Affiliate Marketing – A Recipe for Success

The first time I looked at Affiliate Marketing, the tasks involved seemed daunting to say the least.  There were so many steps that needed to be followed so see any success.  Don’t let the amount of work and confusion scare you off before you begin your new business venture.  In fact, if you follow this simple Affiliate Marketing recipe, you can easily find a successful career based on something you love.

Do Your Research

The first step of any Affiliate Market must be research.  How can you sell a product that you know nothing about?  Before you start looking for a web URL and begin building a site, take some time to learn everything you can about your niche.  Just because a niche is popular, it may not be the best fit for you.  You want a site that you can be seen as an expert in your niche.  Take time and learn everything you can.  There is nothing worse than telling a potential customer that you do not know something about your niche and you will get back to them.

While you are gathering information, look at what your potential customers are looking for.  You do not want a site catered to eBook downloads when you audience wants a hardcover book that they can get their hands on.  Likewise, you may find that the products that are available are oversaturated on the web now.  You want a product that you can market easily with little competition.  Let the products and knowledge choose the niche for you.

Choosing the Right Product

You will also want to research the products available.  It is a good idea to start with a topic that you are interested in.  Then do a simple web search and see what information is available.  You will want to take this information and search for products that are available.  Check the top affiliate sites (Clickbank, Commission Junction and Linkshare) and see if there are products that fit into your niche. Only after you have content and products should you begin with your site design.

While researching, you may also find that there is not an abundance of products that suit your niche.  This does not have to be a problem.  You can take the time and create your own product.  You may not have the internet savvy to create a web program that you can sell, but you can create an eBook or eCourse that you can sell from your site.

Gain Their Trust

The most important factor in gaining conversions is to gain your audience’s trust.  When they trust you, they are more likely to buy products.  This can be done in several ways.  Create a Facebook fanpage where you give them information and answer their questions.  You will also want to post to your blog regularly with pertinent content.  You want them to come to you when they have a question on your niche.  This way, you can answer their questions.  For example, if they ask you the best way to lose weight, you can say “I used product X and saw great results.”  When you gain their trust, they are more apt to buy what you are selling.

If They Visit, They Will Buy

A successful Affiliate Marketing business comes down to people visiting your site.  If you have no readers, you will have no sells.  You need to build links to your site so you can increase your customer base.  Getting quality readers does not have to cost you a lot of money.  Use the free resources on the web.  You can submit your URS to free sites.  This takes time, but you will see results.  Write a few articles and submit them to article bases.  A well written article on Ezine Articles can generate hundreds of leads and help gain your audience’s trust.  Another great way to generate leads at little or no cost is to create a short eBook and submit it to free eBook sites.  Include links to your site throughout the eBook.  This way, everyone who downloads the book will be directed to your site for more information.

While Affiliate Marketing is not a get rich quick scheme, it is also not rocket science.  You can find success if you follow this simple recipe.  The first step in any successful career is to take the time to learn the process.  These steps take the guesswork out of starting your business.

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  1. stefan says:

    Great post, and i really appreciated the free report. I was actually locking at buying a product for producing interactive ads for, but it seems like amazon already provided that service :) You just saved me 47 bucks my friend :)

  2. Juniel Lindstrom says:

    Yes it gives me some ideas but still need to build good website

  3. Gerry Sanon says:

    Hey Anthony,
    I must say I am very impressed with your ideas, I am also exited that I am about to become one of your students in the next training session in Atlanta GA. My questions are, As it is four days before the training begins, is there anything that I should do, any preparations or materials that I should gather prior to kikoff? What are the prerequisites?

    I also had a chance to read your book, THE HIDDEN MILLIONAIRE. Kudos to you Sir. Thank you for your sincerity and willingness to share with others your knowledge and experiences. It is reflected troughout that book, I am sure also in the others and all the way in this website.

    Thank you for your generosity.

