Mobile Meltdown – Spending On The Go

January 22nd, 2014   posted by admin in E-Commerce, Entrepreneurship

imageThere are a few things we all know about today’s fast-paced lifestyle.  First, we know that we’re spending huge amounts of time online, and we’re spending money there.  We also know that much of that time is spent on mobile devices, as we’ve never been more mobile.

  • 91% of all people on earth have a mobile phone
  • 56% of people own a smart phone
  • 50% of mobile phone users, use mobile as their primary Internet source
  • 80% of time on mobile is spent inside apps
  • 72% of tablet owners purchase online from their tablets each week
  • Consumer research shows that almost half of all mobile users noticed advertising on their devices.
  • The same research says that 29% of those who noticed advertising responded to it.

Do you still think that you can ignore mobile for marketing and income?  There’s a really big secret out there, and it’s still relatively unknown simply because those who know about it do not want to share in the wealth.  It’s called CPA, Cost Per Action, marketing.  It’s different in that you’re not necessarily paid for a purchase.  Instead you’re paid when the mobile user takes a specific action.

What does that look like?  Think about various industries and businesses that have longer sales cycles and need more information from their prospects before a sale can be completed.  It could be an insurance company, health, auto or life.  Or, it could be a business related to real estate, consulting, automobiles, home services or others.  These businesses need to get some information from a prospective customer and use it to market to them and possibly to match them with the right product or service.

Another reason many marketers do not know about CPA for mobile is that there are some exclusive and selective CPA networks that handle the bulk of the business.  They want to see your marketing platforms and sites, and they’ll want to see some reach in your niche market.  Once accepted by a CPA network, you’ll need to thoroughly understand how the ads are constructed and how they work.  It takes a somewhat different marketing approach to get someone to fill in a form with more information than just an email address.

The good news is that we have done all of this many times, and we’ve helped our clients and students to develop highly profitable CPA marketing businesses.  We’re here for you and ready to walk you through the process. Click the image below to get your course and start your CPA profits today.

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Coaching for Cash

December 9th, 2013   posted by admin in Entrepreneurship

imageWhat you know can be your next income stream.  Really, everyone’s an expert at something.  You may not consider yourself an expert, but take some quiet time and assess your life, your previous jobs or career, and your hobbies.  Take a hard look at everything you’ve learned in life and the ways in which you’ve used it.  The things you know are things other people want to know.  Coaching is how you can share that knowledge and make your new business a cash cow.

For every person who has experience in online marketing, dental hygiene, or even quilting, there are dozens or even hundreds of people who want help in learning more about those subjects.  Perhaps they’re starting a new business, or maybe they’re trying to improve their current business.  Even if there is no “certification” process in your area of knowledge, you can convey your ability to help others and gather paying clients.

Something the “gurus” in every field have learned is that people in general aren’t self-starters.  They also may have a strong desire to improve their lives or start a business, but they don’t have the drive or the knowledge of just how to do it.  These gurus in investing, business start-ups, real estate, online marketing and every profitable enterprise are in great demand by those who want to succeed but need some help.

Sports teams need a coach to pull them together and give them a plan of action and help in implementing the plan.  Coaching is valuable in every enterprise.  People who value coaching value it highly, and they’ll pay well for it.  The beauty of coaching as a business is the flexibility and control you have over how, when and where you work.  You don’t have to travel, but you can if you want.  Today’s technology allows you to coach anyone anywhere in the world on the Internet.

Marketing for a coaching business has never been more effective than it is now with the social media sites.  Getting the word out about your area of expertise via LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter can build out a client list in weeks and a highly profitable business in months.  With Hangouts on Google+ you can leverage your coaching and income by working with groups instead of individuals.  It’s a nice chunk of change to have 10 people paying you a flat or hourly fee for doing something once.  Then you use the video of the Hangout to market to more people.

Coaching for cash is our course, and it can launch your new career.

Get the Coaching Cash Course Now!

Get the Coaching Cash Course Now!

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Internet Profits with Interviews

November 4th, 2013   posted by admin in Affiliate Marketing, Internet Marketing

Interviews for MarketingContent is king on the Web they say.  Every Internet SEO guru will tell you that Google is placing even more emphasis on quality content than ever.  It doesn’t stop there either.  Every expert in marketing on the Internet through websites and blogs will tell you that your content is crucial in drawing visitors and creating compelling calls-to-action.

