By the way, you can select display right down to an individual post or page, only a certain author, and even more powerful, you can rotate your ads at the bottom of posts as well.

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Marketing Magic as a WordPress Wizard

March 5th, 2013   posted by admin in Affiliate Marketing, E-Commerce, Featured Products

WordPress WizardIt’s no secret which software is being used the most often to build websites. It’s hands-down WordPress. No, it’s not just for blogging anymore. WordPress has evolved into a dynamic and very powerful website design platform. Being free, and it will always be free, had something to do with it. And, being open with their code has encouraged tens of thousands of third party developers to get into the game as well.

From the totally free solution to the self-hosted but very inexpensive total control solution, you’re going to find that WordPress is being used by millions to build out websites quickly and grow them to become marketing powerhouses.  Now, just because we’re saying that WordPress is hugely popular, we’re not saying that it’s easy.  Like any powerful tool, there are things to learn if you’re going to make the best use of the resource.  Unlike a power saw, you’ll not lose any appendages if you don’t learn how to use WordPress right, but you will lose a lot of income if you make the mistakes others do every day:

  • not selecting the right theme for your application
  • poorly building out site navigation
  • improperly using categories and tags
  • not self-hosting to open up the world of plugins
  • under-utilizing SEO plugin power
  • missing the importance of the right kind of content

There are more mistakes, and each one is costly.  However, those are just the mistakes that reduce how effective your site can be.  There is a much longer list of tips, tools, and little-known enhancements that turn an ordinary WordPress site into a marketing monster.  Whether you’re a business owner trying to promote your local brick and mortar store or an online kitchen table affiliate marketer, there are secrets to getting them most out of WordPress.  These tools and resources are constantly evolving as well.  WordPress brings out several upgrades every year, and each one adds functionality and opens up opportunity for businesses and users.  It takes a dedicated team to keep up with enhancements and introduce them for your advantage.

We’ve been using WordPress websites for years.  We’ve run through thousands of themes and plugins, tested, dumped and adopted many, and made a lot of money with WordPress sites, from single-page sites to intense content sites.  Just adopting and properly using a single advertising placement and rotation plugin can turn a mediocre site into an affiliate marketing mega-profit generator.  The more powerful a software tool, the more ways in which you can be successful with it, if you know what to do.  We’re experts and we can make you a WordPress Wizard…let us show you how.

Become a WordPress Wizard!

Become a WordPress Wizard!

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