  4. Karen W says:

    Thank you for all of your content and help. I’m interested in personalized training to move forward. I’ll be spending more time checking everything out and re-reading your books now that I have time in my schedule to devote to this project – looking forward to learning all about it!

  5. Joe Forehand says:

    Thanks for the insight Anthony. I have been a student since Fall 2011 and have had steady success with your program. You blogs and your (and Adrian’s) continual support have helped me to steadily build my (and my partner/son) business.


  6. Dottie Seavy says:

    Adore the free post! Know that we have to research products available. Your blog rally helps us.

  7. Carol Cheshire says:

    You are always good for information I can use.

  8. josejservin says:

    hi anthony i really appreciated the free report
    i am impressed with your ideas
    thank you for sincerity and willingnes share your knowledge.

  9. Juanita Smith says:

    Thanks, Anthony for all the info and encouragement. I am still not recovered enough to get started, but I will be soon.

  10. Lew says:

    Hi Anthony, Thanks for the info. Good, simple, straight foreward advise. Your trademark.


  11. Deb Cory says:

    Still don’t have a website established yet. I am working on it and hope to have it done by the end of March.

  12. Thanks, but the amazon affiliate program is not available to CO residents. Do you have any suggestions for alternatives?

  13. Carma Wiita says:

    This is great information. I, too, need to build a website. Your information has been a great help. Thank you.

  14. Pierre Mocombe says:

    Again great post. Thanks Anthony.

  15. Gina Amos says:

    Hey I like this. Thanks this will help me start making money now while I’m building my online community/presence. I haven’t checked out what it costs yet, but I’m sure it will pay for itself anyway, being that it’s Amazon. I know I check them out when looking for something so I know others do. Only thing is I don’t know a lot about this kind of stuff. Nice that they’ll help me. Looking forward to your help as well as I learn.

  16. Thanks Anthony. Very good suggestions that I hope we all can take and get ahead.

  17. James Ivy says:

    Thank you Anthony always an pleasure!

  18. Gina Amos says:

    That was for Juniel

  19. Vincent says:

    Thanks Anthony for the great post & free report. You’re always looking out for your peeps. Keep up the good work. (‘~’ )

  20. this is verry interesting

  21. jason says:

    hello i wanted to know how can you find example of what Affiliate website look like if we have some pic to look at it would make it easier to understand what is being talk about. i a new begginner.

  22. dwana says:

    This info helped me so much! It gave me a lot of ideas and brought some things in my mind together that had not connected yet.

  23. Jennifer says:

    This article was very helpful. I was thinking about doing that, putting ads on on sites like USAFreeads but I didn’t know whether they worked or not. Submitting articles takes time and writing qhality content, but worth it. It saves money and perfect for anybody who is willing to put in the effort. Thank you for the information.

  24. patsy says:

    Thanks Anthony,Amazon seems to have a lot to offer. I am a motorcycle
    rider.Been ridding about 2 years and I love to ride. I am 65 years old and
    if I can ride anyone can. I have a 250 cc that gets 100.2 miles per gal.
    That helps in this econemy.I have other interest also and your post was
    plain and simple,I love simple.Great to here from you.

    keep in touch Patsy

  25. Very helpful. My blog site is getting unique visitors daily. I’m writing Ezine articles but after reading this, I now know I need to do more “linking” and more research.

    As odd as it may seem, I’d made a note to set up as an Amazon affiliate today and was just getting ready to check out their program when I took a break, checked my e-mail and there you were. Thanks for the download…talk about timing.

  26. Beverley G. says:

    Thanks Anthony,

    Your information is invaluable to me and I keep all of it. I hope to get to the stage where I can implement all the advice successfully.

    See you next week.

    Beverley Gallimore

  27. Phyllis says:

    Thanks for the information Anthony, it is very useful. As is all your information. Thank you for sharing.

  28. jordan dixson says:

    hi Anthony,
    thank u for not being like the other affiliate gurus who have you running in circles

  29. Thank you Anthony, you have always been so helpful, I truly appreciate your sincerety, you are a great teacher & yes this information was helpful.