Actually, creating a large volume of quality content is probably the most challenging thing about marketing through websites, blogs and the social sites.  Even if you have a flair for writing, it’s a very time-consuming task.  If you don’t have that flair, it can cost some money to have writers creating content for you.  Of course, you can also do some content curation, but that only helps a little.

You must have compelling and interesting content about your niche for success. Interviews can be a great way to gather expert content for your website with all of the best keywords and phrases for SEO.  There is a whole business you can create as well if you want to build a client base and help them with content.  So, this post can serve a two-fold purpose; help you with your own marketing and give you an income opportunity in a business helping others.

The thing about interviews is that you’ll be requesting them from people who are knowledgeable in your niche, and they’ll have a passion and enthusiasm for it.  They’ll be people with information valuable to your site visitors or those of your clients.  You’ll need to have the ability and your own passion to draw out their best commentary for your site.

You’ll need a thorough knowledge of your niche in order to ask the right questions. We’ve created a 15 video course that will give you all of the information and motivation you need to develop awesome content for your own sites or help others to do so as a business.

We’ll help you to recognize your passions and strengths, find people in your niche to interview, learn the right questions to ask, and how to publish the content in the right ways to maximize its value. One of the greatest value components of this course is that there are very few marketers out there using these interview concepts for content or a consulting business.  Get the facts and get started.

Get the Interview Masterclass Course Now!

Get the Interview Masterclass Course Now!

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Selling or Publishing – 7 Search Fills the Bill

October 2nd, 2013   posted by admin in Affiliate Marketing, Entrepreneurship

There are a lot of search engines out there, and we all consider Google to be the top dog.  There are more searches done on Google than several other popular engines combined.  However, there are also niche search engines around topics or industries, and there are search engines that specialize in providing opportunities for affiliate marketers, publishers and advertisers alike.  Some facts from the website:

  • Currently providing advertiser results for over 2 billion searches per month.
  • Over 40,000 advertisers have used 7search so far
  • Knowledgeable Customer Support Staff will respond within 4 hours
  • 7Search pays out over $800,000 each month to its partners and affiliates

7Search allows advertisers to geo-target who sees their ads, a major benefit to local businesses that do not want to sell outside their local area.  Why pay for exposure in markets you don’t serve?  Another major feature of 7Search is conversion tracking.  This allows marketers to track consumer actions – like generating a lead or converting from shopper to buyer.  A code is embedded on each page of the website so that marketers can determine what users are doing throughout the website.

Much like AdWords, 7Search allows advertisers to bid for position and place their ads into the search database.  Affiliate marketers can target the placement of those ads and make money through affiliate commissions.  This helps the advertiser as well, as they get experienced and focused marketing help from their affiliates.

Another really powerful tool for both the advertiser and the affiliate marketer is the ability to place text links into content on a website or blog that open 7Search results pages targeted to the link text.  Think about the power here.  You can be an affiliate marketer writing a blog post about camping equipment for cold weather camping.  That text link would open a 7Search results page to business that will make you  money as an affiliate or just share in the 7Search ad revenue paid by the advertiser.

We’ve developed a comprehensive instruction tutorial and course on using 7Search as both an advertiser and as an affiliate marketer.  Learn how to work both ends of this amazing tool, placing your own affiliate marketing ads and also linking to others for income.


Get the 7Search Course Now!

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B2B with Celebrities – A Red Carpet to Your New Business

September 3rd, 2013   posted by admin in Entrepreneurship, Featured Products, Internet Marketing

red carpet to celebrity online profitsNo, you’re not going to be partying backstage with celebrities, unless you want to use some of your profits from the business we’re about to introduce to you and vacation in Hollywood.

Whether it’s a sports figure or an actress, celebrities have agents whose jobs entail not only getting them the right jobs or movie opportunities, but to also capture lucrative contracts for product and service endorsements.  Billions of dollars are paid to celebrities every year to hold a product in their hands and tell their fans how great it is.

Of course, they may not even use the product, and in fact they may not even like it.  It’s all about the money, and we’re going to show you how to profit from celebrity endorsements the new way.

