Anthony Morrison Student Testimonials

Below are some videos sent to me by some of my students from around the country. These are videos they did themselves without anyone interviewing them or any camera crews. The reason I want to share these videos and stories with you is because I believe these people will inspire you to do great things in your life. These are people who are now realizing success from the Internet by simply using the techniques that I teach in my courses and books. Regardless of if you use my techniques or someone else’s techniques these video just show you that the Internet itself gives you the opportunity and power to generate income and create your own success. Please note that these videos only represent people who have volunteered to share their stories with me. Obviously there are people who read my books and never put the techniques to use and therefore they never see success. The people below I consider “above average” because the average person simply doesn’t apply themselves enough to realize success. Anyway these stories show you not only the power of the Internet, but also the power of determination and dedication to being successful.

DISCLAIMER / LEGAL NOTICE – Listen MOST PEOPLE who purchase our trainings, courses, software etc do NOT make money. The results as you probably have guessed are NOT TYPICAL results, in fact, they should be considered ATYPICAL results. You should NEVER buy one of our courses or products based on the success someone else has had. I put this page here on my site ONLY to showcase some of my really successful students. For them it’s a big accomplishment to make it to this page and be able to share their story. Again in NO WAY am I saying to use these stories or videos in your decision making process if you are considering purchasing one of our products.

Carol Amato Shares Her *UPDATED* Story
Carol is an inspiration to us all. She’s continued to plug away and generate even more success. After implementing some new “email marketing” techniques she’s now earned over $3,000 in a single month! As you can see from the video below this is even better than the first video she sent us. Congrats Carol!

Carol Amato Shares Her Story
Carol has a great story! She hasn’t made thousands of dollars… or millions or anything crazy like that, but she’s made money and she is excited! She is also a very active part of our Live! community and always around to help. You can visit her blog Carol Amato’s Blog for more information on her story.

Ryan Pendleton Shares His Story
Ryan has a great story! He attended our live event and was able to generate $2,000 in less than 3 months ! He shares his story in this video and even gives you some insight into what he plans to do with the money he is now earning online. Congrats Ryan!

Lance LovejoyShares His Amazing Story
Lance is a prime example of the fact that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to make money. While this might not be the “norm” it sure is possible per his video. To date he has generated $16,000 in sales and has spent no money on advertising. Congrats Lance! You will be featured on one my new TV shows!

Jerry Arichabala Shares His Amazing Story
Jerry is the perfect example of what I am trying to accomplish with my books and trainings. He’s not making millions, but as he says in this video he makes enough money each month to pay his cell phone bill and car insurance. Jerry actually made $700 his first month! Check out what he has to say… Congrats Jerry!

Casey Shares His Story
Casey is rockin’ it online. To be fair you need to know that Casey already had a successful Internet business prior to learning anything from us. He did, however, increase his sales and business by almost double after implementing what we taught him. He also branched out into affiliate marketing as was able to generate some good revenue that way which he had never done before. Thanks Casey for the video!

Brandon Lamar Shares His Story
Brandon is just doing amazing with our program. He started off just purchasing my book, Advertising Profits From Home, and then decided to attend a training course with my brother for 3 days. He immediate started seeing results and according to him his best day has been $900 of pure profit! He does state that his average income is somewhere around $100 per day but he’s spending no money on advertising. What’s really unique about Brandon is he’s actually implementing one of the techniques that I rarely focus on. Just goes to show that you can generate income in a world of different ways. Thanks for the video Brandon and congrats on the success!

Eugene Barber Shares His Story
Eugene is really rockin with affiliate marketing. Since grabbing my course and implementing the techniques he’s earned over $7,000 and actually qualified for rewards through our reward program. He’s a really nice guy and a great student. Watch the video to learn more!

Robert & Dwight Share Their Story
Robert and Dwight were gracious enough to send in a short clip just explaining what they learned and how they have benefited from implementing my techniques and really just using the Internet as a vehicle to generate an income. These are short but very powerful videos…

Dan Shares His Story
Dan has an extremely powerful story to share with everyone. Dan is a dry wall finisher by trade and is just sick of working long hours and manual labor. He explains that the techniques I teach have worked for him and he’s pretty excited. I actually talk to Dan via email and he’s just a great guy. So to you, Dan, thanks for sending in this video and helping to inspire other people to find their own success.

Steve Shares His Story
Steve is an amazing guy and has had some amazing success since I met him in early 2009. Steve is one of my most successful new students this year at the time I am posting this he has generated over $15,000 online using my techniques! Way to go Steve! He was nice enough to send in a video to share his story with others and again hopefully inspire others around the world to create their own success online.

Linda Shares Her Story
Linda is one of my new successful students for 2009. She is actually just getting started and already on the right track! You can probably find Linda over at the Live! Community answering questions and helping other people learn. She’s just a wonderful person and on her way to great success. Linda thanks for the video!

Richard Shares His Story
Richard is one of our newest success stories for 2009. Richard was looking for a way to make money on the Internet and came accross my system and my techniques. Richard implemented one of the techniques I teach and was able to generate $500 his first week! Here’s the crazy part… he was gone the entire week on the road for his day job! Richard shares his story and thoughts with you in this video.

Nick Shares His Thoughts
Nick was kind enough to send us this video sharing his thoughts on my new book Advertising Profits From Home. Everyone should check out the video and what Nick has to say. Nick we appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts about the book!

You can now see more testimonials on Anthony’s new website dedicated to his successful students. Visit Anthony Morrison Testimonials Now!

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