  30. Ania says:

    Amaizing report providing great information to educate and guide your students to succeed.

  31. George says:

    I actually learned how to start in this area. The one thing that escaped me was how to get started. You solved that, now I have to find a products (s). Thanks for sharing.

  32. leo says:

    very aspiring, thank you

  33. Luis A. Deleza says:

    Thank you Professor Anthony, another great lesson learned. You make it seem very easy with all the knowledge you have. Thank you again, and may GOD BLESS YOU! Your student– Luis

  34. Adrien Pierre says:

    Ok I decided to engage myself to become an Affiliate and follow the steps by steps- I do not have any knowledge on how everything works. So if someone would be kind to give me a start I will appreciate. I do not have any experience designing websites – finding contents – I do have access to the Internet- Thank you for the help
    Best regards

  35. Peggy says:

    Thanks for sharing your recipe. You have definitely taken the confusion leading to procrastination out! This was spot on both educating and motivating at the same time.
    Looking forward to your class at the end of this month in Mississippi.!!!
    See you soon!

  36. Chandra Cash says:

    You just gave me a glimmer of hope. As someone not use to doing much on a computer, this has been hard to get started. Now I am ready to dig in. Thanks for the help.

  37. Sandra Stiles says:

    Thanks Anthony for the information you sent me. I am going to see if I can do this. Thanks, Sandra

  38. Thanks Anthony,

    You are a gift that keeps giving.

    Curt Lawson

  39. Philip Yeo says:

    Hi Anthony,

    I tried your idea about being an Amazon affiliate and have found it useful to get started to make some money online. I can appreciate how hard you must have tried to help your parents in their dire straits in the beginning. Now I am just waiting for approval and monetary proof so that I can do this full-time!!

    Regards, Philip

  40. this a great i hope i be able to used what i have learn and succeed

  41. C.J. says:

    This was a great blog, full of relitive content and insight. Thanks Anthony

  42. Dana Koepsel says:

    I want to thank you for the opportunity to work with you and learn all you have to offer. I am sure what information you share will at the right time will be very helpful. thx again

  43. Hi Anthony, Thanks for the information it is really helpful.


  44. sherry says:

    Great report, with very useful information. thanks

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    Thanks Anthony,
    You have provided more great info. Now I need to set up a web page and learn more about how to get started.

  46. Linda says:

    Yes – It did help and I did learn from this.Thanks!

  47. Greer says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Your Blogs are always straight forward and have meaningful content. I appreciate that as there is so much garbage out there.

    The Affiliate Marketing post outlined necessary steps for establishing a successful Affiliate Marketing Business Online which provided benefit for beginners and intermediate marketers to align their programs following your suggestions.

    Thanks for sharing your insights that have made you successful with all of us!

  48. elmer sabisch says:

    Still learning, but loving the business. Going through PMI and watching for your blogs. You say our success is your’s but the more you succeed the more you inspire the rest of us.

  49. terri b says:

    It sounds simple enough, now to set up a website, thanks

  50. Jermin says:

    everytime i read ur blogs i learn something new

  51. Harold says:

    Thanks, but the amazon affiliate program is not available to Illinois residents. Do you have any suggestions for alternatives

  52. lynn says:

    Anthony – yes, your blog was very helpful. It’s just what I was looking for. Thanks so much for sharing that information. I really appreciate it!

  53. Fred Castro says:

    Anthony, I’ve been having some problems here. It started with my computer having the no audio and printer. Now I bought a new computer I’m ready.

    I’ve been listening to your videos in the control panel. It’s a lot clear now!
    Thank for your kind heart.

  54. Cheryl Hunt says:

    Thanks Anthony great content and as always support. I believe that I am on my way to building a website, and I know what my focus or niche is going to be.
    It just takes some people longer-I had two other experiences that were not that
    positive, but I’m sure that I can trust that this will work. A big thanks to Carol A. also who is great coming up with super products to use. Its not working hard, but smart.