Your new business will be a bit like that of those celebrity agents.  You’ll be connecting businesses with celebrities for endorsements via Twitter.  The average business owner probably hasn’t even thought about this marketing approach, and that’s a good thing for you.  Even if they have seen Sponsored Tweets on Twitter, they have probably not taken any initiative to look into how it works.  This is where you come into the picture.

So, what is it that you’ll be doing for your business owner clients?  What services will you provide that will bring them business, creating a happy customer who will pay well for what you do?

  • You’ll analyze your business clients’ business, their marketing needs, and work with them on campaigns and advertising approaches.
  • Your new knowledge of the Twitter Sponsored Tweet Program will allow you to bring together celebrities who are active in the program with the business for promotion.
  • You’ll bring skills in selecting the right celebrities for the right business and product or service.
  • You’ll place their marketing into the Sponsored Tweet Program and monitor results.

What if you haven’t a clue as to how to do all this?  That’s not a problem, as our Celebrity Profits Course will provide everything you need to know and help you to launch this new and exciting business.  If you enjoy working with business owners as a trusted expert, and you want to deliver new business to them and collect ongoing regular commissions for doing so, you’ll want to take this course.

Get the Celebrity Profits Course Now!

Get the Celebrity Profits Course Now!

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Offline Billions – Online Headaches

August 6th, 2013   posted by admin in Entrepreneurship

It’s not only profitable to build a great local service helping business in their marketing, it can also be quite fun.  In two related industries in particular, there is awesome opportunity to help business owners to adapt their marketing in the new Internet and Social arenas.  The Hospitality and Restaurant industries are struggling, because their owners are generally quite good at what they do, but not at planning and executing a marketing strategy that will maintain their good reputation and grow their business.

Just spend some time talking to hotel or restaurant owners and you’ll rapidly learn that they have a very common complaint:  ”All of this online review activity is completely out of our control and hurting our business!”  You see, no matter how good you are at what you do, no matter how much you try to provide top tier customer service, you can’t control what everyone is saying about you.  There is always someone who may even have unrealistic expectations, but they can still hurt you.

These days, before a vacation, people go to sites all around the Web, from travel sites to Facebook and social sites.  They’re reading not only about the businesses, but also what people are saying about them.  A busy restaurant owner or hotel manager just doesn’t have the time to learn the many nuances of social and review commentary on the Web.  The problem is that most of these owners and managers realize they need to do something; they just don’t know what that is.  Their problem is your new business opportunity!

Just pretend you’re about to take a two-week trip and will be staying at hotels and eating out.  Start reading the many entries about businesses on travel sites and comments on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.  You’ll quickly see that there are some with such a small and ineffective presence that they don’t stand a chance.  Their space and marketing are dwarfed by the space available to people who want to talk about them.

What you’ll learn in our Offline Billions course is a thorough business plan that will create success for you in helping these business owners:

  • how to contact them initially.
  • how to present your services and illustrate their value.
  • the elements of your business, from the technical through the pricing.
  • the ways to measure results to clearly illustrate your ongoing value.

When you take the family out to dinner in the future, you could be comped with a great meal by a grateful restaurant owner who appreciates the services you’re delivering.  Let us show you how.

Get the Offline Billions Course Now!

Get the Offline Billions Course Now!

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Tumblr Takedown – Like Tweeting with WordPress

July 1st, 2013   posted by admin in Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Featured Products, Internet Marketing



Internet marketers have long recognized WordPress as an outstanding platform for websites and blogging for affiliate income.  Twitter has also been a great resource for headline type posts with calls-to-action.  Think of as giving you some of the best of both WordPress and Twitter.

You’re Blogging

By creating blogs on Tumblr, you’re publishing content for people to follow you.  All of your posts are seen by all followers, and with almost 80 million blogs, there are plenty of people to go after.  You’re blogging, but as you can see from the image above, it’s as much about images and video as it is about text.  Because you can reblog content, and images take their poster credit with them, reblogging can go viral.

Your Goal is Followers

You want to build out your followers as quickly as possible, and you want massive numbers.  One way to do that is to post consistently and post interesting content text, images and video.  As with Twitter, many will follow those who follow them, so you’ll want to follow others with similar interests or content.  Reblogging is a great follower-builder.  By building followers and reblogging the content of others, you’ll be trying to go viral and get your content in front of as many people as possible.