    Thanks for everything,

    Cheryl H

  55. Marcia Brown says:

    Me, again, Anthony! I forgot to comment on the Amazon download. Your article makes the process very simple. Thanks!

  56. James Crowley says:

    As soon as i get my website up and running im going to take advantage of amazon. Amazon is a great online company and i would be gratful to be a part of there business. Thanks for the info Anthony.

  57. James Magee says:

    Good information Anthony.


  58. Thanks for the great information Anthony ! Your tidbits always cause me not to give up and use the practical techniques that you teach.

  59. Donna Reeves says:

    As always your information is spot on. Thank you for your on going information emails. Thank you for the Amazon link.

  60. Carol Savaria says:

    Thanks for the info really helpful.

  61. Stephen Hand says:

    Thanks Anthony,
    I shop at Amazon and have been thinking about their affiliate program. I appreciate the information.

  62. garibayjj says:

    Anthony, what you,your family and friends are doing is what I believe Jesus and God really want from all of us while on our earth ..because you all exist,me and my family are happier to live on this abundant planet called earth. Love all you and the rest of the people following along…


  63. Chuck says:

    Great post Anthony, hanging in there and staying focused. I’ve heard that most quit just before the positive results begin. Putting all the parts of the puzzle in place, staying focused and applying your tips, leads to a proffit.

  64. Dick Belair says:

    Anthony, thanks for the blog.. I had the idea of referring to them
    as “pitches,” knowing that your earlier days were filled with an interest in baseball cards. There could be “curve balls,” sliders, fast pitches, knucklers, sidearm, underhanded, and strikes, etc..

  65. Gerard says:

    Great information, good value, cant wait for the download.

  66. leo says:

    thank you anthony, i will learn a lot from you, i must do it now

  67. still giveing us the good stuff to learn from.thanks alot glenn

  68. Thank you for the info. Now all I need now is to get started.

  69. Yes, this is a very good lesson. Keep ‘em coming. Thank you, Anthony

  70. Cassandra Smith says:

    Thank you Anthony for all your information & patience

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    hello , Anthony thank you for AffiliaMarketing imformation. I need to get to my fast cash commission software, I have been very sick for to long now.Hope I will be able to catch up soon .bye Edna/inez

  72. Madeline says:

    I am trying to get my website up and running. I thank you for all the help. It has been a hectic (bad) few months; things are looking better.
    Thank you, Madeline

  73. I must say, each time I read your blogs I always learn something new and very interesting. I am very new to the on line business and I never turn down valuable information. Thank You for your help.

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    Thanks Anthony!

  75. Thank you. As always you give us good information

  76. jean martin says:

    Thanks for the info on linking my website to Amazon. I am still working on my website. Looking forward to making this work. I have been a customer of Amazon for a few years. Now, maybe I can make money using Amazon and my web site real soon. Love reading your blog.

  77. Kevin Kelly says:

    Anthony, I appreciate this info, Amazon makes Billions per year I’am sure I can make a fantastic amount of money with a well designed and creative affiliate site as you recommend.

    You also lead me to Ezine Articals, I reviewed an artical on creativity by Aknoln Odunukan, really well done. I will pusue my thoughts and try to compose a paper of a niche, which I might have.

    I did use CPVDomation and DirectCPV to launch my first campaign, and did get 19 veiws within 3 days. I’am using it as a test and learning model for now, however things might escalate quickly, now that I’ve completed one campaign. Thank You, Kevin K.

  78. James Sliney says:

    Anthony, thank you for this blog and especially thank you for the download on using Amazon in internet marketing. As a matter of fact I am already set up with Amazon; your blog and download will build up what I already have.

  79. Robert says:

    Finally, useful info. Keep it up.