Choose & Work Your Niche

There are so many niche markets you can choose, and you can work multiple niches.  The best for Tumblr are those that benefit from a lot of visual content, images and video.  Whether it’s cooking/food, camping, fishing, sports in general, or other niche markets, you’ll find that it’s easy to keep posting new content when you can use images that are of interest.  If you enjoy a great steak dinner at a restaurant, post a photo of it on arrival at the table if you’re in a food niche.  Camping or travel are also super niche markets, as photos and video of places around the country or around the world will always generate interest.


Of course, you’ll be working with affiliate links and networks, and this will work well for you on Tumblr.  However, setting up a Google Adsense account is great for marketing on Tumblr as well.  Working in multiple niches with a blog for each, you’ll soon find that you can start generating income quickly, frequently with only 1000 followers.

The Structure

You’ll set up one or more blogs, and you can use your Gmail account to do so.  Then you’ll want to customize your blogs, set the best keywords and phrases in your blog names and descriptions and decide on Ad options.  Getting a custom domain name and pointing it to your blog will help you to build interest and followers.  Mixing original posts and reblogs will build out your content quickly and add followers.  There are many other “best practices” for monetizing Tumblr, and we can show you all of them.

Start making money with our Tumblr Takedown Course now.

Get the Tumblr Takedown Course Now!

Get the Tumblr Takedown Course Now!

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Press Release Profits – Learn to Do It Right

June 3rd, 2013   posted by admin in Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Entrepreneurship, Featured Products

Press Release for DeadlinesOnline marketing has many faces, as you’re placing your business, your products and services, and your affiliate marketing links everywhere you believe they will be effective.  Of course, we’re always involved in content creation, SEO and even PPC, Pay Per Click, marketing.  One thing that’s been actively covered in online media related to search, Google, and SEO is that fresh new and constant current content will get you positioned higher in search results.

If you’re a local business, it could be a product announcement or sale.  Even affiliate marketers want to take advantage of their advertiser specials, sales and announcements.  This is all excellent current content, but it has a shelf life, an expiration date.  With either your business or affiliate advertisers doing regular promotions, you’ll need a cost effective way to maximize the exposure for your short-shelf-life content.  It’s only profit if the content is seen and people take action before it’s expired.

One of the most effective ways to do this is with a press release.  By getting your announcement and content or affiliate links out when they’re fresh, and getting them out to hundreds or thousands of sites, news sources and blogs, you’ll get maximum clout and the greatest number of eyes on your content.  The problem for marketers is the cost to do this through the established online press release sites.  It costs from around $89 for a basic release to as much as $349 for the top tier service.  Obviously, you can’t do many of these and recoup your investment and a profit.

What if you could get the benefits and exposure of a press release for around $15?  We’ve cultivated a resource that will help you to do just that, and with the right strategy and techniques:

  • Tools and Help:  Writing an effective press release is as much art as business.  Just because a release is viewed by tens of thousands of people, it doesn’t mean that a significant number of them will take the action you want and click on that link or visit your website.  Writing a strong release and call-to-action is critical.
  • Not a Writer?:  We’ve developed a method for hiring a writer to craft a strong release, and you can get this writer for as little as $10 per release.  With the selection of a competent writer, you can spend a little and get a lot.
  • Promote Your Release:  Just because a press release goes out to a lot of destinations doesn’t mean that you can sit back and wait for a drove of clicks.  You need to promote your release in your own content, blog about it, post to social sites, and work the SEO to get that press release on the first page of Google for the right keywords and phrases.

Our Press Release Profits Course will provide the resources and knowledge you need to increase your profits using press releases.

Get the Press Release Profits Course Now!

Get the Press Release Profits Course Now!

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Riches from the Groupon Goldmine

April 30th, 2013   posted by admin in Featured Products, Internet Marketing

Groupon GoldmineHere are some recent news releases about

  • Groupon founder and CEO fired.
  • Revenue growth declining at Groupon.
  • Stock price plummeting.
  • Consumer interest waning in Groupon coupons.

OK, so if we’re telling you there’s a Groupon Goldmine, are we nuts?  Ah, but we didn’t say that Groupon coupons are the gold!  We’re saying that the businesses who use and market through Groupon are the gold you’re going to mine.  You see, there’s a lot of value in having your new business customer demographic defined and identified for you already.  Many corporations pay millions for surveys and studies to identify their perfect customer, and you don’t have to spend a dime.