  80. steph says:

    Thank you. This was helpful. I was told, by an investment, to answer their wuestions with questions and guide their questions to the two top… I disagreed and totally agree with whet you are saying. I want to know everything I can about it before I start to talk or try to sell a product

  81. Gerald Lecher says:

    Love your website on amazon.Great information. Thanks again

    Gerald Lecher

  82. Very much needed information. Helped me a lot. I appreciated the free report. Thank you.

  83. Angela Kleinman says:

    I love the information you have provided. Thank you Anthony, hope I can use it in a near future.

  84. So far have learned a lot. Like how you present information. I am watching the videos. There is a lot of information to absorbed.

  85. Sylvia says:

    another avenue towards success. thank anthony.

  86. Juniel says:

    Thanks Anthony yes it is helpful and will start to research Amazon for sites that are to my liking


  88. peter says:

    Big thanks! Appreciate the practical advice and report.


  89. NIKESH says:

    Great post, and i really appreciated the free repor

  90. NIKESH says:

    Great post, and i really appreciated the free report

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    I seem to be drawn to affliate marketing and will use this imformation as I grow my business.

  92. manoj yadav says:


  93. Carrie says:

    Hi Anthony I was cleaning out my email inbox when your name stood out, and I wondered to myself (what is he selling). Well Anthony I’m glad I did stop and listen to what you had to offer. The idea came to my mind just last week that I wanted to be an Affilliate, but I didn’t have a clue how I was going to do it. I’m still thinking it over if I should try your product out, I’ve been had so many times Anthony. I just wanted you to know I listen to both videos and I hate I missed the Free Report.

    You may be hearing from me soon.


  94. Maltees says:

    I am always learning . There is a lot to learn with affiliate marketing. Week ago I attend 3 day seminar in Las Vegas I loved it . I am always seeking for knowledge and to get the right tools. I love the free stuff. Thanks Anthony for anything is free. Keep up those webnars going.

  95. Bonnie Roi says:

    I have only known about Affiliate Marketing for about a week now and I am very proud and excited to know that I have a future that will enable me to prosper and reach all of my goals ~ no matter how much of my life has already passed me by! As I remain teachable, trainable, motivated, and excited, there is no-thing that can stop me. I will leave the world a better place before I go. Thank you for teaching and sharing your methods of success, Anthony. Looking forward with a smile and a hope. Bonnie lou Roi

  96. daniel says:

    thank you again, dan Coming from you I know it is always good advice and knowledge…..

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    Thank you Professor Anthony, another great lesson learned. You make it seem very easy Thank you again, and may GOD BLESS YOU! Your

  98. jerry vossler says:

    Hi Anthony:
    I’m just starting out promoting on clickbank.
    could you please tell me the best way to get traffic using
    free classified ads? I’ve got alot out there and next to no responses.
    this is all I can afford right know.
    thank you……jerry

  99. Linda says:

    Hi Anthony,
    I just join the Amazon Associate Program. It was so exciting to do something about making some money. Thanks to you.
    Don’t have a web site yet. Can you give me any recommendations or suggestions on where I can find making a good web site and hosting? Need to keep expenses very low.
    Thank you very much

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  104. Tabatha says:

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    Thank Y-O-U, Anthony Morrison, this information was very USEFUL and Valuable ,to anyone out there who has thought about, or even tried, to generate traffic and marketing affiliates ,to a website they have created. Currently, February 4,2013 ,I was fired from my part time JOB, and now more than ever , I need to get more help to start my own Blog and Website and marketing business! Yeah, I’m ready, and have not been so in the past, because I just did not seem to ever have any “Real time” ,to do just that ! I DO NOW, and believe you me , I am going to START ,do all the RESEARCH I can,and get my BLOG and website built, to GENERATE, traffic and Affiliates to me because the IDEA I have , I consider to be an idea ,as great as ” Fresh Air Itself” ! Thank you Anthony Morrison, for once again taking the time ,out of your busy schedule, to motivate my Future THINKING towards S U C C E S S !

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