It’s not difficult to see why Groupon hasn’t managed to hold onto the enthusiasm of their business customer base.  First, they require that you give up a major discount, usually around 50% or more.  Then, they take a major cut out of what’s left.  It’s pretty clear that you better have a clear goal and strategy for new repeat customers, as the first time they buy from you through a Groupon coupon you’re going to take a major hit, usually selling at a loss.  Some businesses have even reported that their offer generated so much interest that it almost took them under.

So what are we going to do with these Groupon business customers?  We’re going to identify the best prospects for us that currently or recently have marketed through Groupon and set them up with a much more effective text message marketing solution.  Of course, this will depend on our product or service niche.  Then we have a series of tasks to get to the gold:

  1. Select the right text message marketing service for results and profits for our customer and us.
  2. Locate the very best prospects for our niche at Groupon.
  3. Develop and implement an effective “first contact” method and message to reach out to our prospective businesses.
  4. Implement a strong call-to-action to get them to call you.
  5. Sell them on how cost effective your text message marketing solution will be and the business it will generate.
  6. Assist your customer in developing and growing text message marketing lists of their customers and prospects.
  7. Guide your customers in formulating offers, discounts and promotions.
  8. Set up a text message marketing program that brings them business.

If you are a business owner who has been almost giving away your products and services through Groupon marketing, you’re going to respond very positively to an alternative that will cost less and deliver more.  This is an easy sale, but it’s not an easy process to get to the sale.  It’s not too difficult for you, but it requires some help and guidance.  Just like you’re going to guide your business customers to a better way to increase their profits, we’re going to guide you through the process to build this exciting new business.

Get the Groupon Goldmine Course Now!

Get the Groupon Goldmine Course Now!

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Be A Twitter Tycoon!

April 23rd, 2013   posted by admin in Entrepreneurship, Featured Products, Internet Marketing

Want to start a retail sales business?  What are the demographics of your town?  How many people live there, how many are right for your product, and how many buy your product in any given year?  You can collect all of that data, sign a lease, buy insurance, hire employees, get licenses and permits, do a bunch of advertising…and wait.  Or, you can immediately access a marketplace with 500 million users waiting to read your short headlines and sales promotions.  You’ll not need a building, lease, insurance, employees or any of that other stuff.  You just need to become a Twitter business person; better yet, let us show you how to become a Twitter tycoon.

What are you selling?

Your first task is to choose a marketing niche and one or more products.  If you’re an affiliate marketer, it could be hundreds of products in a niche you know something about.  You see, you can’t just be out there writing sales pitch headlines and waiting for the money to come in.  You’ll make a little, but you’ll make a whole lot more if you provide value to your followers.  That value will come from your knowledge of your niche and ability to deliver headlines and content that will interest your followers.  If you do, they’ll share it, and your follower base will grow.

Who on Twitter is Your Niche Market?

Once you have your niche and products in place, you must identify who of those 500 million users will be your best prospects and future customers.  Using tools we’ll show you, there are ways to locate users who are out there talking about your niche, sharing in your niche, and best of all buying in your niche.  Out of that group you’ll then want to identify the “influencers,” those who have followers who rely on them for advice, information and recommendations.  Those are the users you’ll target first, and we’ll show you how to leverage them to grow your follower base.

Using the Right Tools

You’re only one person, but it’s not employees that you need.  It’s leverage of your abilities and time.  There are tools specific to Twitter that allow you to manage many accounts, Tweet automatically from blogs, track results, tweet with “re-tweet bait”, and pre-schedule Tweets and build up a backlog for efficiency and timing of your information and offers.  You need a dashboard for monitoring your own Tweets and those of others in your niche, as well as when they mention you or re-tweet your Tweets.

Grow Your Followers the Right Way

Your profits will be directly related to the number of followers you attract and the trust they place in your Tweets.  Growing your followers is the greatest challenge, but also the most important part of your journey to becoming a Twitter Tycoon.  The strategies and techniques that work best are not the ones that most people use.

We’re Twitter experts and have all of these processes down pat.  Let us share them with you.

Get the Twitter Tycoon Course Now!

Get the Twitter Tycoon Course Now!

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